Author Topic: (PC)Multiplayer drop to 1 FPS  (Read 756 times)

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(PC)Multiplayer drop to 1 FPS
« on: January 01, 2016, 09:35:48 AM »
Build Number:  2015-12-17 12:41:59Z
version 1.1.1steamp.1

Platform: PC win10
 Skylake 6500
16GB Ram
HD7870 Tahiti 2GB

Description: When in multiplayer game seems to suddenly drop to 1 fps as shown by steam fps meter, all actions delayed and game very choppy as to uncontrollable. All I can do is exit all the way to desktop and restart for it to rectify itself.

Once it happened during char selection, I went back and forth once selecting char then it happened. The other time it happened ingame after I opened the dice section when opponent was fighting(cant remember what he\she was fighting).

Run fullscreen. Looking at task manager when window keyed to desktop, nothing seem to hog resources. Armello with highest mem usage at 690MB. Also noticed that another window opened saying: steam not running. Closed *steam not running window* . Went back into game still choppy and exit to main menu also choppy then exit.

Repro Steps: No clue

Attachments: Think its the correct one, from when it happened ingame.
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