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Hey hey,

It’s here! Our second Early Access build, Engines of Fate (v0.3.2), is now ready for all you Armellians to play. You may have already seen a few of the juicy features we have for you in our latest updates, if you haven’t. SURPRISE!

One feature that we’ve seen some of the community asking for was the ability to see into other heroes' combat and peril screens, well now you can! As well as this, if some other pesky hero attacks the King all players will be taken to that hero's combat screen.

We’ve done a huge overhaul to our quest system complete with new artwork and animations. This new system will give you the ability to boost stats on your heroes to help carve your path to victory.

Engines of Fate is another HUGE update. We’re really excited for everyone to check it out and let us know what you think. Thanks to our testers that have been helping us out this week finding bugs to make sure the build is as polished as possible.

Just one more thing before we get into our build notes:
  • As you may have seen last release, we've started adding in our Kickstarter stretch goal cards into the game. This month we have Emissary (Trickery), a grand and loyal Red Panda which - an animal suggested by Kobb and dragoncrescent.

  • We’re excited to add 11 new cards including 9 Trickery. This means that almost ALL of the Trickery cards are in the game:
    • Pick Pockets (Trickery): (Play on) Settlement; Steal 1 Gold or else 1 Equipped Item.
    • Beheaded (Trickery): (Play on) Settlement; -1 Recruited Follower (randomly selected).
    • Bribery (Trickery): (Play on) Hero; Steal 1 Recruited Follower to your Hand.
    • Welcoming Party (Trickery): (Play on) Settlement; Teleport target to the nearest free Mountain Hex.
    • Emissary (Trickery): (Play on) Settlement; Claim target Settlement to your Clan (Instant).
    • Hoodwinked (Trickery):  (Play on) Settlement, Dungeon; Unequip All Items back to Hero's Hand.
    • Saboteur (Trickery):  (Play on) Hero; Heroes Dice will not Explode until the end of their next Turn.
    • Expendables (Trickery): (Play on) Peril; Clears 1 level of Peril Resist which may Clear away the Peril (Instant).
    • Merchant’s Agreement (Trickery): (Play on) Hero (Not Self); Both Players +1 Gold per Turn until one player Dies.
    • Winged Boots (Item): Ignore Mountain and Swamp Tile Penalties.
    • Coin Master (Follower): Convert unused AP at the end of your turn into Gold.
  • Card Changes
    • Allies Pact (Trickery): (Play on) Hero (Not Self); Both Players +1 Prestige per Turn until one player Dies.
    • Woodman’s Cloak (Item): Gain Evade and Stealth in Forests day and night.
    • Poison Gift (Item): Was changed from Trickery to a Item (consumable).
    • Wake the Trees (Spell): Magic cost reduced from 3 to 2.
    • Disguise (Trickery): Gold cost reduced from 4 to 3.
    • Reprieve (Trickery): Prestige cost from 2 to 1.
    • Game of Thorns (Trickery): Gold cost increased from 5 to 6.
    • Bounty (Trickery): Gold cost reduced from 3 to 2.
    • Agents of Misfortune (Trickery): (Play on) Peril; -1 Die when facing this Peril.
    • Hidden Trap (Trickery): Can now be also played on Dungeons.
    • Royal Banner (Item): Gold cost increased from 3 to 4.
    • Lord’s Sceptre (Item): Gold cost increased from 3 to 4.
    • Battle Axe (Item): In Battle +1 Fight.

Quest System
In order to provide you guys with more strategic control, better loot, more to keep you occupied in your off turn, and to deliver the most engaging narrative in a single player game. we've given the quest system a complete overhaul. Features within this system include:
  • During your off-turn you will be able select your next quest out of three presented to you as rumours of happenings around Armello.
  • Every Quest will give you a Stat boost and +1 Prestige.
  • Once you reach your Quest you will be given two options; one that will test a Stat (Fight, Wits, or Body) in return for a chance to receive a Treasure, Follower or Spirit Stone. The other will be a no risk Stat and Prestige boost.
  • Once you have completed four Quests, you will unlock a Palace Peril tile for you to storm the Palace (if you choose).
  • All Rumours have their own animations depending on the tile type they are located on.
  • Along the way the way, if you meet the right conditions you may come across a third Quest option.
  • In the rare occurrence that your Quest spawns on the tile you're currently on, you will interact with it at the start of your next turn.
  • All Quests and Druid Encounter have had a visual upgrade with new animations.

Storybook System
There is a new Storybook system which will allow you to read through Quests that you have already completed in a third-person fairy-tale style Storybook. It can be found under the Inventory tab.
  • Hot Key J to access Journal system

Combat, Peril Peeking
When an enemy now engages in combat you will be given the option to watch this encounter. Think it’s going to be a close battle and want to check it out? You now can!
  • When heroes engage in Peril or Combat, a peek icon will appear above the encounter. Click to peek and click “Return to Board” to exit.
  • When heroes engage in Perils or Combat, all other players will have the option to view the combat/peril panel as it is happening.
  • Gameplay Options allow you to toggle Quick AI Encounters on or off.

Post-Game Screen
We have overhauled the post-game Victory/Defeat screen to showcase the battles waged in Armello.
  • New banners for the Victory/Defeat screen with Clan colours.
  • New “Accolades” section following the Victory/Defeat screen. This includes drop banners with including up to four Accolades awarded to each hero from the game. These Accolades are intentionally kept obscure.
  • New “Unlock” section to show a player's progress towards their next Ring and Amulet.
  • If no Amulet was unlocked, a random Amulet will be shown (WIP).

King’s Declaration’s
Same as our last release, we’ve done another pass on our King’s Decs!
  • Changes
    • Blood Moon has been moved to the fourth tier of King’s Decs.
    • Royal Flush has been moved to the first tier of King’s Decs.
    • Martial Law: if a King’s Guard is already standing on a Settlement, it will become terrorised.
    • Civil Uprising: Settlement will now become Terrorised.
  • New
    • Fog of War: All player's are Stealthed until the next King's Declaration or until they're spotted.
    • Desperate Defence: All remaining Palace Perils are removed and replaced by King's Guards with only 1 Health.
    • Royal Inquisition: -1 Rot to all Heroes in the Realm, -1 Health if the Hero was Infected and -3 Health if Corrupted.
    • Supreme Court: Every Heroes dirty laundry is aired in the King's Court, all Heroes suffer -3 Prestige.
    • Treasury Visit: The Prestige Leader must surrender all their Gold reserves, if this value is more than 5 Gold they gain 1 Prestige, less than 5 Gold -1 Prestige.
    • Desertion!: Palace based King's Guards desert and disappear!
    • Life Support: The King and the Prestige Leader gain +1 Health.
    • Dark Army: King sacrifices all his King's Guards and Spawns Banes in their place.
Artificial Intelligence
  • Intelligent card play.
  • AI will now be able to play Instant cards as Perils like Incite Revolt and Cursed Lands. This is something they weren’t capable of doing in the past.
  • AI now respond correctly to Stealth. In past builds, AI would be able to tell if players were Stealthed and their location, now they are unable to detect Stealthed heroes.
  • AI will now wait for a human player to roll before commencing their roll.

Audio Improvements
  • When the sun sets on the land of Armello you’ll notice some new music. The soundtrack now has five new tracks from composers Michael Allen and Lisa Gerrard.
  • During a game instance, when you first receive a card of a particular type (e.g. Trickery, Item, Treasure) a unique Audio sting will play.
  • When a Settlement is terrorised (see below) an Audio sound will play to emphasise this state.

  • Terrorise implementation
    • Settlements become 'Terrorised' when a Bane moves onto them or alternatively as a result of certain King's Declarations.
    • When a Settlement is 'Terrorised' it becomes unclaimed, will be set on fire and the tool tip will indicate that it is Terrorised.
    • Heroes will gain 1 Prestige for securing a Terrorised Settlement.
  • Banes will now spawn out of Dungeons at night regardless of whether there is a Hero on it or not. Watch out!
  • The Status Feed now has 3 states (previously 2): Neutral, fully expanded and fully minimised.
  • Attacking the King will now give you a Bounty.
  • Spirit Range now has it’s own unique Tool Tip to describe what Spirit Range is more accurately.
  • Hero and Creature Portraits displayed on the Communications Stack are now clickable and will take you to the hero's/creature's location on the board.
  • When a player fails a Tanglevine (Spell) peril or has one played onto them there is now a visualisation for this effect on the tile.
  • Perils will now resolve instantly when a hero is pushed onto them. e.g. when unsuccessful in combat.
  • There have been big CPU optimisations across the board.
  • There have been VRAM optimisations to reduce GPU memory consumption.
  • In the Bug Sender tool your email address (if you’ve added one) will be saved.
  • Right-click has been disabled.

Bug Fixes
  • Right click has been disabled globally for now.
  • OS version checks have been removed temporarily.
  • Characters now start with Magic equal to their Spirit stat, even with the Feel Amulet equipped.
  • Using Malice Rising (Magic) on a Stone Circle now causes a Bane to spawn and die instantly.
  • Hero information will now correctly remain on Hero shelf when a player leaves a multiplayer game.
  • Various typo amendments.
  • Cards obtained through Wandering Circus (Trickery) should no longer overlap awkwardly when received.
  • Text should now correctly be contained within the status feed.
  • Cards can no longer obscure vision of character portraits and Action Points.
  • Heroes will now reliably interact with Perils and Quests when entering a tile through non-standard movement (i.e through Banish (Spell) or retreating from combat).
  • Cards in the Card Gallery now animate correctly and appear with the correct card backs.
  • Helm of Heroes (Item) and Heavy Plate Armour (Item) no longer give shields in perils.
  • Druid option the Wyldkeepers no longer says -99 Rot, but accurately reflects cleansed Rot.
Known Issues

Functionality and Miscellaneous:
  • Plugging/Unplugging a USB audio device may cause the game to crash. - Reported by CatStoleTheCrown
  • LINUX: VSync options seem temperamental on Linux - if you don't want the default option, try to set VSync options directly on your driver if possible.
  • Shuffling of card order in player’s hand can result in unexpected/undesired ordering.
  • The ability “Peril Vision” has not yet been implemented.
  • Equipping an item while exploring may cause the gold cost to appear in the spotlight.
  • AI currently select King’s Declarations at random so sometimes, they don’t make sense!
  • The tutorials may be inaccurate and visually unappealing. This is due for a significant overhaul.

  • The multiplayer menu composition and content is predominantly placeholder. We have just included what’s necessary to get the game up and running.
Card Specific:
  • Encountering the Portal outcome from Exploring while under the effects of Disguise (Trickery) may cause the effect to dissipate.
  • Many cards have missing or placeholder visualisations/animations

  • If you have extremely low video memory your client may crash or become unplayable and some visual elements may break completely. In attempt to avoid these occurrences, players with low video memory only have the option to play with low graphical settings. Examples of this include:
    • Card animations being replaced with random art assets.
    • Characters Combat animations being replaced with random art assets. - Reported by TheSpectralWolf
    • A graphical meltdown on game launch, breaking gameflow.
    • The notorious inescapable blue screen which breaks gameflow.
  • Quest Banners intersect/layer awkwardly with each other, overhead icons and some characters such as Banes.
  • Thane may appear to have dappled lighting on his neck.
  • Thane has a texture seam down his back.
  • Sana has a texture seam down her back.
  • It is possible to see through Sana’s model during her death animation.
  • Some character’s eyeballs may become overly visible during moments of lower opacity (most prominent with Sana and Mercurio).
  • All Clan Grounds’ gates are one-sided and are invisible from some angles.
  • The King’s crown is one-sided and is invisible from some angles.
  • Swamp bubbles appear raised from the ground.
  • Clouds may appear with odd lighting.
  • The edge of the land is visible when dragging camera to extreme limits. Far out, man.
  • Some characters do not smoothly connect weapons during their battle idle animations.
  • Cards disappear for a single frame before the burn animation is initiated.
  • Palace Peril screen currently contains placeholder images.
  • The second page of the Victory/Defeat screen doesn’t have “Victory or Defeat”.

You may experience the following issues depending on your resolution:
  • Some Amulets appear half off screen on the Rings/Amulets screen.
  • The Hero Shelf may overlap other UI elements.

PHEW! Another epic set of build notes for you read through! There is every possiblity that we’ve missed something so we will be sure to edit if we find anything.

As always, more to be listed as we (or you!) find them.  Don't hesitate to use the in-game Bug Sender. We've crushed a stack of bugs that you all sent us. It's super valuable!

Don't forget that there's also conversations going on over at the Armello Steam Discussion boards! Jump on in!

No rest for us, we’re already starting on v0.3.3 and we’ll be sure to start teasing it as soon as we can. We’ll be sure to make sure it’s packed full of goodness to help you all continue your Armello journeys.

Thanks folks!

<3 Trent & the LoG Crew
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Re: Engines of Fate (v0.3.2) [PC/Mac/Linux] Early Access Build Notes
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I love the new quest system! Now they seem to have a purpose and not be there only for a random boost in gold and prestige.


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Re: Engines of Fate (v0.3.2) [PC/Mac/Linux] Early Access Build Notes
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I really like this update a lot! I can not wait to see what we get in the next update all the way up to Armello's final release.  :D