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This is a known problem.

It's likely related to your power management settings. Under some circumstances, when PCI Express active state power management (ASPM) is enabled, Nvidia GPUs react badly and crash. Armello makes those circumstances happen (not their fault though).

The problem is not new and AFAIK, Nvidia never said a single word about this. Standard go f**k yourself policy that others such as Microsoft are not afraid of using, as long as they feel they're monopolistic enough.

Anyway, here's a solution : modify your power plan(s) of choice so that "Link state power management" (in the PCI Express category) is set to "Disabled".

Hope this helps.

I suggest that we revert to the GOG forum of the game.

I will remain aware of what is posted here, but considering this edition is now abandoned by the developer, the GOG forums are more relevant.

Glad to see it helped !

I still intend to release a patch including other changes and removing the now out-of-place burning sound, but considering not many people are interested and that this hidden quest problem is solved for you, I'm not sure I will be courageous enough to have it ready before a week has elapsed, in the end...

That's more complex unfortunately, since it requires replacing one function call by another in the code.

However once one knows what is to be modified, the process is not very complicated since it's only code replacement by a reference in the same address range, so I'm going to give you a how to. Note that this applies to the GOG-7 version of Armello only (, doing that on any other version will likely make the game fail. Also keep a backup of the file before modifying, otherwise a wrong move will require you to reinstall the game.

  • Get a decent hex editor, such as the one in CFF Explorer, but any other should do
  • Using the editor, open the following file (name relative to game installation directory) : "armello_Data\Managed\Assembly-CSharp.dll"
  • Go to file offset 26AA8A
  • At this very offset, replace the value D7 with DB (I said replace, don't insert)
  • Save your changes
  • Play and enjoy all quests displaying correctly

You will still have the burn sound upon quest selection despite no cards burning, but that's a minor inconvenience I would say...

@LeCanard : Believe it or not, I finally solved this problem.

It was happening when the quest rumour card has been selected, the other two cards having a burn animation. There's a problem with this animation which I'm not able to identify, so I replaced the burn animation with a "card moves offscreen" animation instead, and now the cards don't become invisible any more !

So clearly that's not a 100% perfect solution since we lose the burn animation on quest rumour selection, but that animation was starting to fail from the 2nd quest onwards anyway...

Now I will have to find a proper way to create a patch and distribute, ensuring the patch by itself doesn't contain copyrighted material, but that should not take too long, I would say at most one week from here (hopefully much less).

It will include :
- Workaround of the bug mentioned here
- Unlocking all rings and amulets (another workaround for the bug where they never unlock)
- Game language selection from the command line
- RNG initialises with system entropy instead of tick count
- and maybe other things

Salut LeCanard,

I'm glad to see I'm not alone here. I always try to guess if it's a spirit stone/follower/treasure quest and the stat increased by reading the quest tooltip, but that's sometimes misleading.

If I manage to correct this myself I will certainly have to publish a patch, which likely would include a change I made to random number generation as well, however I don't really feel motivated right now, since my knowledge of Unity and associated tools nears zero...

Hi Tash,

Before what follows, thanks for your reply.

That's rude however, but expected considering the past events. But don't tell once more you're lacking the resources (I mean LoG, not you personally of course), that excuse is falling so flat on the ground that it may well reach the center of the earth.

In-game language selection never implemented because of resources lacking ? I managed to correct this without access to the actual code, so I just can't imagine how easy it would have been for you.

Bug with integer player stats not saving, hence some rings and amulets never unlocked ? I corrected this too. And I'm no developer at all.

And now this bug. I may be able to solve this too, and release a patch.

This behaviour from LoG really makes me scratch my head.

You may as well release the code publicly, that would help. Fancy that ?

Just confirming it doesn't happen when I restart from the save just before. So I suppose that's likely a problem related to resources not adequately disposed of.

Bugs! / Re: only 1 quest available
« on: December 04, 2017, 12:21:55 AM »
Hi Kilofox,

I reported something possibly similar to you, except that in my case it happens to the 3rd and 4th quests. 1st, 2nd and palace quests are not concerned.

You see only one quest, but is it not that the other cards are here but invisible ? Do you hear some sound/see a tooltip when you hover the mouse cursor over the positions where the cards should be ?

Build number :
Build ID: release/1.6-drmfree-f1#f10984ac5b6fd1bdfd6819304baf051f13039073#57
Build Commit: f10984ac5b6fd1bdfd6819304baf051f13039073
Build Date: 2017-04-10 17:02:07Z

Platform :
PC, Windows 10 Pro, 64-bit
GPU : Nvidia GTX 880M

Description :
In single player, the third and fourth quests systematically have some invisible cards. They can still be selected though and can be seen for the fraction of a second, once selection has been done.

First, second and last are OK.

Repro Steps :
Play single player until you reach said quests.

I never saved in between, maybe it doesn't happen if the game is saved in the meantime, so don't save.

Graphics options are set to very high and every 2nd vblank vsync, with r_aamode set to 0 and SSAO disabled, i.e. they now show up as Custom. However, just to be sure I tried with "vanilla very high", but still half refresh vsync, and it does the same.

Attachments :
In-game screen capture

Build Notes / Re: Release (v1.9.1) Patch 5 [Steam] Build Notes
« on: November 22, 2017, 07:06:40 AM »
That nugget looks tasty, too bad the sauce is mandatory, as I fear cardiovascular problems  ;D

Dear forum readers, dear developers,

I have the GOG version of Armello, and would like to be able to choose my game language without having to change the Windows system language.

I'm not asking that the game be updated here, but rather if there are ways to achieve this with the game in its current state. I don't fear using some tricks...

I noticed the game code has an OverrideLanguage variable, which at least means you developers had to resort to this from time to time. Is there a way I would be able to set this variable, from the command line maybe, or hex-editing the game options file ?

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