Author Topic: (PC) Multiplayer drop to 1 fps again  (Read 589 times)

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(PC) Multiplayer drop to 1 fps again
« on: January 08, 2016, 01:23:05 AM »
Build Number:  2015-12-17 12:41:59Z
version 1.1.1steamp.1

Platform: PC win10
 Skylake 6500
16GB Ram
HD7870 Tahiti 2GB

Description: Near end game everything gets real choppy again. This time I stick around to see what happens and the game continues on but really choppy, like 1-2 seconds per frame. I did notice a chat spam all along when this was going on from all characters I played against. Maybe not the causal factor but certainly distinct. It was near end I was in castle with Brun, Amber had rot 9 or 10 and was moving closer from southeast. Thane above to the left with River. 2 Guards attacked me and I survived, at the end of the last guard battle is when the chopping started and the chat spamming. River killed me off with a moonbite and Moved closer to Amber, who then attacked River who had 3 or four rot and won and moved into castle. Now I posted bug ingame. My turn, I picked cards  but the chopping was too serious so I quit the game after I picked the cards. Now I am almost certain I would not win anyway so no problems, I just want to know if this is connection, steam or sabotage, last one said with cautiousness. If connection issues would not the game try to reconnect? What about steam sync or something? I have fiber and never experience this in other multiplayers.

Repro Steps: Massive chat attack maybe? Steam connection/internet connection.

Attachments: I managed to send an ingame log this time only managed to write 1 fps tho, stuck around to see what might happen. The thing is this has not been logged in my logfolder. So the last log for this issue might not be correct, sorry.

Please, anything you can think of so I can try to fix this issue. Thanks.
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