Author Topic: AAAR: Three make it to the finish line, but only one crosses it first  (Read 965 times)

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I complain a lot on this site that the randomness of the mechanics leads to a lot of, what I consider to be, kind of unfair discrepancies between skill and actually winning the game. Many a game has been spent with one player all but locking-in their preferred victory while at least two other players still aren't anywhere near winning the game. So I thought I'd highlight an example of what I consider to me a pretty fantastic endgame.

Basically, I was playing Amber the Rotlord, charging into the palace with 9 rot; Sana was charging into the palace with 0 rot and a Bane's Blade + 7 spirit; Thane had the first turn against the king and he sported 10 fight + double-stacked Lionheart Breastplates. Of course, Thane won, as there was nothing Sana or I could do to stop him as neither of us drew out banishes, hot rot wines, or strategists, but it was kinda surreal to see three players all in a position to kill the king on their next turn right next to each other in the palace.

Poor Mercurio, though. He had no chance.
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Re: AAAR: Three make it to the finish line, but only one crosses it first
« Reply #1 on: April 28, 2015, 03:18:24 PM »
That sounds like a really tense end game there! It's a shame you couldn't take out the king first, but it sounds like that game was still really fun! Too bad that in a situation like that there's no sudden death round or something where the character who kills off the king then has to survive against nearby players.