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Lizard Clan Concept
« on: February 22, 2018, 03:02:26 AM »
Man it's been forever since I've used the Armello forums, last time I did was... Well... during my previous round of hero concepts (located here: I mean 2017 I spent most of my time promoting a Train that punches people in the name of justice into a hero shooter (don't ask), and 2018 has been spent on just as questionable on a project (also don't ask). But last week I was messing around with some Armello ideas and how they could be implemented and finished them all up last night. And while it may not be perfect or ever actually get ingame, I decided to share it anyhow...


(Lizard Clan Symbol)

My Fellow Kin,

"A long time ago we once approached the barriers of Armello. We tore down their walls, bested their armies, and stormed their castle. It was there, however,  where we were single handily stopped by their King, who's magic and strength halted our conquest and took away my sight. However on that day I caught the scent of corruption lingering, and it has festered and grew inside his "Majesty". Now is our time to strike, he may have taken my sight, but we shall take his crown!"

- Warchief Sisamai

Unique Rings:  (yes folks I even made rings for these guys, humor me)
Black Diamond - Destory any Moon Stones you get, Gain +1 Prestiege
Red Jasper - First Card Burned in Battle always explodes
Malachite - Gain +1 in a Random Stat when you heal till the end of your turn
Rhodonite - Start with +1 Rot, fill in all Rot Symbols in Perils


Name: Geryon
Species: Komodo Dragon
Weapon: Trident
Clan Affinity: Dusk

A self-proclaimed royal with a vile appetite

Ability - Wyld Glutton: Whenever you kill a character and live, gain all spell buffs they had until the end of your next turn

Fight: 4
Body: 6
Wit: 3
Spirit: 3


Name: Auryon
Species: Frilled Lizard
Weapon: Crossbow
Clan Affinity: Dawn

A hunter renowned for her elaborate traps

Ability - Trapmaster: Gain +1 Prestige whenever an enemy hero fails one of your perils

Fight: 3
Body: 4
Wit: 6
Spirit: 3


Name: Dolon
Species: Chamelon
Weapon: Twin Daggers
Clan Affinity: Dusk

A rogue assassain who always catches his targets off guard

Ability - Surpise Attack: The first hero you attack each Dawn/Dusk is Ambushed (Can not be negated)

Fight: 6
Body: 4
Wit: 4
Spirit: 2


Name: Zeva
Species: Gecko
Weapon: Fencing Sword
Clan Affinity: Dawn

A cocky lizard who rigs fights in her favor

Ability - "Fair Fight": When Defending, combine both players initial fight dice and split them evenly

Fight: 2
Body: 5
Wit: 5
Spirit: 4
I somehow got a Cosmetic Skin into the MOBA Smite, let's see what'll happen in Armello


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Re: Lizard Clan Concept
« Reply #1 on: April 21, 2018, 07:05:10 AM »
Cute characters! This is a pretty original idea, since we see a few lizards on the cards but don't know what clan they belong to. If you read The Far Seeker novella, frogs were part of a fallen clan, so maybe this also included lizards at one point too!