Author Topic: AAAR: At Wyld's Will Spirit Stone Victory  (Read 1085 times)

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AAAR: At Wyld's Will Spirit Stone Victory
« on: April 24, 2015, 10:37:29 PM »
(Sorry, no images.)

I've never felt the Spirit Stone Victory to be super tough to get, but I thought I'd try and see how the new version of the game would change the way it's played.

I am particular to Sara as I like the spell deck the best and was excited to try out the new spell cards, but I decided that in the interests of increasing my chances of getting spirit stones that Amber with Dig would be my best choice.

I lucked out early on and a stone appeared at a circle one-turn's travel from me. Playing single-player I got to go first on the turn and managed to snatch it before any other players.

I then set about on my quests, opting for the spirit stone quest each time. This led to me getting a somewhat random stat progression, though the body increase I got from my first quest ended up being rather helpful in keeping me alive as the game went on (go figure.)

After the second spirit stone appeared Mercurio got to it faster than me due to proximity. Them's the breaks.

I drew a Crystallize and was looking forward to using it, but I only had 4 Spirit and didn't draw into the magic recovery item (Moon Juice?) or the new Focus spell in the next turn, and then lost to a peril on one of my quest locations that ate two cards in my hand, taking the Crystallize away from me. Bummer.

My next quest got me another Spirit Stone, and then I captured the third Stone Circle stone. Mercurio could have gotten it before me but this time he chose to ignore it and head towards what I think was a quest objective. I wonder if the AI has the capacity to consider denying spirit stones to other players once it looks like someone is heading towards a spirit stone victory. At this point, it appears not.

Got my fourth stone from my third quest. The next night-time crystallizing stone appeared right next to me the next turn, but five stones just seemed silly, so I made my way to my last stat-increasing quest, arriving without incident.

I had to plow through a bane and a peril to get to the palace entry quest in a timely manner (as the king was close to dying.) A combination of good equipment and great dice rolls got me through both without much trouble.  The bane blocking my path actually turned out to be a bit of good luck, as the prestige bump made me Prestige Leader, and one of the decrees on the turn after I got into the palace was the one that Lightning Strikes everyone in the palace, and I was at exactly three health. Close call. None of the AI players had a Banish (or none of them thought to play it,) so it was just a matter of waiting until my next turn to cleanse the king and claim victory.

I won on the last dawn turn, so with only one night turn to spare I only barely squeaked in the victory.  The lack of stones changing hands due to killing players in combat did make this easier for me, as Thane sniped me once.

I made it into a dungeon twice, and neither time got a spirit stone (which I suppose is just bad luck) so it was really due to the crystallizing spirit stones that I was able to win at all.

I wonder how the game would have gone differently with human players who were aware of what I was trying to do and how dangerous I was once I had four spirit stones. I don't particularly feel like the AI acts to hinder characters close to victory (which is an ability that they may not be programmed with, I suppose.)

No stone stealing kind of goes both ways; while I did get killed by Thane once, if stone stealing was still viable I probably would have tried sniping Mercurio for a stone or two. Though getting to him would have been hard; the changes to stealth actually made it very difficult to figure out where other players were.

Overall I felt that the changes made the stone victory easier to achieve, though it was a somewhat tenuous victory that could have been derailed by time lost due to a death.

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Re: AAAR: At Wyld's Will Spirit Stone Victory
« Reply #1 on: April 27, 2015, 12:21:09 PM »
A great AAAR RedHelm, awesome to hear your quest for a Spirit Stone victory. A huge reason we removed the stealing of Spirit Stones is because that victory path should be a non-Combative one.