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Hey y’all,

I’m back to introduce the FOURTH Early Access Build, The Royal Bazaar (v0.3.4) open and ready for business! We’ve been teasing out just some of the new features that you’ll see in the build but we’re here to give you all the goss.

Following on from the last update, At Wyld’s Will we have introduced Steam Cloud Saves to the land of Armello to support and backup your in-game progress. If you have multiple computers and want to carry on a Singleplayer game you now can! Or.. let’s hope this doesn’t happen to you, your computer hard drive is corrupted and/or lost your progress can now be stored on the Cloud.

Some of the community have probably seen “Peril Vision” and always wondered what it was, well it’s HERE! The Scout ability has had an overhaul this build and now includes the illusive Peril Vision to help you wipe out Perils across the land of Armello.

As always, we want to give a shout out to our amazing team of testers who have helped us iron out the bugs to make sure the build is a solid as it can be!

Just a few more thing before we get into our build notes:
  • This month we’ve added in a few more cards suggested by our Backers! Raven’s Beak Dagger was a Treasure suggested by LaughingLick, what a rotten card. The cheeky grin of the Cat Trader is a Follower that was suggested by Arkofleight!
  • We’re looking for new contributors to the Official Armello Wiki! If you’re interested please comment below or email me :)

  • This build introduces 10 new cards including 2 Followers and 2 Treasures!
    • Marauder Gauntlets (Item): In Battle, +1 Sword and +1 Shield.
    • Raven’s Beak Dagger (Treasure): +1 Rot to Opponents you Kill in Battle.
    • Immolation (Spell): (Play on) Creature; -3 Health at 1 tile range, -2 Health at 2 tiles and -1 Health beyond.
    • Long Bow (Item): In Battle, First rolled Sword Pierces opponents' defenses.
    • Duelling Pistols (Treasure): In Battle, First two rolled Swords Pierce opponents' defenses.
    • Spy Glass (Item): Gain +2 Bonus Dice in Battles and Perils on Scouted targets.
    • Shimmer Shield (Spell): (Play on) Hero; All the Card's in the Target's Hand change to the Shield Symbol.
    • Trader (Follower): +2 Gold income per Dusk.
    • Blacksmith (Follower): In Battle, +2 Shields.
    • Aflame (Spell): (Play on) Creature; -2 Health and Suns Explode until the end of their next Turn.
  • Card changes:
    • Merry Thieves (Trickery): (Play on) Forest, Settlement; Steal 2 Gold from target; Gold is given to the poorest Hero.
    • Spy Network (Trickery): Gain Scout from the target's location until the end of your next Turn.
    • Hare’s Halberd (Item): In Battle, your opponent's suffer -1 Die.

King’s Declaration’s
Same as our last release, we’ve done another pass on our King’s Decs! This will be the last of the King’s Declarations implemented before full release, meaning there are 6 per Tier with a total of 9 Tiers.
  • New:
    • Paws of Fate: The King's madness is apparent! All Heroes swap their Hand of Cards with another random Hero.
    • King's Bounties: The King grows impatient. All Bounties are now worth +1 Gold and +1 Prestige until the end of the game.
    • Darkest Night: The King's inner darkness spreads, and this evening all Banes, King's Guard and Heroes are Stealthed until Dawn or until spotted.
    • Ripped Reality: Four Portals appear on Dungeons across the Kingdom.
    • You Can't Run: Citizens panic and lock themselves in their hovels as all Banes from now on have +1 Action Point and +1 Fight.
    • Rotten Choir: The King's Rotten Choir sing! -1 Body to all Heroes, Banes and King's Guards across the whole Kingdom permanently!
  • King’s Dec Visualisations now have a visualisation system! For now, any King’s Dec that involve the King playing cards to the board will show exactly which tiles have had cards played to them including:
    • Cursed Kingdom.
    • Fugitives Unleashed.
    • Private Security.
    • Black Death.
    • Dark Storms.
    • Ripped Reality.
    • The Toll Bells Sing.
  • This is just the beginning however - we plan to have all King’s Declarations visualised by the time we get to full release.

TIle Placement System
Improved algorithm for determine what tiles are placed in Armello  - there will now always be at least four Settlements, four Dungeons and four Stone Circles on each board, and all boards generated will now fully follow the designed rules.

Scout Improvements
  • Peril Vision has been implemented into the current Scout ability. This means if you have the Scout ability you will also be able to see a Peril’s difficulty and type before deciding to encounter it.
  • Peril’s that are within vision range will have an overhead icon similar to Battle or Peril Peeking.
  • Scout now has a visualisation to communicate if a player has received this ability.
  • If you have the Scout ability there is now visualisation to show where the Scout extends to.

Action Points Off Turn
Action Points are now affected during a players off turn. Any buffs or debuffs that affect Action Points will carry over to the player’s next turn.

Steam Cloud Saves
  • Player progress will now be backed up in Steam Cloud Saves. In check if Steam Cloud Saves for Armello is enabled on your computer go to Steam > Right-Click Armello > Properties > Updates > and see the box “Enable Steam Cloud synchronization for Armello”. These Saves will include:
    • Signets and Amulets progression.
    • Card Gallery progression.
    • Most recent saved Singleplayer game.

Continuing Games
Games that saved and continued should now give the same or very similar random results immediately after being loaded.

Artificial Intelligence
  • AI’s attraction to taking Settlements when Mercurio is nearby is reduced (this is to avoid his Hero Power being triggered).
  • If Death chance is high, AI will not play buff cards on self e.g. Patronage and Industry.
  • AI will not play Call of the Worm on corrupted Heroes.
  • AI’s playing of Rot cards have been improved.
  • AI will now select Quest outcomes more intelligently.
  • AI’s are now less likely to “double dungeon”.
  • AI will now use Banish more intelligently.
  • AI will now use Teleport  more intelligently.
  • AI will now preference their 5th Tier Quest Tile (cleared Palace Peril) over random Palace tiles. In the past, if the King was at 2 Health the AI would attempt any random Palace Peril.
  • AI’s with the Prestige Lead will no longer attack King’s Guards regardless of having a Bounty.

Signet Changes:
  • Rat Ruby: Inflict -1 Health to your opponents after a Battle if they Kill you.
  • Rabbit Sunstone: In Battle +1 Sun result while you have more than 3 Gold in reserve.
  • Bear Amber: Burning Sun Cards in Battle is always considered a Hit.
  • Wolf Moonstone: Burning Moon Cards in Battle is always considered a Hit.

  • Overkill has had a visual overhaul. Both “Hits” and “Blocks” are visualised in the Combat screen. There are also now different levels of overkill including:
    • Killing Blow.
    • Overkill.
    • Slaughter.
    • Bloodbath.
    • Annihilation.
    • Humiliation.
  • Clan Grounds now have Clan Flags on them to indicate ownership..
  • Improved Peril Flags placement on tiles. .
  • If a player engages in Combat and there were no “Hits” made, the Spotlight message “You gained no ground on x” no longer appears as it was confusing. It now only is communicated in the Status Feed.

  • King’s Guards now how 2 AP, they will only use 1 AP unless there is a “goal” for them at the 2nd AP. These “goals” include:
    • Hero with Bounty.
    • Bane.
    • Terrorised Settlement.
  • Improved way of starting hand being picked:
    • First card will be randomly selected from a random Deck.
    • All following cards will be selected at random from the Decks following the originally selected Decks. For example, if a Trickery card is dealt first the next cards will be from the Item and Spell decks, starting again at Trickery.
  • The TAB Dawn summary is now in Turn Taker Order rather than Prestige order.
  • The TAB Dawn summary now can be opened during Quest Rumour selection and during King’s Declaration selection.
  • When dragging a Card the side of screen scroll area is increased for easier navigation.

Bug Fixes
  • Screen will no longer remain blurred after drawing cards/selecting quest.
  • The King Declaration “Dark Storms” will no longer cause the game flow break.
  • The ability “Peril Vision” has been changed to ‘Scout’, and is now in-game.
  • The ‘Tab’ information screen now layers over the Item/Hero shelf, as opposed to under it.
  • Fixed an issue where loading a saved game, while having Rot and being on low health would cause the player to respawn incorrectly.
  • Fixed an issue where loading a saved game, while having Rot and dying on the first dawn would cause the game flow to break.
  • Selecting a Quest card should no longer leave the outline or highlight from the card on screen once selected.
  • The Prestige leader should be now correctly awarded, and be the one who is able to choose the King’s Declaration at dawn.
  • Wyld Born (Spell) will now correctly award the Magic gained from it when using Teleport (Spell) onto a Stone Circle.
  • The King should no longer pause and cause the gameplay to break upon resuming a Saved game.
  • The King’s Declaration “The Toll Bells Sing” is now back in game, and should no longer cause the gameplay to break.
  • Emissary (Trickery) will now correctly claim the Prestige and un-terrorize Settlements.
  • Fixed an issue if a player clicked “End Turn” at the beginning of their turn it would cause the Day/Night cycle to become out of sync.
  • Fixed up a case where the following Accolades could be given to multiple Players:
    • Journeyman.
    • Immortal.
    • Pariah.
    • Purist.
    • Pacifist.

Known Issues
Functionality and Miscellaneous:
  • Plugging/Unplugging a USB audio device may cause the game to crash. - Reported by CatStoleTheCrown
  • LINUX: VSync options seem temperamental on Linux - if you don't want the default option, try to set VSync options directly on your driver if possible.
  • Shuffling of card order in player’s hand can result in unexpected/undesired ordering.
  • Equipping an item while exploring may cause the Gold cost to appear in the spotlight.
  • AI currently select King’s Declarations at random so sometimes, they don’t make sense!
  • The tutorials may be inaccurate and visually unappealing. This is due for a significant overhaul.
  • AI Heroes currently don’t understand that some items effects don’t stack (Such as Royal Shield (Treasure)).
  • The first time you go to equip an Item or a Follower in Singleplayer or Multiplayer the Item/Follower may show the error “Must Be Equipped To Item/Follower Slot”. This is fixed by returning the card to your hand and then attempting to re-equip.
  • The multiplayer menu composition and content is predominantly placeholder. We have just included what’s necessary to get the game up and running.
  • If Heroes and Amulet/RIngs are auto-selected (Human does not Select) the game may go into infinite load or a black screen. If this occurs, please force quit and submit your logs manually to qa[at]

If you have extremely low video memory your client may crash or become unplayable and some visual elements may break completely. In attempt to avoid these occurrences, players with low video memory only have the option to play with low graphical settings. Examples of this include:
  • Card animations being replaced with random art assets.
  • Characters Combat animations being replaced with random art assets. - Reported by TheSpectralWolf
  • A graphical meltdown on game launch, breaking gameflow.
  • The notorious inescapable blue screen which breaks gameflow.
  • The Dawn summary screen may display the ‘Prestige Leader” banner on the incorrect hero, but will still allow the correct Prestige leader to select the King’s Declaration. - Need more information/reports on this issue.
  • Many cards have missing or placeholder visualisations/animations.
  • Quest Banners intersect/layer awkwardly with each other, overhead icons and some characters such as Banes.
  • Thane may appear to have dappled lighting on his neck.
  • Thane has a texture seam down his back.
  • Sana has a texture seam down her back.
  • It is possible to see through Sana’s model during her death animation.
  • Some character’s eyeballs may become overly visible during moments of lower opacity (most prominent with Sana and Mercurio).
  • All Clan Grounds’ gates are one-sided and are invisible from some angles.
  • The King’s crown is one-sided and is invisible from some angles.
  • Swamp bubbles appear raised from the ground.
  • The edge of the land is visible when dragging camera to extreme limits. Far out, man.
  • Some characters do not smoothly connect weapons during their battle idle animations.
  • Cards disappear for a single frame before the burn animation is initiated.
  • Palace Peril screen currently contains placeholder images.
  • [MAC] Steam messages and/or alerts cause graphical glitches. This is due to the way -  Reported by Alvorn.

You may experience the following issues depending on your resolution:
  • The Hero Shelf may overlap other UI elements.
  • The Camera may not more certain directions when moving the cursor to certain sides of the screen.

As always, more to be listed as we (or you!) find them.

Phew! Thanks for tuning in Armellian’s! There is every possibility that we’ve missed something so we will be sure to edit if we find anything.

As always, more to be listed as we (or you!) find them.  Don't hesitate to use the in-game Bug Sender. We've crushed a stack of bugs that you all sent us. It's super valuable!

Don't forget that there's also conversations going on over at the Armello Steam Discussion boards! Jump on in!

No rest for us, we’re already starting on v0.3.5 and we’ll be sure to start teasing it as soon as we can. We’ll be sure to make sure it’s packed full of goodness to help you all continue your Armello journeys.

Thanks folks!

<3 Lisy & the LoG Crew
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Re: The Royal Bazaar (v0.3.4) [PC/Mac/Linux] Early Access Build Notes
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  • [MAC] Steam messages and/or alerts cause graphical glitches. This is due to the way -  Reported by Alvorn.

I can confirm that this one is fixed :)


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Re: The Royal Bazaar (v0.3.4) [PC/Mac/Linux] Early Access Build Notes
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I can confirm that this one is fixed :)


That's really exciting! We're going to run some tests, sounds like Steam may have fixed this in their last patch (or it may have been Unity) but whatever if it is.. YAY!