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Armello on Windows 32-Bit
« on: July 08, 2016, 03:24:46 PM »
Hi to all our Windows 32-Bit Armellians,

You may have seen in our recent build notes that we're no longer supporting Armello on Windows 32-Bit machines. V1.4 Battle Tides will be the last Windows 32-Bit build to go live.

I wanted to clarify some of the details behind this decision and hopefully answer any questions.

Why is this happening?

The primary reason for this change is 32-Bit technology is now more than a decade old and we’re seeing reduced support for 32-Bit builds from an increasing number of our middleware and tools partners. Unfortunately, attempting to counter this (as we’ve been trying to do for a while now) is slowing development to an unacceptable rate and continuing support for 32-Bit has become a larger task than we can afford.

Future Updates

After v1.4 and all of the patches this update includes we will no longer be pushing Win 32-Bit Builds to Armello and we have updated our Steam store to reflect these changes as of the 6th of July 2016 PDT.

For future major updates all Win 32-Bit users will still have access to v1.4 and be able to queue together to play Multiplayer (Private and Public), but will not be able to match-make with users on newer versions of Armello.

The Usurpers will have the same min specs as Armello so while you can purchase them from v1.5 onwards you will only be able to queue with other 32-Bit players.

All future DLC will have the same min specs as Armello and will not be playable on 32-Bit versions of Armello.

Armello will remain in your Steam Library so we really hope that you’re able to continue playing in future updates on a Win 64-Bit or other supported system.

If you would like to discuss this further please feel free to reach out to us directly on admin[at]



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