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Feedback & Suggestions / Re: Amber Hero Power Suggestion.
« on: August 29, 2017, 10:40:03 AM »
I think the only way to balance this type of power would be to nerf all the really good treasures and followers or make the guaranteed 3rd option not give Amber the stat increase or have some other large cost.  The cost would have to be something you literally have to pay by the way.  It can't be anything like current quest penalties where you can roll a magic, gold or prestige loss while you have none.  Things like lionheart breastplate or apprentice are only remotely balanced because they rarely show up and everybody more or less has the same chance to get them.  Using your token on blacksmith, apprentice, lionheart, silver lance or helm of heroes would just be a no-brainer.

This power is already balanced, let me tell you why.
1. This power is still RNG reliant. It's entirely up to RNG what rewards you get for 2/3 of your quests on each selection
2. At the end of the day, these are still cards. They can be Stolen. Discarded. Removed. They aren't permanent, unlike every other hero power.

And while yes, it would be a no brainer to use it on top tier items, most of the time you won't be able to pick anything "top tier" as those are only 5 out of 32 other cards (15.625%). So no, Amber wouldn't need any penalty for using this option as it's already balanced.

A power like this probably just shouldn't exist though.  It's the kind of power that's only fun for the person using it and only if they enjoy being handed the strongest items on a silver platter.  It would be no fun to see Amber get the best items for the 3rd game in a row for no cost.  The excitement of actually getting the good cards is lost when you know for certain that you'll get them.

"It's the kind of power that's only fun for the person using it..."

Tei, last time I checked, a hero power shouldn't be fun for anyone else. It's meant to help YOU and you alone, not anyone else.

"...and only if they enjoy being handed the strongest items on a silver platter."

I would enjoy and others too. I love it when I walk on a dungeon and it just pops out a treasure/follower at me for no reason other then luck.

 Also, you wouldn't be given the strongest items on a silver platter as you only have a 16% to get one in your opening quest, 16-18% on your 2nd, 19-21% on your 3rd, and 22-25% on your 4th. Also, seeing an Amber get the best items in the game for 3 games in a row is very low. Again, low statistics, and getting the "excitement" isn't actually lost as you would put it. You would still get excited if you see the card and go for them, but it's a different type of excitement.

You wouldn't hold your breath anymore, but instead your excited to get to your destination.
Instead of winning the lottery, you're on your way to get the prize you won from said lottery. Again, it's not that the excitement is lost, it's just different.

Feedback & Suggestions / Re: Bandit Ring Suggestions.
« on: August 28, 2017, 02:29:33 PM »
Ring 1-  I'm pretty sure no one takes the scout rings period.  Guards would be more useful than most other sources of free scout, granted...

Ring 2.  This basically becomes "Amethyst" for trickery, but in many ways is much more devastating, since instead of burning to activate you can just trigger off using the cards that are paying for themselves.  What would happen with prestige gear?

Ring 3- Certainly better than removing rot from waking up in Stone circles.

Ring 4- So this would really only benefit Twiss since few heroes burn list exceeds their fight dice- and only when she attacks without evading.  Not good to be so pigeonholed.

Ring S- So what are you going to change Sylas's power to?  There's nothing wrong with old Serendibite as is much for fair for free gold compared to Wessolf's idea.

All in all, I don't support the original premise that the Bandits need unique rings.   I certainly don't feel any are as good as what they'd replace other than the broken good Gold for prestige, which I feel lacks the finesse of card management that Amethyst offers.   

2 of the bandits are low wits, so the focus on money and burns in these rings feels really off.  Nothing is catering to magic builds of Scarlet or Twiss. 

Sorry to be harsh in my criticism, I just didn't like the idea as presented.

Ring01 -  The reason no one picks scout rings is because there is only 1 scout ring in-game ; obsidian. The ring only works at night on settlements you own and if you see someone near your settlement at night, they'll probably take it meaning your ring just stopped working. Having Scout active at king's guards at all times means you'll have a lot of info that other players won't. Quest, Perils and even locations of other Heroes. And since guards are really strong right now, you won't have worry about having scout only on the palace guard.

Ring02- Umm, this ring is nothing like Amethyst. Every time you gain a prestige, you gain 1 gold. Pretty simple idea that would work. And yes, you would get gold from items giving you prestige meaning Feathered Helm only cost 2, Bubble Tea cost nothing, Royal Banner would give you 3 gold, and Game of Thorns would could 5-3 gold on use. This isn't devastating, it's just gold generation.

Ring03 - Allowing another source of healing to be on the board is really strong, especially since people tend to go towards settlements anyway. This also mean corrupted bandits have a source of outside healing that isn't killing stuff.

Ring04- This works in both battles and perils, so if you would want to cycle cards, this would allow you to do it much faster since you don't actually have a limit, and cycling cards is always a good thing.

Serendibite- I don't have an idea of what Sylas's hero power should be, but what I do know that it's really strong and should be changed. This change to Serendibite means that the other bandits can use it too, not just Sylas. And yes there is plenty wrong with current Serendibite. It's a pure combat based ring that only works for 1 character, and the ring only procs when Sylas kills a Guard, but currently Guards are really strong, so Sylas usually gets punished hard for attacking one of them ; that +1 gold and no prestige loss isn't worth it.
If a bandit wants gold, then they should uses Pink Topaz currently.

And Amethyst doesn't have card management. If you burn a card, you get magic. Simple as that. Deciding when to burn the card isn't really card management, but more so resource management...which Twiss exploits to ever living extremes.

And you say that all these ring overall focus on Gold and, no. Did you read them all?
1 Health Ring
1 Gold Ring
1 Card Cycling Ring
1 Scout Ring
1 Combat & Peril Ring

I didn't give them an overall focus on any type of ring.

"2 of the bandits are low wits, so the focus on money and burns in these rings feels really off. "

Low Wits kinda works well with the burn ring and money doesn't have a correlation to low wits...

And to inform you, scout is really useful for magic builds as that allows the caster to see where the target is if they are stealthed, but I didn't give them any direct magic rings. Mainly because of Twiss and fearing her overall potential with free magic.

Feedback & Suggestions / Re: Small Card Changes.
« on: August 28, 2017, 02:05:26 PM »

Spyglass - Remove from game= It's tied to an achievement, so it has to be around.   Even with a different effect.  It'd be cool if it let you see your opponent's hands during their turns or combat.

Poisoned Dagger - Remove from game=  Just needs a new mechanic, like 1 static/first missed roll is poison die.  Poison die are blocked last.

Snake Venom - Remove from game.= See Poison dagger.  we need more rot cards in the game, they just need to be better.

The reason I believe Spyglass, Poisoned Dagger, and Snake Venom should be removed from the game is that LoG has shown no signs of even bothering to change these cards, even though they are all clearly bad.

None of these cards are used for their intended purpose if they are even used at all. They all have poor effects that don't do much if anything in-game. The community have asked for these cards to be changed due to them being extremely lackluster, but LoG, even with all the suggestions and requests to get these cards changed, have not done anything.

These cards should be removed if LoG has no intention of changing them.

Syphon- 6 Magic -> 4 Magic= Hard to say.  It's supposed to be a game-changing card for getting rot yet I've not seen it played.

Spirit Seeds - Remove from game= Why.  If Ghor's a problem change Ghor.  Getting to grow a forest is cool.

Syphon isn't a big game changer. It's +2 rot most of the time it gets played. Many other cards give 2 rot for much, MUCH less...Dark Influence, Plague, and Malice Rising for the most common ones.

Spirit Seeds needs to be removed, not because it works with Ghor, but because it's an overall useless card. This card doesn't help the caster at all. The most it gives someone is +1 health...for 5 magic. Not to mention, terraforming cards mess with the map's quest gen which can lead to some problems in-game technically.


Game of Thorns- 6 gold -> 4 Gold= No.  It's a game changer and worth the price.

Armistice- Remove from game.= Being a straight to traitor finally makes it not "Bounty for dummies" anymore, but a stronger bite still would further justify it's existence.

Arson- Remove from game- No, it's a cool card.

Blood Money- Remove from game.= No, but make it clear you can throw it on someone else and reap the cash.

Blackmail- 3 Gold -> 2 Gold= No,  it's a good card for gold denial and doesn't need to be cheaper./

Grand Heist- 6 Gold -> 4 Gold= No, it's a game changer worth full price.

Game of Thorns only sees use at the very end of the game when the king has 1-2 HP. The reason it only sees use that late into the game is because 6 gold for 3 prestige is a HUGE investment for something that could potentially have no effect. Reducing it to 4 will mean this card will see more use early-mid game as more people can afford it and not get just destroyed if that 3 prestige isn't working out.

Armistice has always been a bad card. It's effect hardly ever gets proc'd in-game and it isn't much for a deterrent. Not to mention if you want to kill the guy who played this card to you ; just use spells. It doesn't proc the bounty and it's much more effectively then fighting the guy.

Arson isn't a cool card. It has the same problems that Spirit Seeds has except this card is in a much worse deck with a much more expensive cost. If you want to do damage to someone, just use literally any other card.

I know how Blood Money works and I still say this card is bad. This card is never played in-game as it requires a really SPECIFIC situation for it to be even remotely useful, but the other downside is that this card is in a bad deck with only one copy. This card never gets used, so it shouldn't be in the game.

Blackmail isn't a good card for gold denial ; Vile Official is. You rarely get the money you put into casting Blackmail as the other person will only usually let you get 1-2 gold before they kill you/themselves to get rid of the pact.

Grand Heist. There are much stronger game changers in Armello that cost much, much less. Similar to Game of Thorns, this card doesn't see use till late game due to it costing so much and potentially having no effect.

Feedback & Suggestions / Re: Amber Hero Power Suggestion.
« on: August 28, 2017, 01:34:17 PM »
Well, there's already a "3rd option" mechanic to quests, but it rewards a card draw rather than the fancy reward.

LoG has stated they don't want any power to be "activated" by custom UI elements.   So representing consumable tokens and "choosing" when it activates breaks the rule.  The closest thing you could get to implementing would be auto-protection from your first failed quest(s).

I know there is a "3rd option" mechanic for quests, this would take priority. And this isn't "custom UI", this works perfectly fine under current UI.

Feedback & Suggestions / Small Card Changes.
« on: August 28, 2017, 09:09:23 AM »
This post is meant to give small changes to cards like changing rarity, deck, cost, removing cards etc...

No effects will be touched.

If I think a card needs to be removed from the game, it's because of one of two things.

1. The card is never used for it's intended purpose
2. The card is never used. Period.


War Hammer - Rare -> Uncommon

Longbow - Uncommon -> Rare

Spyglass - Remove from game.

Poisoned Dagger - Remove from game.

Cub's Blood - Unique -> Rare

Snake Venom - Remove from game.


The Cleansing Wyld - Rare -> Uncommon

Focus- 3 Magic -> 2 Magic

Syphon- 6 Magic -> 4 Magic

Spirit Seeds - Remove from game.



Strategist- Unique > Rare

Patronage and Industry- 3 Gold -> 2 Gold

Plague Bearers- Trickery Deck -> Magic Deck

Game of Thorns- 6 gold -> 4 Gold

Armistice- Remove from game.

Arson- Remove from game.

Blood Money- Remove from game.

Blackmail- 3 Gold -> 2 Gold

Grand Heist- 6 Gold -> 4 Gold


Feedback & Suggestions / Bandit Ring Suggestions.
« on: August 28, 2017, 08:29:27 AM »
So, I got together with Mister UPS Man and thought about some ideas for Bandit Rings.

We did this because we are both under the impression that the Bandit Clan shouldn't have rings from other clans and instead should have their own unique rings and since we both thought that, we should at the very least come up with ideas.

Here's what we came up with.

(The Rings don't have names as we mainly focused on the ability rather then the name.)

Ring01- Spy Network-like Scout on all King's Guards.
Meant to give bandits a good idea of how the board is laid out.

Ring02- 1 Prestige gained = +1 Gold. (Saw the Ring Idea from Wessolf.)
Gold generation for the bandits.

Ring03- Gain +1 Health entering Settlements.
Allows the Bandits to regain more health overtime.

Ring04- Gain the ability to burn after burning all dice.
To give the bandit's stronger card cycling.

Serendibite - +1 Sword in battle and perils when you have a bounty.*
To give the bandits a good way to pass perils and to help in battle a bit.

*This effect cannot exist while Sylas has his current ability.


Feedback & Suggestions / Amber Hero Power Suggestion.
« on: August 28, 2017, 08:04:53 AM »
So, I was brainstorming about Armello stuff yesterday, and I had an idea for Amber's hero ability.

Her current hero ability is really just...bad. It's the only hero power in the game that has the potential of not being proc'd even if you really tried.

So, I just wanted to give her a simple, but strong ability.

Amber's new hero power would allow her to auto succeed 2 quest of her choice.

She would start the game with 2 "quest tokens". When she gets to one of her quest, she gets a 3rd option to pick alongside the safe and risky quest choices. If she picks the 3rd option, she spends a token and gets the quest reward.


Feedback & Suggestions / Re: Suggested Entity - Wyld Shades
« on: August 09, 2017, 03:36:00 PM »
I'd love and additional way to remove Rot, and a more dangerous NPC than guards and Banes would be cool in my book.

Banes being dangerous is simply up to RNG. All they have is dice. No equips.

King's Guards right now are punishing. They are extremely dangerous early-mid game and I still would like to avoid fights with them late game just because of what they've been rolling lately.

So, in my opinion having another NPC, especially one(s) that is/are more dangerous is a no-go for me.

Though I am confused about 3 things.

How long does the status last?

 Will Horace ever be attacked by guards?

Do allied guards become neutral, hostile or stay allied if you gain a bounty?

1. For as long as the card is in affect.

2. No.

3. They are neutral.

So, everyone knows that King's Guards are either "Neutral" and  "Hostile" in Armello, so how about we have an "Ally" standing.

Now what would the "Ally" standing do? It would allow you to switch positions with the Guard if you want to go on their space.

"Isn't that Horace's passive?" (Horace suggestion later)

Yes it is and every hero has it IF they become an "Ally", but how do you make them your "Ally"?

 You "bribe" them with a positive card like Brazenberry Ale , Regeneration, Wyld Weed, etc... without a bounty and that makes them your "Ally" for as long as the card is in effect.

"What if you have a bounty, do they still go after you even if you bribe them?"

They don't. Instead they are "Neutral" towards you and won't go after you at day, but you can't trade spots with them any more.


So, what change does Horace get? Well, Guards always have an "Ally" status with Horace even when he has a bounty. He never has to bribe guards to switch spots with them and he will never get attacked unless he's in the palace.


The only guards that can't be bribed OR have an "Ally" status is the Guard(s) that are defending the palace.

Feedback & Suggestions / Re: Ways to start buffing rot.
« on: July 10, 2017, 06:45:48 PM »
Neither of those would get a second look from me, because Rot daily damage plus damage after combat = losing proposition. 

Considering your standards for what a "good" rot treasure should be, I'm not surprised. You want something that's the equivalent to an automatic win while I want something that actually competes with other viable treasures.

One of your items is Marauder Gauntlets with +1 die, +1 Rot, and a recurring penalty chance.  At baseline, +1 die would be roughly value for +1 Rot OR Treasure rarity, but not both.  Leaving the after-combat damage chance in makes it an even worse fail, doubly so because the 'bonus' is one more miss-permitting dice. 

Your other one is a Warhammer swapping -1 for +1, Rot cost for gold cost, and adding in a drawback.  Flat-fail due to the loss of defense.

To be fair, the Sword/Shield/Dice was an idea passed around with others. "Marauder Gauntlets is an amazing item, so why not have a 2nd one?" Not my favorite suggestion, but it would still work, while the other suggestion; the one with 2 swords and a die would work really well.

Again, this is assuming you're not running into fights at every single chance you get.

Also, I have to disagree with you on something else - big surprise.  Hot Rot Wine isn't 'slightly overpowered'.  Given its beneficial effect is the same as Strategist - +1 AP - its two drawbacks for A: having no primary-resource cost, B: having more copies in the deck, and C: being in a deck that's drawn more frequently than Trickery are balanced overall.  Now, the actual balance of being able to gain +1 AP after moving into the palace, that's arguable both ways.

Hot Rot Wine is "slightly overpowered". It's a strong card with 3 copies in the item deck AND it pretty much wins people games AND/OR gets them to a quest in 1 turn. Strategist requires you to have 3 gold (which varies depending on how the game went) and it's in an overall weak deck with the fact it only has 1 copy, sure you don't get rot or take damage, but every other thing I listed makes the card weaker then HRW.

And being able to gain AP while in the palace through HRW or Strategist is balanced as it allows 3 of the 4 victory conditions to have some since of viability and prevents a massive spell spam fest that would take place in most if not all games.

Feedback & Suggestions / Re: Ways to start buffing rot.
« on: July 09, 2017, 04:47:50 AM »
Here's an example of a Rot Treasure that would TEMPT a player.

Bane Blade

+3 Piercing Swords in Battle.  On first equipping, you lose 1 Body permanently.  +2 Rot.

THAT would make a 'pure' player really hesitate.  The Rot can be purged, but the Body loss is forever...but that much fixed, reliable offense is terrifying.  Make all the Rot treasures and equipment on-par with that, and you'll tempt more folks than just those who've been Temptationed and Plagued and Baned in one turn.

No, that wouldn't "tempt" a pure player to go rot, that would "tempt" a pure player to go kill the king as fast as possible as they pretty much secured the kill on a king that has 3hp or less AND they will most likely kill a 4-6 hp King with that item.

I want Rot to be strong, but that's straight up broken, also that card alone doesn't fix the problems rot has AND if you make even more rot cards around that level of power, then the game is suddenly "who can get X  card first"

I've already made two reasonable suggestions for Bane Blade that make it strong, but not broken.

2 Swords + 1 Die. -1 health after combat if you don't kill the enemy.

1 Sword, 1 Shield, 1 Die. -1 health after combat if you don't kill the enemy.

Both of these suggestions stick to Bane Blade giving a lot of stuff, but still has the damage draw back. Sure, the 2nd one may not be the most...creative idea in the world, but it's a lot better then what it is now.

Feedback & Suggestions / Quest Gallery.
« on: June 30, 2017, 04:27:29 PM »
In Armello, there are a lot of different quest with hundreds of different outcomes. It would be very nice if we could have a gallery to view the quest we've done and the outcomes we've seen ; including the extra outcomes that need treasures and followers.

Feedback & Suggestions / Re: Ways to start buffing rot.
« on: June 29, 2017, 09:33:48 AM »
We always intended Rot to be a curse, a cancer, a leperacey, but provide tempting options to lure players to slightly overpowered cards for the exchange of the curse.

Here's the thing Blake, currently out of all the Rot cards in the game, only two can be classified as "slightly overpowered".
Those cards are Hot Rot Wine and Marauder Gauntlets. Why?

Hot Rot Wine allows players to move one more space for the cost of 1 health and +1 Rot. This item really shines when someone is inside the palace as they can by pass an entire turn of waiting.

Marauder Gauntlets, this is debatable, but I do believe it's one of the best equips in the item deck due to the sheer value it gives. Not only that, it also competes with some treasures for equip slots just because it's that good.

But here's the problem. Neither of these cards "tempt" pure players to go Rot. In fact, the only thing that honestly "tempts" players to go Rot is an influx of Rot cards or an unlucky death streak to banes.

 I can currently point you to each of the current Rot treasures, follower, and say that all of them suck for "tempting" pure players.

All of them (except Poppet) follow the same rule: They only get equipped if the person getting the card has a bunch of Rot cards in-hand, otherwise, they are burned.
Bane's Blade only sees use on combat build characters due to the common player wanting as much dice as possible and has a high enough body to sustain it...for a bit.

Raven's Beak Dagger is a bad treasure. People only pick the card if they want a safe option OR don't have 3 equips while also having other Rot cards in-hand. It's not strong enough to stay after the initial +2 Rot.

Warlock, it has a strong passive, but the card itself isn't tempting enough for pure players as it sorta relies on you having a high body and a decent amount of spirit to get the most out of it

Reaper's Trident, the new rot treasure. It doesn't suck as a Rot treasure, but it's not great either. It also only sees use on either corrupted users or those with really high fight as it takes away 2 dice in battle.

The only Rot treasure that doesn't follow that rule is Poppet , but Poppet is a bad Rot card. If you're going corrupted, then It's just +1 Rot, but if you're pure, you can run a tanky build with it and rely on doing damage with poppet.

Rot Victories are meant to be agonizingly difficult and your "Legendary Hard" mode. I am planning some new power Rot cards that will tempt players even more so to dive into the Rot and get their hands dirty.

Here's the thing though, Rot Victories aren't difficult, they are unfair. It's one thing making something challenging, but with all the negatives Rot has with no positives, it isn't anything like a "Legendary Hard" mode you describe.

Rot is entirely RNG based. First, you have to draw enough cards or even get some from quest to get 5 Rot, but when you reach 5 Rot, you pretty much lose access to stone circles and therefore, the healing that "countered" the dawn damage.

 After that 5 Rot, you need to stay above the king which is, again, RNG. You're relying on banes to spawn near you and to draw Rot cards. So, what happens if you did stay above the king and you got into a fight with him, well you have to hope that two things don't happen.

1- You don't miss a lot of dice.

2- The King doesn't get a crit chain.

If any of those things happen, then the fight against the king is pretty much over. You lost. Otherwise, congrats. You won. What do you get? Nothing. You get nothing, but a fancy king animation.

Also, I know corrupted things get +1 health from killing stuff in fights, but fighting is already extremely risky and you have to KILL THEM without taking damage to get a net gain on health, which is highly unlikely, especially with the new King's Guards.


If you actually want to make Rot cards tempting then you have to make them strong, because if you don't make them strong, then people have literally no reason to go Rot. Hell, players currently don't have a reason outside of bragging rights.

If you honestly want to tempt players, then  focus on what you did with Marauder least for future and current Rot items as that's the best thing Rot has.

Feedback & Suggestions / Re: Bandit Hero Power Rebalance
« on: June 19, 2017, 06:07:53 AM »
i still think Sylas is fine, mostly for the fact having a bounty making him a priority target off sets the sword benefits because, ultimately RNG will still rule in most cases and having garanteed 3 swords is NOT even close to garanteed wins or prevention of prestige loss and even having his bounties claimed granting other players much more prestige, ultimately, causing garanteed 3 damage(which can be nullified by enemy defenses) in fights, while a good advantage doesn't garantee wins on its own. i really don't see any problems with him, just like i said a couple slaps on the wrist like making the bounty come after attacking the king should suffice for making him more fair when killing the king in concerned because that's the only real problem i see, its still pretty fair game when compared to other heros when on the board.

Sylas with a bounty doesn't have just a good advantage, he has a great advantage. The ability to have an extra item in fights that no other player has access to is insane. And yes, him having a bounty makes him a target to spells and trickery, but his high body allows him to take more punishment then what players can give out on a regular basis. And yes, the three free auto swords pretty much means he wins any fight except in the extreme scenarios.

On Twiss, i did watch the video. its a nice proof of concept that shows well what you mean with how 'broken' she can be, however, that is anecdotal evidence, i had my fair share of games where i tried playing such a build with Twiss only to have a Sana spirit strike me for 9 damage every time i got close to a quest and achieving the fastest spirit stone victory i ever seen on Armello, or a Barnaby with Master Spy body block my quest path, even get chazed back to Clan Grounds by an Arrow-slinging-Silver-Lancing River who had nothing but bad iten cards, even an Elyssia blocking every village and flinging all sorts of trickery cards and some spells at me as she also was going for prestige.

You say its anecdotal evidence...then you put up your own anecdotal evidence....

Sana with spirit strike kills everyone, not just Twiss, so that's not a Twiss only counter.

Same with Barnaby getting Spy Master, which is a follower. Surprised you didn't kill him with spells considering you're drawing 1/8 the spell deck every turn.

Then you say River was shooting arrows at you while she had Silver Lance...a treasure. Which is very hard to get.

If you got stopped by a trickery spamming Elyssia, then I don't know what to say other then you're playing poorly.

Everything you pointed out was luck based or a scenario that works against everyone.

In that video...we had two full tank/fighters with EXTREME bad luck and low wits who got killed by banes even with 4 auto shields, and a Scarlet player who was doing...nothing even going as far as walking one tile and ending their turn(probably just farming keys and chests...) course that Twiss build would work great against such a crew specially with such a godlike starting hand...with bribery on it when someone gets blacksmith so soon. There's also the chances of drawing nothing but useless spells while the good ones go to other players. This game everything went on the favor of Twiss, from adversaries to the luck of the draw, for a true perception one game is not enough, you need a larger sample size then just one perfect game.

Luck isn't a defying point in an argument. And to tell you the truth : that starting hand wasn't god tier. Also, Blacksmith didn't win Twiss the game. Twiss doesn't need "the luck of the draw" when she's drawing 1/8th the spell deck per turn.

Still i do get your point, the consistency in which Twiss can do that is pretty obnoxious while for other heros to trump her they do relly on luck more then she does and if adversarries all just decide to go fighter build they'll probably have no means of ever responding to what she is doing. However, i kind of like that a spell casting builds actually work and are viable winning strategies going pure spell caster, instead of just fighters reigning supreme on the meta of the game, so i don't think spell casting builds need nerfing, i just think they need more counterplay for one who is NOT going such way.
Not that i think she absolutely needs nerfing, but some solutions i could see for her would be;

a-lower her starting Wits value in favor or higher Fight. Maybe switching 1 of each so 3 Fight 5 Body 4 Wits 4 Spirit, maybe even putting another of spirit to body so she has even scarcer starting magic and spell range while enhancing her 'survivor' status. 3 Fight 6 Body 4 Wits 3 Spirit. Not a big fan of this, but i think it would be a start if we want a more well rounded starting build to make her less slippery.

b-Give the bandits their own set of rings, with BAD ones...i think having celestine amethyst and pink topaz makes the bandits as a whole a little too good for ring selection, that could fix Twiss indirectly depending on what sorts of ring perks the bandits get. Prefferably none of their rings should give magic points for burning cards, if anything i reckon amethyst is the true culprit of her 'brokenness' if she did not have access to that ring, she wouldn't be so agravating as magic would be a much rarer resource for her, Sargon is manageable for this precise reason, so this should be enough to control her. This would be my preffered change as it would not only correct her but also offset the bloated power within the ring selection of the bandit clan as they have only the best rings of all clans at their disposal(exception of the stolen rat clan ring).

c-Making her ability activate only during the night, so players would have a 50% window of opportunity to try to smite her in battle.
Again, just adding ideas to the pot.

Her main problem is Amethyst, but even without it she makes Sargon obsolete.

My point about mentioning the other heros wasn't the fact that i think they need blancing, on the other hand i think all heros i mentioned are fine and i like them the way they are. The fact i even mentioned 4 should say that i don't aprticularly think they're broken.
i love Barnaby, Ghor, Magna and Elyssia and i think they're fun to play. You did say 'strongest' and this is my definition to seeing the 'strongest'. i do however understand what you mean about Twiss, she is not really 'the strongest' hero in armello...she's just the most cheesy, currently at least. is weird to me your comparison of Ghor to Mercurio and me, he is leaps and bounds ahead of them xD Sure his power is map reliant...but its still amazing compared to...nothing or occasionaly okay-ish.

The reason I say Ghor is in the same realm as Merc and Amber is that he has the worst base stats in the game with bad ring selection. Not to mention his hero power is either good or bad ; due to map gen. Near to the same usefulness as Amber drawing a treasure from a dungeon.

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