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Hotfix v1.1 [PC/Mac/Linux] (Patch 1)
« on: October 31, 2015, 03:38:28 PM »
Hey everycorgi!

Through the madness that has been Melbourne International Games Week we’ve been tinkering away on the known issues for v1.1 and solved a quite a few of them, so we thought we’d shoot you all an update as soon as we could. This patch should increase stability in multiplayer games, and allow you to play single player games while queueing for a public match! *the crowd goes wild!*

Without further ado, the changes are as follows (note: NMA stands for No More Action, a state where the game hasn’t crashed, but the flow of gameplay has stopped):
  • Fixed an issue with playing a single player game while queued for a public multiplayer game, where the public multiplayer game would load into a white screen and be stuck in an NMA state.
  • Fixed a bug where house rules from custom single player games were persisting across to public queue multiplayer games when you were playing a singleplayer game while in the multiplayer queue.
  • Attempting to start a single player custom game while in the multiplayer public queue will now proceed correctly.
  • Fixed a rare case where the Host disconnecting during two other players’ combat could cause the dice to stop rolling and the game to enter an NMA state.
  • Fixed Darkest Night King’s Declaration NMA.
  • King’s Guards should no longer be spawned on the same tile if they are spawned during the same Dawn phase.
  • If you leave a multiplayer party that had custom rules set, the house rules will now clear correctly.

We’ve also found another v1.1 known issue, which is:
  • If you try and change the graphic quality options in game, they will only take effect once - you cannot change them multiple times in game. (This works fine in the main menu options.)
  • If you're in a private game lobby (NOT queueing for a public game) and you go play a single player game, House Rules will be reset locally (this can cause the private game to be out of sync). So don't play single player while you're waiting for a​*private*​ game.
  • Don't change House Rules while someone is in the process of joining a private lobby - either do it before you invite them or after they've joined.

May your claws be sharp; may your wits be sound; we will meet again on Armellian ground.


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