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Hey y'all,

Here it is, the third Early Access Build, At Wyld’s Will (v0.3.3) fresh out of the developer oven for you to play! We’ve been teasing out just some of the new features that you’ll see in the build but we’re here to give you all the goss.

Firstly, a pretty exciting feature a lot of you have requested… SAVE GAMES! Your game is auto-saved every Dawn and Dusk in Singleplayer games. This means you can resume a game later (by simply hitting the ‘Continue’ button on the main menu) if you need to leave Armello and head to the real world.

We’ve also made some long coming tweaks to the Spirit Stone victory path. There are some new ways to get your paws on these illustrious stones and help you on your journey to cleanse the King from the Rot.

As always, we want to give a shout out to our amazing team of testers who have helped us iron out the bugs to make sure the build is a solid as it can be!

Just a one more thing before we get into our build notes:
  • Last month we forgot to mention that Coin Master (Follower) was a suggested Follower by our backer, Calico! YAY! One of our first Follower/Item cards that we’ve added into Armello. Lionheart Breastplate is one of the new Treasure’s in this build and was suggested by none other than - Leftcross!

Save Game
  • Singleplayer games now include an auto-save function, after every Dawn and Dusk the game will automatically save the game you’re currently in. If you quit to Main Menu and also out of the game completely, you will be able to “Continue” your last played game. When you go to Continue your Game it will show you the time and date the game was saved at.

Spirit Stone Changes
  • At the beginning of every Night, a Spirit Stone will crystallise on a random Stone Circle, up for grabs by a Hero!
  • There will only ever be one naturally crystallised Spirit Stone on the map at any given time.
  • A Stone Circle can only naturally crystallise one Spirit Stone during a game.
  • Players can however, crystallise their own Spirit Stone if they receive the crystallise card or select the King’s Declaration that will crystallise.
  • King’s Guards will destroy any Spirit Stones they come across.
  • Spirit Stones are no longer stolen by Heroes after death.
  • When a Hero gains a Spirit Stone, the Communications Stack will update.

  • This build introduces 13 new cards including 8 Spells, 2 Followers and 2 Treasures! This means that almost ALL of the Spell cards are in the game:
    • Apprentice (Follower): Spell Cards in your hand cost 1 less Magic.
    • Conjuror (Follower): Draw 1 Spell card every time you play a Spell Peril to the Board.
    • Wyldfyre Staff (Treasure): +1 Spirit and +2 Magic every Dawn.
    • Lionheart Breastplate (Treasure): In Battle, +2 Shields and wearer will never Retreat.
    • Haste (Spell): (Play on) Hero; +1 Action Point for your next 2 Turns.
    • Bloodthirst (Spell): (Play on) Hero; After Battles, gain +1 Health for each 1 Hit inflicted until the end of your next Turn.
    • Spirit Strike (Spell): (Play on) Hero; -1 Health per Magic spent casting this Spell, costs all remaining Magic.
    • Focus (Spell): (Play on) Hero; Target gains +2 Spirit until the end of their next Turn.
    • Crystallise (Spell): (Play on) Stone Circle, Creates a Spirit Stone at the Stone Circle!
    • Moonbite (Spell): (Play on) Creature, Dungeon; Target suffers -2 Health at Night or -1 Health during the Day.
    • Teleport (Spell): (Play on) Any Empty Hex; Teleport yourself to this Hex (Instant).
    • Wall of Thorns (Spell): (Play on) Any Hex; Inaccessible until next Dawn.
    • Mountain Moss (Consumable): (Play on) Hero; -2 Rot until the end of target's next Turn.
  • Card changes:
    • Warlock (Follower): Can cast spells beyond your Magic but excess at -1 Health.
    • Tanglevine (Spell): Card symbol now Shield.
    • Banish (Spell): Card symbol now Moon.
    • Wyld’s Warning (Spell): Magic cost reduced from 2 to 1.
    • Mirror Image (Spell): Magic cost increased from 1 to 2.
    • Feral (Spell): Magic cost increased from 1 to 2.
    • Wake the Trees (Spell): Card symbol now Shield.
    • Glamour (Spell): Card symbol now Moon.
    • Blizzard (Spell): Card symbol now Moon.
    • Mirror Image (Spell): Card symbol now Shield.
    • Bark Skin (Spell): Card symbol now Sun.
    • Evil Eye (Spell): Card symbol now Moon.
    • Slanderous Toads (Trickery): Card symbol now Sun.
    • Merry Thieves (Trickery): Card symbol now Sun.
    • Spy Network (Trickery): Gold cost reduced from 3 to 2. Card symbol now Shield.
    • Patronage & Industry (Trickery): Card symbol now Shield.
    • Witch Hunters (Trickery): Card symbol now Shield.
    • Expendables (Trickery): Card symbol now Shield.
    • Merchant’s Agreement (Trickery): Card symbol now Shield.
    • Emissary (Trickery): Card symbol now Shield.
    • Explorer (Follower): Gold cost reduced from 2 to 1.
    • Prestige for Ranged Kills: For any Kill that you make using a Card e.g. Item, Trickery or Spell you will receive +1 Prestige as if you Killed them in Combat. If they have a Bounty you will also claim this.
    • Cards Costing Prestige: If you don't have enough Prestige, you can no longer use Cards that require more than you currently have.

King’s Declaration’s
Same as our last release, we’ve done another pass on our King’s Decs!
  • New:
    • Cursed Kingdom: The King has played Cursed Lands across all normal Perils in the Kingdom, increasing their difficulty.
    • Private Security: The King hires private mercenaries to bolster his control on Settlements across the Kingdom.
    • Total Famine: The Kingdom's food stores have started to Rot, all Heroes must Pay 2 Gold or suffer -2 Health.
    • Star Fall: A Spirit Stone falls from the heavens and lands in a random Stone Circle within the Kingdom.
    • Dark Storms: The King conjures up a Dark Storm, dropping Lightning Strike Perils across the Kingdom.
    • Royal Challenge: The Prestige Leader is given a Bounty. If they survive until the next Dawn with the same Bounty, they claim the reward.
    • Night Manoeuvres: The King orders his Guards to take Attack this coming Night. King's Guards will move after Banes this evening.
    • The Toll Bells Sing: The King suffers -2 Fight permanently and Lightning Strike Perils hit all creatures in the Palace.
    • For Royal Eyes Only (replacing Confiscate Contraband): Dungeons and Stone Circles are now restricted. A Bounty to any who enter these tiles before the next Dawn!
  • Changes:
    • Royal Inquisition: The King's Inquisitors are summoned, -1 Health to all Infected Heroes, and -3 Health to all Corrupted Heroes.
    • Confiscate Contraband removed from the Game.
    • King’s Declarations that include playing of Perils are now chosen better. The King will now review if the deck needs reshuffling after every Peril played meaning a more robust play.

Artificial Intelligence
  • AI now react more intelligently to the Spirit Stone victory path following it’s upgrade.
  • Corrupt AI will no longer walk on Stone Circles (even when their Quests are there).
  • AI now react more intelligently to the new Quest System implemented in v0.3.2, for example they will no longer end their turn after they have reached their Quest point.
  • AI now is smarter at engaging in combat, they will not enter combat if they have only 1 Health.
  • AI can now path better with regards to “occupied” tiles by other creatures. They will no longer just end their turn if their target tile is occupied.

  • There’s a new King’s Guard Taunt animation which will play at the following times:
    • Bounty: if the KG starts their turn and a Hero with a Bounty on their head is within range (e.g. 2 AP) they will "Taunt".
    • War Mode: At the beginning of War Mode, all KG's will "Taunt".
    • Terrorise/Unterrorise: If a KG's unterrorises a settlement they will "Taunt”
  • Spell visual
    • Wall of Thorns now has a visualisation for being encountered.
  • At the beginning of the game, the camera starts up from higher in the clouds and sweeps in to focus on the King.
  • When a Hero Power is used there is now an overhead Icon to indicate the Power was activated.

Quest System
  • The Quest system now includes the Body Stat which means the three Rumours will randomise between the four stats.
  • New Quest lines for all Heroes to accommodate for the Body Stat Quests.
  • AAfter unlocking the 5th Quest on the Palace Tiles, if you come across an Encounter on the way (e.g. Druid) and there is a Peril on the tile, you will face the Peril first rather than the Encounter.
  • New particles for the Banish effect.

  • There is a new Encounter for you to find… What (or who) could it be?
  • When Alt-Tabbed the Multiplayer “Game Ready” sound will play. In Windows, the Armello app will also flash.
  • The status feed scrolling has been overhauled. Automatic scrolling will now be paused when the latest entry is not visible or you are hovering over a tooltip. Also note that drag is no longer supported when scrolling the status feed.
  • Bug Sender now requires a Subject for your Bug.
  • Now when Searching for a Public Game, the Local Player is "1" and the other players found are 2 - 4.

Bug Fixes
  • Terrorise sound levels have been revised.
  • Leaving the public game queue during a single player game no longer causes you to quit back to the Main Menu.
  • Joining a Private Game for the first time will no longer cause a “Disconnection” error.
  • Stealthed Heroes no longer cast shadows.
  • Failing a Blizzard (Spell) Peril can no longer incorrectly result in two characters sharing a hex. - Reported by lionheartedowl.
  • Encountering the portal outcome from exploring will no longer remove the Stealth effect.
  • Equipped cards now reliably animate after opening the Hero Shelf.
  • The Berserker (Follower) no longer causes card symbols to change indefinitely. - Reported by Col. Hathi.
  • Cards will now correctly animate away if dice are rolled swiftly in combat.
  • Accolades are now unique and can only applied to one hero per game.

Known Issues

Functionality and Miscellaneous:
  • DETAILS NEEDED! After drawing cards or engaging in a quest, the screen blur may not dismiss, making it impossible for players to interact with anything.
  • Plugging/Unplugging a USB audio device may cause the game to crash. - Reported by CatStoleTheCrown
  • LINUX: VSync options seem temperamental on Linux - if you don't want the default option, try to set VSync options directly on your driver if possible.
  • Shuffling of card order in player’s hand can result in unexpected/undesired ordering.
  • The ability “Peril Vision” has not yet been implemented.
  • Equipping an item while exploring may cause the Gold cost to appear in the spotlight.
  • AI currently select King’s Declarations at random so sometimes, they don’t make sense!
  • The tutorials may be inaccurate and visually unappealing. This is due for a significant overhaul.
  • AI Heroes currently don’t understand that some items effects don’t stack (Such as Royal Shield (Treasure)).
  • If you instant Kill a player in their off-turn and then walk onto the tile they were standing on, it may NMA or cause the Killed player to lose a turn.

  • The multiplayer menu composition and content is predominantly placeholder. We have just included what’s necessary to get the game up and running.

  • If you have extremely low video memory your client may crash or become unplayable and some visual elements may break completely. In attempt to avoid these occurrences, players with low video memory only have the option to play with low graphical settings. Examples of this include:
    • Card animations being replaced with random art assets.
    • Characters Combat animations being replaced with random art assets. - Reported by TheSpectralWolf
    • A graphical meltdown on game launch, breaking gameflow.
    • The notorious inescapable blue screen which breaks gameflow.
  • Many cards have missing or placeholder visualisations/animations.
  • Quest Banners intersect/layer awkwardly with each other, overhead icons and some characters such as Banes.
  • Thane may appear to have dappled lighting on his neck.
  • Thane has a texture seam down his back.
  • Sana has a texture seam down her back.
  • It is possible to see through Sana’s model during her death animation.
  • Some character’s eyeballs may become overly visible during moments of lower opacity (most prominent with Sana and Mercurio).
  • All Clan Grounds’ gates are one-sided and are invisible from some angles.
  • The King’s crown is one-sided and is invisible from some angles.
  • Swamp bubbles appear raised from the ground.
  • The edge of the land is visible when dragging camera to extreme limits. Far out, man.
  • Some characters do not smoothly connect weapons during their battle idle animations.
  • Cards disappear for a single frame before the burn animation is initiated.
  • Palace Peril screen currently contains placeholder images.
  • [MAC] Steam messages and/or alerts cause graphical glitches. This is due to the way - Reported by Alvorn.

You may experience the following issues depending on your resolution:
  • The Hero Shelf may overlap other UI elements.
  • The Camera may not more certain directions when moving the cursor to certain sides of the screen.

  • As always, more to be listed as we (or you!) find them.

Well that’s it for another month dear readers! There is every possibility that we’ve missed something so we will be sure to edit if we find anything.

As always, more to be listed as we (or you!) find them.  Don't hesitate to use the in-game Bug Sender. We've crushed a stack of bugs that you all sent us. It's super valuable!

Don't forget that there's also conversations going on over at the Armello Steam Discussion boards! Jump on in!

No rest for us, we’re already starting on v0.3.4 and we’ll be sure to start teasing it as soon as we can. We’ll be sure to make sure it’s packed full of goodness to help you all continue your Armello journeys.

Thanks folks!

<3 Lisy & the LoG Crew
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