Author Topic: IOS Black Company Bandit Skins  (Read 7 times)

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IOS Black Company Bandit Skins
« on: Today at 06:40:22 AM »
In 2015 the following was decided:

The Bandit Clan, Listener amulet, and  Guppy card skin, would not be perpetually exclusive, but would be available to backers for a period of time before becoming available to all Armellians on all platforms (which it is now).

In return, all backers from the Bandit tier and up received special ‘Black Company’ skins as perpetual exclusives available only on Steam.

Yet I have access to the Black Company skins on IOS.
Was this announced elsewhere and I missed it?

I am a backer, so did the game give me the skins since I use the same email for my Kickstarter, Steam, and Apple ID through voodoo magic?

Can a non-backer confirm they can or can't use the Black Company Bandit skins?
Is there a difference if you purchased the Bandit Clan directly vs purchasing a subscription?