Author Topic: A gaggle of Item/hero pasive idea's  (Read 666 times)

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A gaggle of Item/hero pasive idea's
« on: September 05, 2015, 12:57:11 PM »
A) I'm new here and this is my first post after lurking for a while, so if for some reason this is not supposed to be here I'm sorry
B) Most of these ideas were Shamelessly taken from one of my favorite games Smite, but that doesn't mean that they wouldn't be awesome in Armello as well.
C) I'm not a developer (yet) or an Armello savant so the balance of these ideas is probably wonky but they are cool ideas anyways.

Fighting instinct
Inspired by Bancroft's talon['s_Talon]
Hero power or item

Gain one sword/fight for every missing health below 5 (4 health=1 sword, 1 health=3 swords)

Survival instinct
Inspired by Sun Wukong pasive[]
Hero power or item

Below 2 health gain +2 swords and shields

Shifter's sign
Inspired by Shifter's sheild['s_Shield]
Hero power or item

above half(or .5 heart over) gain a sword, below, gain (1 or 2?) shield(s).

Battle prowess
Inspired by Thor passive[]
Hero power or item

gain +1 fight for every enemy hero within one tile radius.

Inspired by Heartseaker[]
Item (could be a power but may be to strong without some kind of risk)

gain +1 sword/fight for each enemy(Just hero or all?) killed up to 5, card is reset(or destroyed) upon death. (might have a high price to make it a really risky choice)

Contract killer (this is my favourite)
Inspired by Kali passive[]
Hero power

HeroX is the hero this power would belong to.

A random enemy hero is assigned as a target. HeroX will gain a penetration on the first sword rolled against the target. if heroX killed their target they will get +2 gold(or maybe current bounty value?) and +1 health. target will change if the current one dies for any reason or to the last hero that killed you if you died to a hero.

If Mutual destruction, HeroX will survive with one health and no gold bonus.(maybe not this part but I think it would be cool)

Flaming shield
Inspired by Vamana pasive[]
Hero power or item

gain +1 sword for every 2(or 3?) shields

Victory rush
Inspired by Bakasura pasive[]
Hero power or item

For every enemy you kill (in battle or at all?) you gain +1AP and +1 fight until your turn ends (does not provide ap boost if enemy is on palace tile?)(off-turn kills count or nah?)

Sickening curse
Inspired by Divine ruin[]

all healing is reduced by one until the end of target's next turn. (or prevented entirely, but that may be too strong)

Inspired by Loki pasive[]
Hero power

Gain +1 fight if attacking from the back three tiles from the direction the enemy last traveled

Trap setter
Hero power or item

Gain extra dice when ambushing

Head start
Hero power

Gain +1 AP when leaving clan grounds and/or +1 AP for first (2 or 3?) turns of the game.

I'm going to bed because it's later here in Canada but I'll check back tomorrow when I can.
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