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Fan-Made Armello Tabletop RPG.
« on: November 10, 2016, 04:33:59 PM »
Alright, so I have been rolling this idea around in my head for quite a while and thought it best to put my best foot out there. you see, ever since I got Armello a few weeks ago, my friend, Zucca Xerfantes, suggested I get it. and I am quite enjoying myself. but, ever since playing the life out of it (I am currently at 27 hours of playtime, scattered throughout the week) and thought that I would post this subject here on the boards. and if the dev's don't take a liking to this, it's fine. after all, it IS a fan-made tabletop version, so, hear me out.

Okay, so, I have been thinking about making Armello into a tabletop game using the West End Games D6 system. the story would be set about 35 or so years after the King's Purification where the hero that purified him was declared the next King (Or Queen, due to the female's in the cast) and inducted into the Patriarchy or Matriarchy. however, about three years after the Crown was given to the new King or Queen, a villain rises up from a tomb in one of the Dungeons someplace within the kingdom. thus, sending out a new group of heroes to find the source and cause of the Bane's returning as well as new foes arriving from distant lands.

The West End Games D6 system uses a dice pool of D6's, much like the actual game of Armello itself. but, here is where I run into the problem that I have... I am trying to determine what the minimum number of dice and maximum number of dice per clan's stat should be... that and also what bonuses each clan would get. The dice system that Armello uses is amazing, but the other problem I have is that with the WEG games, they have the Dice Pool's set with stat's and skills, as well as armor a majority of the time.

If anyone out there would be interested in helping to develop this, feel free to shoot me a PM. and if the Dev's don't want this up here on the site, it's perfectly alright. I will gladly take it down if asked. :)
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Re: Fan-Made Armello Tabletop RPG.
« Reply #1 on: November 11, 2016, 09:59:45 AM »
    I was able to get permission to post some rule-sets up on the forums. I hope that these rules can actually fit for the game though.

    The setting I had in mind - aside from boykingkillas' own - was a setting where the world of Armello is some days after the fall of the corrupted king. The world begins to vie for kingship of the kingdom of Armello. The clans vying for such power make a shaky truce of a royal republic. In doing so, they each nominate a leader of each clan as a member of the court of Armello. Thus, each clan has a ruler for each group, while all four rulers collaborate to determine the fate of Armello as a monarcy driven republic.
Dice required: six sided dice.
any d6 that rolls 4 or higher counts as a success. any dice that roll on a 6 counts as having +1d6 to roll. rolling a 1 on a d6 removes a success.

all stats start at 2 points per stat. The stats are in the following of Physique, Stamina, Cunning, and Spirit. Each player gets 8 points extra to spread among the 4 stats.
No stat can go higher than 6 at the start.

To gain more dice, you must gain experience points to advance your character. XP costs for each rank in a stat is equal to the current stat plus the next rank in that stat.


a physique stat of 3 would cost 3 + 1 to raise to Physique stat 4.

For GMs':

1 xp for attendance
1 xp for combat
1 xp for quest completions
1 xp for extravagent storytelling on the player side.

No game should have more than 4 XP given at any time.

For every clan, there are benefits that each clan provides. Each clan has a unique take on their style which branches to their methodology of gameplay. Each clan comes with a unique passive and a unique active - each exclusive to the different clans. Burning a crest for their active does not reduce their dice pool.

Rat Clan:Rats, Mice, Porcupines, Squirrels, Chipmunks
passive:May use cunning in place of physique for melee attacks (Must still meet physique requirements).

active:Spend one moon crest to become invisible for 1 round / cunning stat

Wolf Clan:Wolves, Foxes, Domestic Dogs, Coyote, Jackal, Raccoon Dogs
Passive: Gain +1 sword while using a melee or ranged weapon (Must choose at character creation.)

Active: Spending a sun sword crest triples the bonus from their passive for 1 round.

Bear Clan:Bears, Pandas, Polar bears
Passive: +1 spirit for resisting spells and resisting rot.

Active: May spend a Wyld crest in place of a Wyld Slot for spells.

Rabbit Clan:Rabbits, Hares, Cottontails
Passive: +1 cunning for crests per day.

Active: Spend one sun crest to reduce a skill challenge rating by 1.

Cow Clan:Cows, Goats, Buffalo, Bison, Antelopes, Gazelles, Sheep, Yak
Passive: +1 stamina for skill checks against fatigue and poison.

Active: Spend 1 sword crest during combat to knock an opponent back 1 space / 2 physique stat.

Boar Clan:Pigs, Hogs, Boars
Passive: May use scent for vision based skill challenges at -1 difficulty.

Active: Spend 1 sword crest to bypass reflect damage with melee attacks for 1 round.

Badger Clan:Otters, Badgers, Weasels, Ferrets, Minks, Wolverines, Raccoon Dogs, Red Pandas, Skunks
Passive: Pick 1 favored terrain. Gain +1 movement and shield while on said terrain.

Active: Spending a sun crest doubles the bonus from their passive for 10 rounds worth (1 minute)

Frog Clan:Frog, Toad, Salamanders
Passive: +1 movement while in water and can stay under water for twice their limit.

Active: Spend 1 Rot crest to infect a target with poison for 1 round.

Lizard Clan:Lizards, Turtles, Geckos, Crocodiles, Alligators
Passive: +1 shield bonus for combat and physique/stamina skill challenges.

Active: Spend 1 shield crest to triple the bonus in combat for 1 round.

Mole Clan:Mole, Shrew, Hedgehog
Passive: Burrow at 1/2 movement and see normally in dark enclosed spaces.

Active: Spend 1 moon crest to sense invisible creatures touching ground for 1 round / cunning.

Alpaca Clan:Alpaca, Camel, Llama
Passive: Able to travel double the normal distance before requiring a stamina skill challenge against fatigue.

Active: Spend 1 sun crest; Your character rolls stamina over cunning for one evasion roll.

Beaver Clan:Beavers
Passive:Able to gain +1 physique involving breaking or crafting items or objects.

Active:Spend 1 Sword crest; First sword crest rolled gains pierce for one attack.


on rolling a 1d6, you have 6 Crests to look to.


Each new day, a player rolls xd6 equal to their cunning. Upon rolling, you get to store x number of symbols rolled equal to your cunning each day. These symbols subtract from your dice pool for fights and skill challenges when used.

During fights, you roll opposed to your opponent equal to your dice pool. Upon rolling, you subtract the number of swords the target rolled for the number of shields you rolled.
Day and Night Cycle:

When taking into account the time of day in a campaign, each respective clan will get a given bonus to day or night.

Rabbit, Bear, Cow, Boar, Alpaca, and Beaver gain +1d6 to all dice rolls during the day.

Wolf, Rat, Badger, Frog, Lizard, and Mole gain +1d6 to all dice rolls during the night.

Suns count as successes during the day time, while moons count as successes during the night.
During combat, players roll their dice to determine the initiative order of the battle. Players combine their physique and cunning for the dice total to roll. Any roll that is sword, sun/moon, or wyld, counts as a success. Afterwards, counting up total successes determines which player goes first and so on. In the instance of a tie, the players who tie can roll again for a tie breaker initiative. Whichever wins the tie-breaker roll goes before the other player.

player A has 3 physique and 4 cunning for a total of 7 dice for initiative.
Player B has 4 physique and 2 cunning for a total of 7 dice for initiative.
Both players roll their dice to determine the starting order.
Player A rolls 2 swords and a sun for the day time.
Player B rolls 1 sword, but has rolled 2 wyld. He rolls two more dice to gain a sun for the highest initiative of 4.

During Combat, each player has 2 actions they may take in any given round. It can be a combination between a movement action, a spell action, or an attack action. Movement is calculated at a base of 3 + 1 per 2 physique.

Resolving attacks between targets is depending on the type of attack used. If melee attacks are used, then both combatants roll physique vs physique. If ranged, then cunning vs cunning. If a spell is being cast on another target, then it would be spirit vs spirit to resist the effects.

Swords count as damage.
Shields subtract from the number of swords your opponent rolls.
Suns/moons count as damage depending on the day
Rot counts as a miss (Or an exploding dice if you are corrupted)
Wylds count as exploding dice and damage. If you roll a Wyld, you gain +1d6 and 1 damage success.


Player A gets in combat with NPC C. Both go into melee range with each other. Both have 5 physique. The time of day is night time.
Both targets roll their dice for how many swords, shields, moons, and wylds they gain.
Player A gets two swords, a shield, and a moon. He can deal 3 damage and defend against 1 damage. NPC C has two swords and 2 shields, but rolled a wyld for an extra shield.  Thus he can deal 3 damage, and defend against 3 damage.
Player A's 3 damage is blocked by NPC C's 3 shields, while NPC's 3 damage is reduced to 2 damage by Player A's 1 shield.

If a player, or enemy, is reduced to 0 health, then they fall unconscious and unable to continue.

There are other Combat related effects that will effect how you play..

Evasion allows a character - when attacked - to treat their swords as shields for the turn they are attacked. The character uses their cunning stat when rolling against an attack in this regard. This effect is only available from spells, items, or select abilities.

A character under fatigue effects causes their dice pool for any action to be reduced by 1d6 per level of fatigue they are suffering. Fatigue lasts for as long as 1 round or more. Players accumulate fatigue level after a set amount of time doing strenuous exercise or from other means of fatigue inducing actions.
Resisting fatigue requires a stamina skill challenge. If fatigue level is higher than 5, then the character must take time to rest before they can take an action again. Taking a rest allows the player to roll another stamina skill challenge to lower their fatigue level by 1 each round.

The ONLY TIME a player character is ever lost is if you choose to retire said character or leave the game.
Skill Challenges:
Skill challenges are based on what the scenario calls for at a given time. The challenge rating for each skill challenge depends on the scenario in question. The way of succeeding a skill challenge requires that the player rolls the respective stat to roll for the crest types that the skill challenge calls for.

Surprised is a state of mind based on being unaware of an incoming action. When an enemy is able to get past an opponent through a contested Cunning skill challenge, they can catch the opponent surprised. Surprised opponents are unable to roll for swords during a fight between them and the attacker. They are also unable to use their weapon bonus during such.

Player A is sneaking up on NPC B to gain an upper hand. Both roll cunning checks to contest with the NPC B trying to spot Player A. If NPC B fails to spot them, they can be caught by surprise. Thus, NPC B wearing a +2 shield armor, and wielding  a +3 sword weapon with Piercing, is unable to use their weapon for the one round. They would not be expecting a surprise attack on them anyhow.

Challenge ratings
  • Easy:2
  • Average:3
  • Difficult:4

There are two ways a skill challenge can be set.

option 1:
The GM may take between 2 to 4 dice for any given skill challenge, then roll those dice to determine the outcome.  Then the player must roll the same crests that the GM rolls in order to pass.

option 2:
The GM may choose to pick certain crests that coincide with the challenge - between 2 to 4 crest types - and the player must roll their own dice to roll for the same crests that are presented on the challenge.
Physique:Bonuses per rank.
  • +1d6 to/against melee attacks
  • +1d6 to physical skill challenges
  • +3 item carrying capacity
  • +1 movement per 2 physique (-1 movement action per 3 items above carrying capacity)
Stamina:Bonuses Per Rank.
  • +1 health
  • +1d6 to stamina skill challenges
  • +1 minute underwater
  • +1 minute of running without rest
Cunning:Bonuses Per Rank
  • +1d6 to/against ranged attacks
  • +1d6 to cunning skill challenges
  • +1 range to cunning attacks (-1d6 to cunning attacks per range increment beyond the first)
  • +1 range to field of vision (-1d6 to cunning skill challenges based on vision per increment beyond the first)
Spirit:Bonuses Per Rank
  • +1d6 to/against magic spells
  • +1d6 to spiritual skill challenges
  • +1 wyld slot per 2 spirit
  • +1 spell known
  • +1 range to spell effects

All players start out with 6 gold for the beginning. This goes into purchasing items fit for your character for the beginning. Items with one effect will double the cost of the item you purchase. Each character is only allowed to have one Armor item, one weapon item, and one accessory item active at a given time.

The price for each item is 2 gold per bonus that it has. If it comes with an optional effect, then the price is 4 gold per bonus. If a tool is a consumable, it costs 1 gold instead per bonus. Selling an item on hand returns half the items gold total to the player.

Players obtain gold from completing quests, stealing from others, or owning land where they obtain a certain amount of gold for every 7 days that passes.
Item Effects
  • Piercing: You ignore 1 shield your opponent rolls per item bonus.
  • Reflect: You deal damage back to your opponent for every shield you roll equal to your item bonus.
  • Reveal: For every +1 to a tool, you are able to ignore invisibility to a range of 2 spaces per bonus the item grants.
  • Heal:As a consumable, the item restores health for every +1 bonus.
  • Restore:As a consumable, the item restores 1 wyld slot for every +1 bonus.
  • Corrupt:As a consumable, inflict 1 level of rot for every +1 bonus. However, you gain 1 rot for doing so
  • Evasion:While worn on an armor, the character gains the ability to use evasion when attacked.
  • Throwing:A melee weapon with this effect may be used for ranged combat with physique determining range and dice count.
  • Nimble:An armor with this effect is treated as 1 bonus lower for purposes of movement reduction. This can be stacked up equal to the total bonus of the armor.
  • Spell:As a consumable, this item has a single spell stored in it - with a wyld slot equal to 1 / +1 bonus -.
+1 shield against a physical/cunning attack. -1 to movement per bonus. requires 2 physique per bonus to wear.

Melee Weapons:
+1 sword when using melee  attacks. requires 2 physique per bonus.

Ranged Weapons:
+1 sword when using ranged attacks. requires 2 cunning per bonus.

Magic Weapon:
+1 sword when using magic spells. requires 2 spirit per bonus.

Magic Rings:
+1 shield when resisting magic spells. Requires 2 spirit per bonus.

+1 bonus to a specific skill challenge type. (Specification required.)

+1 bonus to a specific one time effect.
Being infected by rot requires either a poison or falling to a Bane or corrupted enemy. Resisting rot requires a spirit skill challenge of at least 1 success. Those who have rot accumulated must rest in the comfort of a stone circle or make use of the cleansing wyld spell.

Being infected causes you to take 1 point of health damage per day that you are infected by rot. It also causes your character to become more easily influenced into darker actions.
Enemies of higher rot level gain +1d6 for/against attacks with you per level of rot you have.
Resisting Health damage, further infection, and dark temptations requires a spirit roll - 1 / rot.
Number of wyld crests required to resist is 1 / 2 rot (Rounded up)

Rules of Infected apply to corrupted but with the following extras.
Being corrupted means you take 1 point of health damage for every 12 hours - 1 for every rot level above 5.
You restore 1 health when killing a target while corrupted.
All dice explode on a 1 rather than a 6, and successes are determined by rolls of 3 or lower on a d6 instead of 4 or higher. rolling a 6 on a d6 removes a success.

If your characters rot level reaches 10, then your character becomes unplayable.

Wyld Magic:
Spells cast by a target require a contest of spirit vs spirit. If a spell manages to connect with its target, the after-effects of the spell take place. If a spell fails to connect, then the spell is expended.

A player may only have a certain number of spells known equal to 2 per spirit level. They also start with 1 wyld per spirit level each day to use on spells or Clan abilities.  A player gains Wyld equal to 1 x their spirit level each day.

1d6 damage/ wyld slot and -1 action per round / wyld slot

Wyld's Warning:
Grants Evasion for 1 round / wyld slot

The Cleansing Wyld:
remove 1 rot / wyld slot and instantly cure poisons and toxins

heal 2 health per round for 1 round / wyld slots spent

Mirror Image:
Reduce the attack of one target by 1 / wyld slot for one round.

Evil Eye:
Gain 1d6 cunning / wyld slot for vision and vision based Cunning Skill Challenges for 1 minute

Gain +1d6 physique / wyld slot for physical attacks and physique skill challenges for 1 minute. -1 cunning for 1 minute

Bark Skin:
Gain +1d6 stamina / wyld slot for temporary health and stamina skill challenges for 1 minute

gain +1d6 spirit / wyld spell slot for spirit skill challenges or resisting rot infection for 1 minute

Teleport a given distance depending on the number of wyld slots used.
1 yards/2 spirit: 1 slots
10 yards/2 spirit: 2 slots
100 yards/2 spirit: 3 slots
1000 yards/2 spirit: 4 slots
10000 yards/2 spirit: 5 slots

Wake the Trees:
-1 action for 1 turn / wyld slot and target discards 2 crests from their crest pool.

Rite of Wild:
+1d6 spirit attack per level of target's rot. (only useable on infected, corrupted, or ravens.)

Wall of Thorns:
create an impassable wall of bramble and thorn equal to 1 square worth per spirit for 1 round / wyld slot used.

for 1 round / wyld slot, regain 1 health per damage inflicted by the end of each turn.

Discard 1 crest / wild slot from a target.

Dark Influence:
Inflict 1d6 rot / wyld slot and change one of the targets crests into a rot crest in their crest pool.

Shimmer Shield:
Turns all of a targets crests into shield crests.

Inflict 1d6 / Wyld slot damage to a target. this benefit doubles during the night time.

able to see a distance of 1 mile / preparation slot for 1 minute.

Spirit Strike:
Inflict damage to a single target equal to 2 / wyld slot.

Inflicts 1 damage / wyld slot in a cone of effect.

doubles a targets movement speed for 1 round / Wyld slot.

Lightning Strike:
Inflict 3d6 damage / wyld slot and stuns a target for 1 turn.

Rotten Fog:
Create a circle of fog that deals 1 damage per turn / Wyld slot

Rot Spells:
Rot spells are those which cause one to gain more corruption overtime. Use of these spells immediately inflicts one level of rot on your character.

Call of the wyrm:
Replace all your opponents crests in their crest pool with rot crests.

Inflict rot on a target and inflict poison on the target for 1 round / wyld slot.

Malice Rising:
Conjure a bane to fight by your side for 1 round / wyld slot.
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Re: Fan-Made Armello Tabletop RPG.
« Reply #2 on: November 13, 2016, 01:58:42 PM »
Each character starts with a class at the beginning of the game. Each class has a unique passive tailored to its type.

The alchemist class allows the player to craft consumable items for the party at half price (Rounded up). Crafting consumable items always take 1 hour per bonus that the consumable item grants.

Crafting a scroll consumable of a spell requires the alchemist to have the spell in hand via themselves or another to cast it.

The apothecary can increase any healing effects on themselves or an ally members by +1 for every 3 spirit they have.

The apprentice class allows the player to cast their spells with 1 wyld slot less. This does NOT lower the wyld slot cost beyond 1.

The bard class has a +1d6 on cunning skill challenges pertaining to social or deceptive skill challenges. Also, surviving peril skill challenges doubles the bonus for 24 hours pertaining to that event.

The berzerker class allows warriors to treat shield crests burnt as sword crests in combat. Also, they may spend a number of shield bonuses from their armor for sword crests in combat.

The blacksmith class has the ability to craft the party's armor and weapons. When doing so, they spend only 1/2 the gold cost of an item while spending a day of crafting equal to the items bonus.

The Fool:
The Fool class is a joke class that has its benefits in a party. While with the party, they give +1 dice per 2 spirit while surprised.

Coin Master:
The Coin master class is a master of financial management. When earning coin from jobs or businesses in settlements, they are able to increase the gold gain by 1 from each gold source.

The Conjurer is capable of casting spells that affect multiple targets at once. For every wyld point spent on enhacing a spell that effects a single target, it may also effect one extra target per wyld slot spent beyond the first.

The Explorer class is a wanderer at heart. They gain a +1d6 bonus to vision based and location based cunning skill challenges.

The Miner class is able to grant the player great familiarity with rocky terrain. They gain a +1d6 bonus to traversing cavernous areas along with +1d6 to vision based skill challenges in cavernous locations.

Poison Master:
The poison master class is known to belong to those who handle poisons and taste test them for a living ... They are immune to poison effects and their poison effects last for 1 round longer.

Spy Master:
The Spy master class allows the player to be able to double their vision bonus from their cunning. When they surprise an enemy - or are being surprised - they gain +1 dice in combat against said opponent for each success. This benefit only lasts for the turn the surprise attack happens.

A squire class is capable of handling more items carried in a single time. They are able to carry 4 items per physique instead of 3, and are able to absorb a fatal blow once per combat and survive with only one heart remaining.

The stranger class is able to do things NO other class can predict. They can burn a wyld crest from their crest pool to roll a spirit attack on an enemy target. If successful, they cause the enemy target to forego their move action to the stranger. The stranger then has control of where they move with that action for one turn.

The trader class is another coin saving class involving in exchange of goods. They can buy items at one gold lower and sell items at one gold higher.

The warlock class is the only class that can conjure up rot spells with a steep method of casting. When casting a rot spell, the Warlock loses 1 point of health instead of gaining 1 level of rot.
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Re: Fan-Made Armello Tabletop RPG.
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Re: Fan-Made Armello Tabletop RPG.
« Reply #4 on: March 21, 2017, 11:01:46 PM »
This is so incredibly complex. Didn't get to the read the whole of it, but damn, you seem like you really are putting yourself into it :O
Amazingly profuse work so far, i hope you find someone to help you.

Darcy Smith

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Re: Fan-Made Armello Tabletop RPG.
« Reply #5 on: March 22, 2017, 11:31:19 AM »
WOW I can't believe I missed this late last year. Totally awesome, hopefully folks get a chance to play this out.

Have you played with these rules wildwolf?

<3 Darcy