Author Topic: Release (v1.4.1) [Steam PC/Mac/Linux] Full Release Build  (Read 1315 times)

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Release (v1.4.1) [Steam PC/Mac/Linux] Full Release Build
« on: August 18, 2016, 10:42:51 AM »

Hello Armellians!

Welcome to the new era that is Collection 2, Spoils of War. Along with this fresh new dice collection we’ve actually added two brand spanking new cards fresh out of the dev-kitchen. Now, when searching for your perfect gear, you may just stumble across an Iron Pike (Item) or a Silver Lance (Treasure).

Also, the previous update, v1.4 Battle Tides, brought forth the Poison and Reflect dice modifiers, along with a few broader changes to the combat mechanics. These additions and tweaks had a significant impact on many equippable item cards. In this update, we’ve swept through and made some adjustments to ensure your favourite equippables remain fun and have a place in Armello’s ecosystem.

We really hope you dig all of these changes. Soar like eagles.

Features and Changes

Collection - Spoils of War
  • Spoils of War chests and keys will now drop at the end of Public Multiplayer games instead of the Wyld chests and keys.
  • These chests and keys will also be available for purchase through our Steam Item Store for US$1.49 each. You can access this via Inventory or our Steam store page.
  • Chests and keys will still be tradable and marketable on the Steam marketplace.
  • You can not transmogrify across collections e.g. three Wyld dice and two Spoils of War dice.
New Cards
  • Silver Lance (Treasure): In Battle, +1 Sword with Pierce. On Plains, gain an additional +1 Sword with Pierce.
  • Iron Pike (Item): In Battle, when Attacking, first rolled Sword gains Pierce; when Defending Reflect.

Card Changes
  • Battle Axe (Item): Gold cost reduced to 1 Gold.
  • Hand Cannons (Treasure): In Battle, first 2 burned Suns are Piercing Attacks.
  • Long Bow (Item): In Battle, first burned Moon is a Pierce.
  • Oak Spear (Item): In Battle, +1 Sword and when defending +1 bonus Sword.
  • Chainmail Shirt (Item): In Battle, +1 Shield, and first Burned Shield gains Reflect.
  • Poisoned Dagger (Item):In Battle, Burn a Rot to make all rolled Swords gain Poison.
  • Snake Venom (Item): In Battle, until end of next turn, Burn a Rot to make all rolled Swords gain Poison.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an NMA where Bribery is used to take the Stranger while another player is Exploring.
Known Issues
  • End Turn bug - we still have an issue with the end turn button disappearing at times, try things like opening your hero shelf/inventory when other actions that force your end turn button off screen  (such as quests, combat etc). We have additional logging to find the cause.
  • Rare NMA from disconnecting players in multiplayer games.


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Re: Release (v1.4.1) [Steam PC/Mac/Linux] Full Release Build
« Reply #1 on: August 19, 2016, 05:42:54 PM »
I was lucky enough to get both of the new items in my last game (with the Iron Pike being in my inventory at the start). Seems pretty strong.