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The Wolf Scribe Howls
« on: May 11, 2016, 12:56:49 PM »
Greetings, young child.
What? Who am I, you say?
Well... My name is Wolf, the Travelling Scribe, one of the many scribes of the Wolf Clan. A historian, if you would say.
Oh. Please don't look so surprised. We wolves are not as uncivilized and brutish as you Armellians think.
As a matter of fact, should these scrolls on my back not prove my point to you?
Here. Take this and read through it... One of my proudest works.
A detailed record of one of the great battles between Wolf Clan and Bear Clan, at the very beginning of the Clans...
What did you say?  Please, speak up.  I'm afraid my hearing's not what it used to be.
Oh, how did I acquire this? Well, of course I'd have a copy of it; I wrote all this!
Oh! Of course! You can't understand the language. Silly me. This is the archaic form of the native language we wolves use, before the Clans were formed. It should be obsolete by now.
Here. I could translate it for you...
How do I know the language?
Child, you see. I spoke the language once before. I was born long before the Clans came to be...
Am I one of the Ancients, you say?
Of course I'm not! As I said, I'm just a humble old scribe. I just observe this world and safeguard it's histories. I'm not worthy of a title as prestigious as them...
Then how could I still be alive now?
Well... That's a mystery you would have to solve, no?

Back to the real world...
Greetings everyone!
Pardon me for the massive wall of text above, but I really want to spice this thing up.
As said before, I prefer to be referred to as Wolf. But TWS or Scribe is fine for me as well.
Just bought the game and was toying with the Singleplayer matches for now. Thought both the story and gameplay were superb. Especially the story, it gives so much for players to expand on.
Since I don't draw good, I thought it would be best if I only try and write something. (More like starting numerous writing projects and never finishing them.)
I should mostly be lurking around Artisan Alley.
So, good day, everyone! Hope I see you there!
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Re: The Wolf Scribe Howls
« Reply #1 on: May 12, 2016, 06:49:12 AM »
Welcome, old Greymane....and what a nice introduction! If I should ever be in need of some information helpful to the secret agenda of the Ratclan I will listen to you and get your advice...
I've been manipulated by a pychotic rabbit!