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Huh. I've always thought Sargon's low health and ability to see the top cards of the deck made him a surprisingly good candidate for Rot victories. I have seen a surprising number of them with him. Sargon may great at control, but he is seriously frail. Some cards can nuke him off the board outright, while a bad encounter with a Bane or King's Guard can really ruin his progress. Elyssia's 'balance' is that she must choose to end her turn on a settlement, often delaying her own progress to build a permanent hazard which can backfire on her. She's not the greatest fighter, so trying to dislodge someone from a fortified town typically doesn't go well for her.

In higher level play, Prestige Victories happen less than you'd think. If anything, I've always felt Brun and River need to be nerfed - both 2nd tier heroes. I can't tell you how sick to death I am of a River with a Hot Rot Wine winning on Day 8.

Sargon's low health would be a detriment in Rot victories due to dawn damage. He doesn't die to Banes or Guards because if he gets attacked, he survives through evade (because they all carry turquoise and +8 wits), and the only card that can nuke him is Spirit Strike which can also nuke every other hero under the right conditions, so no point there unless your saying to spam damage cards, which kills everyone.

Elyssia doesn't fight people on her settlement unless she's buffed, otherwise she waits for them to move, and if they're spending 2+ turns trying to make sure Elyssia doesn't get the settlement back, then she's already got value from fortifying it. Don't you also think it's stupid that a settlement she fortifies on Day 1 can hurt you down later in the game just because of quest/map gen?

And yes, I'm in the "High Level Play" I don't see a lot players do these tactics who have a large amount of hours in the game OR are above level 20 and expect to win, but I see this more from the lower level audience. They see these hero powers and try to min/max them so they can win with little to no effort.
Also if River get's to Day 8 with HRW, then she deserves the win because no one else did.

So, with the release of the Usurper Heroes back in August 30th, 2016, people were ecstatic with the release of the Usurpers, mainly because it meant the game was going to change drastically, but newer players decided to play in a different manner.

Now, it's no secret that the Usurper's have the strongest hero powers in the game with essentially no downsides or RNG elements added to them, so the newer players began to abuse them to no end. This is the problem with: Ghor, Elyssia, and Sargon.

Ghor players will camp the biggest forest on the map and spam spells to everyone and getting quite a few kills on the way. The Spell deck WILL shuffle when he's playing. This is something everyone hates to play against because simply, you can't prevent it. Spells are already the strongest card deck in the game and Ghor only needs to draw those to win.

Elyssia players will try to fortify every settlement they come across. This gives them gold, protection, and a trickery discount if enough are collected. This also discourages other players from taking them because they need 2 AP to claim them, while Elyssia needs 1. So, in the long run, it's not worth taking one of these settlements unless you NEED to.

Sargon players play a mixture of both the mentioned Ghor and Elyssia, except they get to have almost any card they want, and that's mainly due to them pumping Wits and Spirit. By the end of the game have builds like 3/4/8/6 which all they do is spam spells and tricks. Sure, they won't get all the great cards in some games...but other games they will all because they have 8 wits and that allows them to find ANY card they want. Have fun if you go after Sargon, you'll have a hard time getting any good cards when he's in-game.

What do all 3 of these heroes have in common? They all go for prestige. Why fight/cure the king when you can just spam spells and tricks and eventually kill everyone that even comes your way, and while they are doing this they are building up SO much prestige. The only way to win against these people is to hope someone pissed them off before you and they leave you alone. Allowing you to get to your quest and eventually kill the king IF you have the: HRW/Strategist/Disguise in-hand.

These are the problems with the Usurper's and now to solve these problems.

Ghor needs to be completely reworked because his Hero Power is extremely strong while his Base Stats are literally the worse out of every hero. If his power is too weak, no one will play him. If his power is too strong, everyone will camp forest the entire game.

Elyssia needs to be punished when her settlements are taken over; either by banes/guards or other heroes. Otherwise most of her games will continue being Tower Defense and taking the settlement back after you left it.

Sargon should have the ability to see the top cards of each deck, BUT only those cards. This way he can't dig through multiple decks of his choosing every time it's his turn, while also getting a lot of good cards.

They need change otherwise newer players will see these heroes as a P2W options compared to skill based heroes like Brun and Barnaby who require very good management of their cards and skills to be really effective.

The only one that's fine is Magna and that's because her playstyle and hero power are extremely similar to Thane's.

Feedback & Suggestions / Re: Spell Idea: Wyld Ward
« on: February 09, 2017, 02:48:49 PM »
No, if it was "Play to self" then it would be fine, but otherwise people will use this card to punish Rot players for just trying to stay with the King's rot count then to actually negate the rot gained from cards to themselves.

Feedback & Suggestions / Re: Card Concepts
« on: February 09, 2017, 02:46:29 PM »
Knight's Lance: No.

Along with the points Kletian made, this item would theoretically make people going rot or was forced due to spells/deaths/perils etc...would make their life...even harder when winning is already an issue for them due to the punishment of going rot and the big disadvantage of no safe healing when corrupted. Also this would be an insanely strong card against the King for such great value. The stats itself make it better than every other card with the exception of Lionheart Breastplate when fighting the king.

Blessing: Not with it's current effect. Again, another card that punishes players for getting rot is never a good card as most of the time rot gain is something they can't prevent.\

Spirit Swap: With Kletian on this one.

Blunt Edge: Yes, lets put in another useless trickery card that will ONLY get use when Thane is being played...then he draws Sword cards after you get rid of them, good job.

Feedback & Suggestions / Cards that need to be changed.
« on: January 23, 2017, 08:16:19 PM »
So, this is my second post about stuff that needs to be changed...this time it's cards, this is going to be a LONG post.

In Armello, many cards have certain uses, even cards like Call of the Worm and Wyld Talisman have situational uses...while others are just...bad....

I'm going to talk about; 5 Treasures, 4 Items, 1 Trickery, and 1 Spell. Yes, all the Followers are fine the way they are.

Cleansing Wyld. A card that cleanses one rot from any hero played to. The only problem that the card has is it's rarity. With the amount of ways of gaining rot increasing as the game goes on, one would think so would ways of reducing it...but that is not the case.
-My only suggestion is to add more copies into the game. It needs to be either Uncommon (3 copies) or my personal choice Common (4 copies).

Bubble Tea works decent early...not so much later in the's just a burn later in the game.
-My suggestion is to make the prestige permanent, but to keep it's current cost. That way it's just a better early game card with more of an impact for later turns.

Lord's Scepter isn't an amazing card. Only prestige users will ever keep the card while others will use it for a temporary lead for a day or two of King Declarations OR as a burn in a fight.
-My suggestion is for the card to add +1 gold at every dawn in addition to the regular source of income. Note: This does not work with Pink Topaz. It would still cost the same AND do the same as it does now.

Snake Venom, face it. All it is right now is a rot burn for perils, otherwise it's a gold sink that doesn't do any thing beneficial.
-Revert the item back to it's 1.4 way. The effect it gave was making your first missed rot roll a hit.

Moon Scythe, a special treasure that has little to no use outside of a very specific gimmick of; Moon Scythe, Royal Shield, and Aflame. Other than that, this item get's replaced nearly instantly by any item that gives an auto shield/sword/both.
-My suggestion is to have the moon exploding effect be available at ALL TIMES; not just night AND gives an auto sword and +1 dice. To make it an actually good treasure.

Royal Shield. This card is a personal favorite of mine, but even I can't deny that this card is bad. In Armello, absolutes are everything. Absolutes guarantees you shields, swords, health regen, health lost, etc... It's something people take into mind and work around. You can't work around this card. This card doesn't always help you, sometimes it does nothing at all, which makes you wonder why you aren't equipping the trusty shield you have over it since it guarantee's a shield while this doesn't.
-The change I have in mind is adding an auto shield AND a +1 dice. This way it can stand it's own against other shield options while also making it stand out against the other shield treasures.

Bane Blade and Raven's Beak Dagger. Why did I group these two together? They both suffer from a big flaw and that is their current designs. Would any player equip either item with NO intention to go rot? No. So, I want to give them a certain appeal to make them more usable to "pure" players.
-Bane Blade should give two auto swords, but with the drawback of losing a health after every battle IF you don't kill something. If you kill your opponent, you don't lose health.
-Raven's Beak Dagger one auto sword, but gives you an extra rot when you kill an infected player. This rewards you with the one true goal of all Rot Lords; to grow more corrupted. It does reward you for being more aggressive which I understand the community hates, but at least they now have a reason to kill you.

I made the treasures the way they are because...well, they're treasures. They're meant to be strong items with some use, but the treasures I mentioned were usually replaced/burned within a turn or two after getting them, even by items like Battle Axe, Shining Steel Sword, and Trusty Shield, and that's because the items didn't offer enough or didn't have any absolutes to help them compare to essentially better items.

I don't know how to make Bane's Claw, Poisoned Dagger, or Armistice better while sticking to their original theme. I personally think the cards should be removed as they don't serve their real purpose in their current state. They are either for burns OR rot gain.

Feedback & Suggestions / Mechanics that need to be changed.
« on: January 23, 2017, 06:45:27 PM »
In Armello, I see several things that really bother me; both cards and mechanics wise. This post is about the mechanics that need to be added/changed.

Mechanic wise, two things I see that I question a lot is the card selections at the beginning of the game AND the current combat system with the way it handles Pierce, Reflect, and Poison.

The options are in the house rules, but I believe that standard play should allow people to draw their beginning hands rather than have it handed to them by RNG, this (surprisingly) will reduce the amount of frustrating RNG in Armello, your opening hand dictates a lot and being a character that get's an opening hand of cards that you CAN'T play isn't great and doesn't help, in-fact it hinders you even more so than the other characters...and that's because they didn't get those cards.

The other one is how the game treat's Pierce, Reflect, and Poison rolls. These rolls SEEM like they would have more/less  priority than normal rolls, but that isn't the case. Wouldn't make sense to have Pierce and Reflect have more priority than normal rolls while Poison should have a negative priority. I've discussed this issue before with people like Mister UPS Man who also agree about the way Armello currently treats these new combat systems.

Reflect is suppose to counter Pierce, but that RARELY happens due to how item equips work and poison is virtually worthless, because not only does normal shields block the attack, the items related to Poison are garbage and need to be changed...which I will make a separate post for as not to make people bored.

Feedback & Suggestions / The Card Buffering Problem.
« on: January 04, 2017, 06:37:07 PM »
Card Buffering is...a big problem right now, but what is Card Buffering?

It's when someone *queues* up cards to affect a certain player. Like when someone decides to play two Immolation cards against you. You get no time to react, because on the caster's screen, they've already played those two Immolations, but on your screen, the game has to walk you through the card being played and it's effects before it activates...and after it activates, then the second card in queue plays and that hits you, and this is without you having any chance of healing/retaliating against said person and most likely ending up in you dying or extremely hurt.

The solution I suggest is giving a two second cooldown between each cast for the caster. This allows the one being assaulted to retaliate by retreating out of range (with spells), or heal for the next card being played. This would allow some counter play to in Armello when in it comes to damage cards and it would add an actual counter to straight up damage cards.


Magna would be Headstrong by Trapt. (My link doesn't work.)

Feedback & Suggestions / Armello's Leveling System and Its Major Problem.
« on: December 09, 2016, 11:18:22 AM »
So,  when the 1.5 experience system was added in, I was excited to see what awaits the Armello community essentially making games a bit more competitive  and me being the competitive player I am, I was happy. then weeks passed and...the game changed.

Now, it's no longer about playing, but it's more about winning, before winning only had bragging rights, now you get stars as experience. Which on paper isn't bad and it isn't, but it just doesn't fit the game Armello feels like it should be; a fun casual game. I played during both 1.4 and 1.5 and the game just felt better during 1.4.

Sure teams were a bigger problem in 1.4 than 1.5, but 1.5 brought a new issue up; Grouping up or Ganging up. This is essentially when (In Armello's case)  2-3 Players decide to beat one of the other players down, that player typically is a much higher level than the other three.

For example; a game could have two level 1's, one level 2, and one level 7. The three lower level players see the level 7 and decide that person is the biggest threat throughout the entire game, even when that person could be two quest behind everyone else. Now, why do the lower levels act like that? Well, they see the higher level which to most players means they are better than the average player and they feel like they WILL lose unless they do something against that player. It could be anything from throwing spells, using trickery, to straight out fighting them in an attempt to kill them.
Then the other players see that the highest level person is getting targeted then they follow shortly after.

Now, why not report them? Well, it's not as easy as reporting a team. If a group of people are teaming then their games will be consistent of the team buffing each other and targeting the others, but for these lower level players it's much harder to actually get any consistency on them because they won't always be in a game with a player that has a level that greatly exceeds theirs.

If four level 1's are together in a game then they won't feel they need to target anyone because they all see themselves on even ground. Same if you were to throw in a level 2 or 3 into the group, they'll be cautious, but they don't associate them with INSTANT LOSS. However, any thing higher than that and the 1 person with a high level won't have a fun game at all.

When this system was announced LoG said they implemented a system that would hide your level so you didn't have to worry about the experience system...yet you still see your own icon and border, AND to make it even more pointless, other players can still see your level...and icon...and border making it pointless.

So, how does LoG fix this?

First of all, LoG could remove it completely and go back to how Armello was before the 1.5 update.

Second, LoG could make it where only you can see your own level and icon. That way players can still see what level they are and still get the filling of accomplishment of  leveling up.

Third, LoG makes the Icon customizable with the standard icons they still have like guppy and spy master etc... but also add Hero and symbol icons, so people can show what their favorite thing is: Like their favorite clan, their favorite hero, or even their favorite win condition.

Please, please, please don't. At least not with the the Kings card where every player is a wanted person.
This would slow the game down dramatically if you have to navigate around the guards AND the other players AND have to navigate  on the outer ring of the board to make sure you keep clear of the palace guard.
This will affect the weak fighters more than say Magna.
I just finished a game where i couldn't make it to my second quest because all the players where rederecting the guards and passing out bounties as if they where free.

Here's the thing...bounties before didn't have much of an impact, some say they are even more helpful because it attracts guards to attack you and allows you to burn cards before your turn. This won't effect guards in any way, but it will give other players more incentive to kill you.

All I want is the winner to receive double the rewards. Why? I want two chest at the end of a game instead of one.

The War Room / Re: Missing (and hardest achievement)
« on: October 25, 2016, 02:53:34 PM »
To get Lemur Neeson you have two options.

1. Get the Stranger taken by the Bribery Card, then get her back later when you stand next to a person. This is how I got the achievement.

2. Get a follower taken by the Bribery Card, then the trickery deck reshuffles and you HAVE to get to along with the same follower first taken from you.

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