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« on: November 20, 2016, 06:18:09 PM »
So, I noticed a game called Armello for sale on my steam front page.  Maybe you all have heard of this game?  I interested in this game as it is a board game built from the ground up as a video game.  I thoroughly enjoy board games, even more now that I am older than when I was younger.  I've started to stray away from the larger table top games and now play the adapted digital versions.  I find it less cumbersome.

I thought getting out of college would give me more time for games, but it really hasn't.  I've moved recently and can't find time to go to a local game store, let alone find one, and if I can, it won't be on a weekend!

I've started to sink more time into turn based computer games.  I like the slow, relaxed pace, and time to think is always a plus.  I've sunk quite a bit of hours into Blood Bowl 2, still waiting on new teams of course. When I can get a group together I do also enjoy Table Top Simulator modules.

I'm very curious about Armello, but I'm having a hard time wrapping my heard around how the game plays.  I'm considering a purchase because it does seem to have a matchmaker, allowing my to play the game without anyone else I know.  How would the community rate "solo queue?"  Would it be better to wait for some friends?

On another note, The game is said to be easy to play, hard to master, but I'm having a hard time even getting to the "how to play" part.  Is there any tools for better understanding this game before I decide to buy?


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Re: Greetings!
« Reply #1 on: November 21, 2016, 05:14:09 AM »
Welcome, and thanks for reaching out to the forums community.

Steam has a refund policy that allows you to return any game you've played for less than two hours, no questions asked. If you plan to play Armello on PC, your best bet is probably to buy Armello, play through the single-player tutorial (which you should be able to complete all or most of in under 2 hours) and decide if you like the game. If so, great, keep it installed. If not, just uninstall the game from your PC and request a refund from Steam.

If you are militantly anti-Steam or you don't want to feel pressured while going through the tutorial, another suggestion is to look up Let's Play videos of Armello on YouTube or watch the devs' livestream on twitch. It'll give you a good preview of how the different heroes work and what the flow of game-play is.

As for the multiplayer experience, absolutely there is a lobby system where you can be randomly grouped with other players online. If you have friends who also own Armello, you can play private games with them as well. I believe there are a few community members who have set up regular groups to play in. My own time for gaming is sporadic, though, so I tend to stick to random matchups.

As far as my experience in multiplayer queue, the community is generally fairly positive. The only problem is that there are players out there who get easily discouraged and quit as soon as things don't go their way. To me, that's ridiculous - like walking away from a Monopoly board the moment somebody else buys Boardwalk, or rage-quitting Catan because you weren't the first one to build a settlement. Unfortunate, but it happens. Just know that I've won games on the very last turn when I was absolutely convinced that I had no realistic chance, but I kept playing and a way opened up.

If you do decide to play Armello long-term, I would definitely focus on getting all the clan rings unlocked against the AI before attempting multiplayer, or at least unlocking all the rings for the clan you plan to use. Some rings are just objectively better, and some clan members do better with one ring than another, so you want as many options as possible.

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Re: Greetings!
« Reply #2 on: November 21, 2016, 07:00:17 AM »
A warm welcome to is a good idea to ask what you may expect from Armello before buying it.

Armello plays smooth when you play solo against the A.I. but it really shines in the games against other human players. So if you are scared of meeting strangers ingame I recommend finding 3 other friends to pull into the game as well....since board-gaming-turn-based-strategy-with-RNG isnt everybody's cup of tea it can be a bit least it was for me, since most of my friends play MMOs or like some faster paced games.  But my steam Friendlist exploded with people I met ingame, in this forum or via Discord, where a lot of chat is going on. Haven't experienced a warmer, more beginner-friendly community than this one. I highly advice you to be open to new for now I found people from Denmark, Russia, the U.S., Australia, Brazil via Armello...and had a nice chat from time to time too.

What can you expect from Armello? At a first glance it seems to be a rather luck-driven boardgame with animals fighting their way up to the throne. Drawing cards from three different decks that may or may not suit your chosen character better, throwing dice at randomly appearing foes or trying to reach the questtile that may give you a special reward seemed very random at the beginning for me. After some games I learned that you may push your luck a bit by selecting the right deck to draw from, by planning you moves better ("don't enter a dungeon at night if you're not prepared to fight") and to build up your character by choosing the proper reward from the beginning. That's where the strategy part of the game sets in and where the "hard to master"-Part lies.

It would be to much to post here, but if you have any questions about the game, add me (Phlox) to your steam FL and feel free to open a chat and shoot your question into the chatline.

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