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Release (v1.0.3) [PlayStation 4] Full Release Build
« on: October 12, 2015, 05:08:15 PM »

Hey y’all,

We're excited to announce that v1.0.1 on Steam and all it's goodness has now been patched over to the PlayStation 4 platform.

Here are the build notes of the changes and bug fixes that have gone into this build!

PLEASE NOTE: This doesn't mean we've forgotten about the issue with the small font on PS4. This fix requires a whole visual redesign (not just a matter of increasing the font size in all areas). This is a priority for us and we are still working on it, this is something we want to get right!


Localisation Pass
  • Cards now have Flavour Text in the game, check it out!
  • Huge update to all localised languages. All languages have been reviewed, tested and edited resulting in greatly improved localisation.

AI Hero Select
  • In Singleplayer and Private Multiplayer games players can now determine which AI heroes they want to go up against including their Rings and Amulets.
  • In Single and Private Multiplayer games players can now also re-roll the randomly selected heroes.

Visual Changes
  • The following visual changes have been made in the world of Armello to increase visibility:
    • The bigger cloud assets have been removed.
    • The Fog distance has been tweaked.
    • Depth of Field has been tweaked.
    • You are now notified of when you have earned new cards in the main menu, and the Card Gallery has been revamped to show you where your newly unlocked cards are.

Chat Tree
  • We've now implemented the canned Chat Tree into the game to mirror the Steam build.

Miscellaneous Changes
  • Players are now notified that they can start a Singleplayer game while they’re queuing for a Multiplayer game.
  • Small improvements to the visuals / input on the Prologue select screen and the Multiplayer lobby screen.

Bug Fixes
  • Selecting your Amulet at the last second in multiplayer will no longer cause a single die to get stuck in Combat / Perils sometimes, which was subsequently causing NMAs.
  • Fixed an issue with River's victory condition when using her Hero Power to kill the King. If she had previously died in Combat, then went for the King the victory would not be correctly handed out).
  • Fixed NMA issue where quickly selecting a King’s Declaration in Amber’s Prologue or in Multiplayer could cause the game to no longer progress.
  • Fixed an NMA that would occur if an AI used a card to teleport onto a Lightning Strike peril on their turn, which they then failed, the activation of which ended their turn.
  • Fixed a few cases where players disconnecting in multiplayer games could cause NMAs to occur.
  • Fixed rare multiplayer NMAs that could occur when a Bane or King’s Guard died.
  • You will no longer encounter an NMA in Sana’s Prologue Act if you get into combat between entering the tile of your first quest and encountering your first Peril.
  • The Prestige Leader order should now be correctly calculated in all cases - it should no longer rarely be calculated incorrectly.
  • Mistrial and Thunder Dome achievements will now only be awarded if you play the card.
  • For Royal Eyes Only King’s Declaration will now give Bounties to players who are currently standing in forbidden tiles.
  • Spirit Stone count should now update on Hero Tooltips correctly.
  • Particle effects should now disappear on creatures when they go into Stealth and become invisible to you.
  • Hero tooltip colliders should now be correctly disabled when they are Stealthed and invisible to you.
  • Several Prologue text readability issues have been fixed.
  • Correctly locking your hand of cards in the Prologue when you’re meant to play a specific card out of your hand.
  • Improved interactions between the Status Feed and Hero Shelf states.
  • Improving input slider implementation on controller.
  • Fixed Prestige and Spirit Stones tooltips going offscreen.
  • Fix for Lord’s Scepter to not be temporarily disabled if you die in combat, causing your prestige to drop and then rise back up again.
  • Dice resolution in Combat is now synchronized with the 2D combat animations.
  • Improved selection on the Hero Select menu.
  • Fixed some Rabbit, Rat and Rot quests to have the correct rewards.
  • Typos in quests and the Prologue have been fixed.

That's it for another release, we're already starting work on v1.1. so excited to hear your feedback!


Lisy and the LoG Crew