Author Topic: *You see before you a figure of old age, a dog, with a book in his hands...*  (Read 966 times)

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*As soon as you approach, a dog turns his eyes on you*

Huh... Looks like I have to introduce myself... To be honest, I'm not good with the greetings, however...

I am not known by the name. Simply call me, Loremaster. I am hooded, bearded, old dog. I specialize in writting an Armellian tales. Now if i could find a nice spot for the library...

I am just like forces of the Wyld. I am not persistent. I may vanish anytime. But... I'll do my best... to stay here as long as I can...


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It's dangerous to go alone. Take this! *Hands Loremaster a Shining Steel Sword*

 Welcome to the forums! Hope you continue to enjoy Armello and contribute to the community here.
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Welcome Loremaster!