Author Topic: Hotfix v1.1 [PC/Mac/Linux] (Patch 3)  (Read 1253 times)

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Hotfix v1.1 [PC/Mac/Linux] (Patch 3)
« on: November 18, 2015, 04:24:23 PM »

Our third patch for v1.1 just went live on Steam! Thanks for all of your feedback and your reports, it really helps us track down and squash bugs.

Bug Fixes:
  • Implemented a patch for Unity which will fix crashes experienced in Ubuntu / Nvidia.
  • Fixed an white screen NMA that occurred when loading into a rare case in Multiplayer House Rules initialisation.
  • Fixed an NMA when a player passes a Quest and receives a Spirit Stone, if they also then spawn a secret encounter the game would break.
  • Fixed an issue which would occur when a public queue would be dismissed by unresponsive/AFK players and the game would then have a miss-matched/incorrect public lobby.
  • Fixed an NMA when the authority would disconnect from anywhere in-game and the player who is the next to be the authority was also the next turn taker (from the original authority player).
  • Fixed an NMA where House Rules becomes mismatched across a multiplayer game and the game would fall out of sync.
  • Attempting to open/close the Hero Shelf during the King’s Declaration will no longer cause an NMA.
  • Fixed some wildcard typo’s In the German localisation the Gypsy Caravan quest.
  • Fixed a typo in the “Rain Dance” quest (English only).
  • King’s Guards should no longer be spawned on the same tile if they are spawned during the same Dawn phase. For real this time.
  • All quests in gendered languages (such as German, French, Spanish) will now use the correct gender for all Heroes, instead of always using female.
  • Fixed a rare occurrence of a “Warning error” appearing at the final Quest, only in non-English languages but not all (Korean and Spanish were reported).
  • Single-player games will correctly unpause if a multiplayer queue pops and expires while in the King’s Declaration state.

Known Issues:
  • If you try and change the graphic quality options in game, they will only take effect once - you cannot change them multiple times in game. (This works fine in the main menu options.)

May your journey for the throne be peril-free.


Darcy and the LoG Team.


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Re: Hotfix v1.1 [PC/Mac/Linux] (Patch 3)
« Reply #1 on: November 19, 2015, 12:19:02 AM »
I love the smell of fresh hot-patch in the morning.