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« on: July 07, 2016, 12:34:37 PM »
So, last week I finally got to start playing the game. Almost 50 hours play so far. I love the game a lot, probably my favorite board game of all time too.

Favorite moment so far:
Just played a game a bit ago, the most challenging game I have had yet. From dawn 5 to the end (blood pact chosen too, so ended dawn 9) it was a constant 3 way battle for the win. unfortunately our zosha ragequit, but I've done that too. Funny thing is, Brun taking his chances on his last turn to go for the prestige win allowed me to win the game with rot for the 2nd time. Had our River, who had spirit stones ready to go on dawn 5, not palace entried, I would have finished my last quest without forcing myself to rush myself in too and eventually failing 4 times in a row, but thankfully brun sniped her which started the bloodbath.

Least favorite:
10 hours of time dedicated to attempting rot victory for the first time, failing time after time with mostly the worst rng ever (causing my only 3 ragequits too, my god those games I couldn't get past my 3rd tile without dying, and not even to a bane). The worst part was a barnaby game where I had it in the bag, up 3 rot on the king with many turns till king died and palace entry quest ready for me. Amber spent her turns afk until game dced her, and then the AI amber picks up and decides to teleport to the palace entry, go in luck out with 4 dice, rot wine, and suicide kill the king with the best RNG roll possible with 4 fight. This gave prestige victory to someone else  :'( .

What I'm most excited for:
The new heroes, I will finally be able to choose a main. Sargon, Scarlet, Ghor, and Twiss are who I am looking at most.

What I want to see most:
Bird and Reptile clans, especially Owl of some sort.

anyways, hi guys. Xyan on steam (white cloaked avatar) if you wanna ever play.