Author Topic: Hotfix v1.4.2 [Steam PC/Mac/Linux] (Patch 4)  (Read 979 times)

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Hotfix v1.4.2 [Steam PC/Mac/Linux] (Patch 4)
« on: September 28, 2016, 05:14:24 PM »

Heyo Armellians!

Lisy and Darcy are away at Twitchcon so I've got the reigns at the moment! ahahahaha! Just like old times, eh?! Feels gooood, man.

But yeah, apart from the partying and brazenberry ale fuelled nights, we have actually been working away on a bunch of issues, so here's a hotfix for y'all!

As usual, if you've been submitting bugs you have our eternal gratitude. You also now have the added pleasure of seeing some of those bugs' heads on a pike here in this announcement. So without further ado... 

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue where disconnecting during combat could cause the A.I. to not continue its next turn.
  • Fixed a rare issue where a player would disconnect immediately after ending their turn, causing an NMA.

Known Issues
  • A player disconnecting whilst the King is playing perils at night can cause an NMA.
  • An issue remains where Scout can be permanently granted to a Palace tile.
  • A rare issue where Ghor can stay in Wyldkin form after death. This will reset when you go into/out of a forest. Poor Ghor.
  • The 'Machiavellian' achievement is currently not functioning.

Note: 'NMA' is our acronym for No More Actions and describes bugs where the player/s are unable to progress the game.

That's about it, folks! Keep those bug reports coming in. If you encounter any of the known issues, please send in bug reports. Also, we're currently focusing on network and multiplayer stability so if you're having issues with that specifically, we want to see your logs!

<3 Trent & the LoG crew!