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Bugs! / Re: Select Quest marker never went away
« on: April 27, 2017, 03:22:41 PM »
I've also got this bug and already sent a report via email! Best of luck in crushing all the bugs!

After numerous messing around in the console. I finally fixed the blurry zoom!!!
All I had to disable was "r_tiltshiftenable" and set it to false!
Here's a result!

Bugs! / I own the bandits DLC and I don't have the Guppy card skin
« on: April 27, 2017, 06:15:49 AM »
It appears that owning the bandits dlc pack doesn't give me the Guppy card skin.
I have a log file in case.

I'm still upset about the nerf but there's nothing I can really do about it but to just force myself and live with the nerf.
Darcy did hint that there could be a possible change with Ghor or a card to grow forests to alter the board in a recent stream.
When 1.7 and bandits come out, I'll pretty much give up on playing Ghor  and finally get to play the bandits.
Really sucks that this adorable hero had such a troubled/hated history.
I really enjoyed this hero but it was fun while it lasted.  :'(

Neat stuff!
I remember fans wanting a peril-less palace at one point as a house rule.
Thanks for delivering yet again!
It's 5am and yall kept me up with all this hype.

Artisan's Alley / Re: A Game of Paws
« on: April 25, 2017, 07:17:05 PM »
Heya! The link doesn't quite work for non registered users for the site.

You know, it kind of surprises me that Arson is a Night-symbol card. It seems like an unquestionably evil act. I do see the reasoning, though: 3 Prestige cost puts this on-par with Crystallize or Grand Heist. It does something spectacular for a pretty high cost, and Rot gain can sometimes be a positive thing.

Though I cry for the already over-nerfed Ghor. Arson could easily leave him without a hero power. :(
Kind of a shame of what happened to Ghor really.
He really needs to be reworked and buffed and be on par with all the heroes instead of being a community joke .
Arson will hit him hard for sure and it felt like it was made for him.

Ohhh... ohhh... I am so all over that Arson card... You know what? Keep Ghor the way he is. He just got capped in the knees so hard.
Ghor really doesn't need to be more nerfed more than he already is. :(

Cool feature reveal!
RIP Ghor players like me if there's a ton of Arson cards tho  :'(

Bumping this up because I'm still having this issue when I disable shadowquality and this hasn't been checked or replied by a dev. I've also disabled the fog but the zooming blur issue is still bothering me.

Introduce Yourself! / Re: Florida Man Invades Armello
« on: April 20, 2017, 04:12:17 PM »
Welcome to the LoG forums Sivrel!
I'm a Florida dude as well!!!
Glad you can make it!
Get yourself comfy and feel free to ask questions.
I also recommend checking out the official LeagueofGeeks Twitch channel to speak to the devs live on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday!

General Discussion / Re: Even Though...
« on: April 19, 2017, 08:17:51 AM »
Bandit backers were promised exclusive Black Company skins when the Bandit dlc is public for everyone and I have no clue on Usurpers skins other than the Donald Trump Elyssia joke skin announced weeks ago, my best bet is that those skins will be around Q3 or late Q2.
LoG has to work on a way to make a inventory system to function on consoles and it seems they haven't had any luck yet so far.
Just hope for the best.

Hey there Echo,

Not entirely sure what you're talking about, he got nerfed big time. In fact most people are requesting a buff for him at this stage.

Also cool it. You can express your feelings on a topic without coming in so hot.


<3 Darcy
Ghor just has a weird starting stat that is underwhelming to alot of people and low starting gold along with his lack of stealth which was the biggest shocker to a few people. He's a cool character but he's really weak off the start but really strong if you pump wits and fight and do all quests and sadly a huge target the entire game.

General Discussion / Re: Armello FAQ - Production, Updates and DLC
« on: April 08, 2017, 04:47:27 PM »
There's another update coming Lynx! But it's very likely that it will be the last one.


<3 Darcy

I'll pass the news on! They'll be glad for it! :D

Unfortunately it seems that GOG removed Armello before they could even release the final version  :'( I guess because of the petition.

Introduce Yourself! / Re: Greetings, Haberdashers!
« on: April 03, 2017, 07:32:55 AM »
Heya! Welcome to the forums and get yourself comfortable.
Feel free to ask questions and we'll most likely get back to ya!  ;D

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