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A Few Thoughts (PS4 Player)
« on: September 03, 2015, 07:48:29 PM »
i just played a game where my quest was placed on top of a dungeon. after traveling across the map to get there, i stepped onto the quest.......only to roll a portal on the dungeon part first warping me back to the other side of the map wasting 3 turns worth of movements.

this was EXTREMELY frustrating, and, while the odds of this happening again are fairly low i think,  the thought of this happening again almost make me want to stay away from quests on dungeons.

i think this should be reversed so that quests trigger first, THEN you explore the dungeon.

another thought i had was concerning retreating. i feel it would be better if you could pick the tile you retreat to. too many times i have been bested at battle and forced to retreat. instead of retreating to the safety of a nearby plains or forest, i have been pushed onto a marsh usually killing me, or bringing me to a low enough hitpoint value tbat im easier to kill. even with Evasion i have retreated to a marsh, which seems silly given tbat Evasion is a survival flavored skill.

all in all, i love this game, just wanted to post these thoughts though.
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