Author Topic: Well Friggen Done LoG ! Well Done Indeed !! - The LoG Encouragement Thread  (Read 817 times)

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Hi All,

So a lot of the discussion that happens on this Forum and the Steam forum are about our thoughts on ways to improve the game, which is great and should continue, because I believe the engagement between the Dev team and the community is what is helping to make this game so special.

But after being stuck in bed all week giving me the chance to play many many games I just wanted to take a moment and say Thankyou to the LoG for making such an awesome game ! And make a thread for others to do the same !

So in another words this thread is for us community members to share what it is we love about the game, instead of asking for new features, or complaining about balance or suggestings tweaks. Its an encouragement thread !

Its been an absolute pleasure to loose myself for hours at a time in the world you have created. Thinking back to when you first let some of us peak behind the curtain in Alpha, the game has come such a long way and I wanted to reflect on some of the awesome things that you have done and by doing so hopefully in some small way encourage you to keep going.

So without further ado here is a list of some of my favourite features (in no particular order) that have been added over time:
  • The Spell deck is awesome and I feel very well balanced !
  • The in game communication to let the players know what is going on has gone from strength to strength. You have managed such a tough challenge so well
  • TAB to show current prestige leader. Brilliant !
  • Favourite feature has got to be being able to watch other player battles and perils when your not involved. Creates such a sense of community and intensity.
  • All 4 victory paths are coming together very nicely.
  • It goes without saying that the Music and Art and first class. Each set of new cards thats released are amazing.
  • The emergent game play and interaction of the cards. It so fun to find and watch combinations in games. It allows for so many strategies and different approaches
  • Rot. You have found a great balance between the light and the dark. The slow slide into Corruption is fantastic.

So I would ask others to add their own thoughts here as well. Weather you have been playing for a while or just brought the game yesterday, please take a moment to give LoG a pat on the back and say "Well done guys. Keep up the good work!"