Author Topic: Pride's Fall Hotfix 0.3.5p1 [PC/Mac/Linux] (patch 1)  (Read 1322 times)

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Pride's Fall Hotfix 0.3.5p1 [PC/Mac/Linux] (patch 1)
« on: July 01, 2015, 03:39:45 PM »

Hey everyone, hope you’ve been enjoying Pride’s Fall! Have you managed to take out the King yet, with all his new regalia?

We’ve got a few fixes this time - the big ones are mainly related to issues after player-disconnection in multiplayer, or occasions where the game would get stuck in a waiting state in rare circumstances. We’ve also fixed a couple of little visual issues, such as “trial edition” being in the bottom corner of the screen.

As always, if you’re still having any of these issues after you update, or any others, just shoot them through the Bug Report tool in game - those reports are fantastic, and often the logs or reproduction steps contain the vital clues that help us track down rare issues!

Thanks all :D

Here’s the big list o’ fixes (note: NMA refers to "No-More-Action" occurrences, where the game gets stuck and, while it hasn't crashed, gameplay doesn't continue):
  • Fixed somes NMAs that could occur if a player disconnected in multiplayer while they were questing or in certain combat states.
  • Fixed an NMA that would occur if a Bane or King’s Guard was in the process of dying as their turn started.
  • Fixed an NMA that would occur if you collected your fourth Spirit Stone from a Stone Circle while Corrupted, if the Stone Circle had a Peril on it.
  • Fixed a rare NMA that could occur after the Dawn or Dusk change, or before the Victory screen appeared.
  • Fixed an issue where Card Draw could overlay with the Victory screen and cause the Accolades button not to function.
  • Fixed an issue where certain Scout-granting effects (such as Divination) could grant you permanent Scout.
  • Pausing and resuming the game now stops and starts the music correctly.
  • Slanderous Toads now correctly removes Prestige and not Gold.
  • Fixed an issue where the edge of screen camera movement would be too sensitive.
  • Removed “trial version” from the bottom right corner of the screen.
  • The Saving Icon is now no longer layered under the Report Bug button.
  • “Prologue” button is no longer incorrectly highlighted on the Main Menu.
  • Several new names for Tiles have been added, thanks to community member RedWolf for suggesting them!