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Release (v1.5) [Steam PC/Mac/Linux] Full Release Build
« on: November 16, 2016, 10:03:48 AM »
Hi all!

Here are the full build notes for v1.5, Art of Treason. First of all, some bad news. As previously announced, eventually we would be ceasing the support of 32 bit systems. Unfortunately this is the update that does not apply for 32 bit users, instead everyone running Armello on a 32 bit system will stay on v1.4.3 indefinitely.

For PlayStation 4 Build Notes go here.

Features and Changes

New Cards
  • Grand Heist (Trickery): (Play on) Hero; Steal 1 Spirit Stone from target.
  • Blackmail (Trickery): (Play on) Hero, Pact: Steal 1 Gold from other Pact member every turn.
  • Blood Money (Trickery): (Play on) Hero, After Battles, steal 1 Gold per Wound inflicted, until end of next turn.
  • Sharp Shooter (Trickery): (Play on) Any Tile; -1 Health. If target has a Bounty, -2 Health instead.
  • Diplomat (Follower): Counts as an additional claimed Settlement.

Card Changes
  • Spy Network (Trickery): Now grants Scout from target's location, until either Hero dies.
  • Crooks (Trickery): Effect increased to -2 Gold. If target can't pay, -1 Health and -1 Action Point.
  • Cubs Blood (Item): Effect now teleports nearest Bane to Tile (instant).

Multiplayer Progression System
This system allows players to earn levels throughout their Multiplayer (public and private) games; read more deatils by LoG co-founder Trent Kusters here.
  • Players can ascend levels, unlock new portraits, frames and increase the skill level of players you’re matched with online.
  • You ascend levels by earning Stars.
    • Victory - Grants one (1) Star.
    • Defeating Human Opponents - Grants one (1) Star for every non-AI player you defeat.
    • Win Streak Bonus - Grants one (1) Star if you have won two (2) or more multiplayer games in a row.
    • Lone Wolf Bonus - Grants one (1) Star for games completed where you joined the Public Multiplayer Queue and were matched with a pre-made party of three (3) opponents.
    • Underdog Bonus - Grants one (1) Star if there was an opponent in your game of five (5) or more ranks higher than you.
      There are Commendations now at the end of Public multiplayer games completed.
  • If a player receives two (2) commendations they will be awarded one (1) bonus Star.
  • If a player receives three (3) commendations, they will be awarded a total of two (2) bonus Stars.

Improved Bounty System
The Bounty system has been updated to scale through Wanted, Fugitive and Traitor; read full details by LoG co-founder Blake Mizzi over here.
  • Level 1: Wanted: You are Wanted by the Crown, with a Bounty on your head worth 2 Gold and 1 Prestige. At Dawn, nearby King's Guards will attack on sight.
  • Level 2: Fugitive: You are a Fugitive from the Crown, with a Bounty on your head worth 4 Gold and 2 Prestige. King's Guards will prioritise you over other targets.
  • Level 3: Traitor You are a Traitor against the Crown, with a Bounty on your head worth 6 Gold and 3 Prestige. King's Guards will pursue you across greater distances.

Pact System
A new system that helps communicate Pacts throughout the land of Armello.
  • Added notifications to show when Pacts are formed and broken.
  • Cards that are now featured in the improved Pact include:
    • Spy Network (Trickery).
    • Allies Pact (Trickery).
    • Merchants Agreement (Trickery).
    • Armistice (Trickery).
    • Blackmail (Trickery).
  • Visualisation on Player Portraits and Hero Shelf to show Pacts currently in place, see more information over here.
  • The Communications Stack now has a queue of messages rather than dismissing if there are multiple messages.

King VO
  • The King has been given numerous lines of voice for different points throughout the game.
  • The King’s mouth has also been rigged to animate with the voice over.
  • There is an option to reduce or increase the volume of the King’s voice.
  • The King’s spoken lines have subtitles in all supported languages in the Status Feed.

Improved UX
  • Improved Summary Screen (TAB) to include more information for our adventurers. 
  • Improved Dawn Summary panel to include more information.
  • Added Buff Bar icon for when the Landowner Discount is activated by a player. 
  • Added Buff Bar icon for when a Signet Ring is activated by a player.
  • Stat Counters like Rot or Gold now will change colour to indicate modifiers. 
    • Blue numbers represent a stat that has a temporary positive modifier. 
    • Red numbers represent a stat that has a temporary negative modifier.
  • New transition from Hero Select confirmation to the Loading Screen. The screen now fades to black rather than remaining on the Hero confirmation.
  • The King’s crown has been improved.
  • Updated Inventory to include tabs for Dice, Chest & Keys and Badges.
  • Updated presentation on the Victory screen to include unique assets for Victory and Defeat.
  • Quest icon spawning has been given a polish pass. 
  • Peril flag spawning has been given a polish pass. 
  • King’s Declaration on Hero Shelf has been given a polish pass. 
  • Added Highlight asset to the Card Gallery to better see what card you’re focused on.
  • Added tool-tips to Main Menu external links.

Gameplay Changes
  • King’s Bounties (King’s Declaration) changed to: The King decides to crack down on crime.  Any Hero who gains a Bounty until next Dawn starts as a Fugitive.
  • Royal Challenge (King’s Declaration) changed to: The King is up for a little sport. He pays the Prestige Leader 4 gold in exchange for placing a Bounty on their head.

  • The Prologue has been updated to include our two key trailers for your viewing pleasure!
  • Added a Random option to your Dice skin selections. 
  • Players Steam Usernames now appear in the Combat screen.
  • The News Feed now randomises what panel will show. 
  • Reworded Elyssia’s Hero Power to be more clear.
  • Transferred Armello Badges into the Steam Inventory system to handle multiple owned Badges. 
  • “Recruit AI” is not available unless one or more other Steam player is invited. 
  • New systems have been added to the Game Guide.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a rare NMA caused by a player drawing cards at the beginning of their turn at the same time as another player is drawing cards given by the Conjurer (Follower).
  • Fixed a rare NMA in Multiplayer games with Quick AI turns turned off. If an AI burned a card that resolves as a Reflect or Pierce then it wouldn’t resolve correctly on the authority. This would result in the game going out of sync. This would cause things like two characters on one tile.
  • Fixed a rare NMA in Multiplayer where if the local player was selecting a Quest from the Rumours screen while the King was cleansed by Spirit Stone, the local player would NMA on the Victory screen. All other players would proceed
  • Fixed the Usurpers Ring’s appearing in the progression section of the end game screen.
  • Fixed a bug where if a player died from Agents of Misfortune and is affected by Plague (Spell) you would still be poisoned upon respawning on your Clan Grounds.
  • Fixed a bug where Barnaby’s anvil would still be visible while stealthed.
  • Fixed a bug where Amber’s torch would still be visible while stealthed and exploring.
  • Fixed a bug where failing a Palace Peril with Divination on resulted in no Peril Vision on that tile.
  • Fixed typo in Elyssia’s “Curse” emote.

Known Issues
  • Missing particle on Signet/Ring unlock progression.
  • Multiplayer player lobby may display the 'Waiting for players to be ready..." message at incorrect times
  • Clicking Leave Queue from the multiplayer menu (not the game ready pop up) can cause the next queue and subsequent game you enter to NMA on game start.
  • A player who has left a game via the 'game ready' pop up may have their name appear in the lobby for the next game, this however will not impact the game or lobby.
  • - Rare issue where the trailers in the prologue menu may copy one another, and play the same trailer regardless of which one is clicked
  • - In-game pause menu may become unresponsive when attempting to quit a Prologue or Multiplayer game (unpausing and repausing can fix this issue)


Lisy and the LoG Crew
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