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Tuesday 9th of May (Today), 7:30pm PDT -

We're doing a big ol' giveaway TODAY, live on stream! There will be three prizes, two Plantronics RIG500 headsets and a Bandit miniature of the winner's choice.

In order to take part, ensure you have an active Twitch account so you can interact with chat, as that's how a winner will be selected. Remember that subscribers to the channel will have bonus luck!

Regarding the headsets, I know they say PS4 and Xbox One on the box, but rest assured they work with pretty much every device as they are just a 5mil jack.

Regarding the miniatures, you may be aware that these aren't available for purchase. These were going to become available when the Bandit DLC launched, but unfortunately Eucl3d. the company we were working with, closed up. That makes these bad boys extremely rare.

We'll hand out one of the Bandit miniatures every Wednesday for the following three weeks until the squad is all gone. Same bat time, same bat channel. A big thanks to Plantronics Australia for fuelling this giveaway!

<3 Darcy & The LoG Squad

Build Notes / Release (v1.7) Patch 5 [Steam] Build Notes
« on: May 09, 2017, 12:14:18 PM »

Hey folks!

Hope you all had a lovely weekend. Using blood magic we've managed to summon a few more fixes from the void. A big continued thanks for all of your bug submissions, we appreciate it!~

Bug Fixes
  • All relevant Kickstarter backers will correctly recieve their Black Company skins upon booting Armello once again.
  • Fixed a number of causes of NMA when other players disconnect or quit a multiplayer match.
That will likely be the last hotfix for the next week or so! As always, please feel free to hit me up in the forums if you need anything.


<3 Darcy & The LoG Squad

Build Notes / Release (v1.7) Patch 3 [Steam] Build Notes
« on: May 04, 2017, 02:35:45 PM »

Greetings all!

We're making great progress and we have another round of glorious fixes for you.

Bug Fixes
  • Arson's card title now correctly appears in languages other than English.
  • The Kings Declaration "Highway Fees" correctly appears in all languages.
  • Fixed a rare issue that would cause Sargon to be unable to draw cards correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where Rank 60 players could be unable to find other Rank 60 players in public games.
  • Fixed an issue where if a player quickly accepts a ready multiplayer game and has a high ping to other players, the game would not progress to character selection, leaving players stuck on the load screen.
  • Fixed a number of causes of NMA when other players disconnect or quit a multiplayer match.
  • Fixed Scarlet and Horace's hero descriptions to be swapped in languages other than English on the hero select screen.
Known Issues
  • Backing out of a multiplayer lobby from the hero selection screen may cause the abandoned players to return to a lobby that can not progress.
Your bug reports have been invaluable so many, many thanks for your efforts! You'll be hearing from us shortly regarding that known issue.

<3 Darcy & the LoG Squad

Build Notes / Release (v1.7) Patch 2 [Steam] Build Notes
« on: April 29, 2017, 09:12:48 AM »

Hello kind humans!

Your detailed bug reports are much appreciated, and they've assisted us in tracking down the main issues from v1.7. Here's one last hotfix for the weekend, I hope you all get a chance to kick back and take it easy.

This patch as actually applied about 12 hours ago, apologies for the notes delay. <3

Bug Fixes
  • Dead Players Paw has returned to House Rules after a brief holiday.
  • Fixed a rare issue with the Quest/rumour button where it became unclickable and inactive.
  • The Favour Amulet now correctly awards 2 prestige, and is counted from the beginning of the game.
  • Fixed an NMA caused by using Cub's Blood to a dying Bane in multiplayer.
  • Fixed an NMA caused when the Stranger left a player right before a card was played on to that player.
  • Fixed an NMA caused by AI playing cards during moments where all players are meant to be blocked from playing cards.

<3 Darcy & the LoG Squad

This post is a feature reveal for v1.7 Wyld's Ward, click here to return to the update hub.

Welcome friends!

Here we have the fourth and final installment of the feature reveals for v1.7 Wyld's Ward. Here, we'll be talking about a whole new tier of King's Declarations. This adds an extra option to every tier of King's Decs.

  • Royal Payoff
    Until next Dawn, The King will pay any Hero who ends their turn early, at a rate of 2 Gold per Action Point remaining.
  • Rot Rain
    At Dusk, every Hero and King's Guard suffers -2 Health if not on a Settlement, the Palace, or Clan Grounds.
  • Highway Fees
    The King has imposed Highway Fees of 2 Gold in order to enter any Settlement, until next Dawn!
  • Green Eyed Monsters
    Greed and contempt spread. For every 3 Gold a Hero has, they lose 1 Prestige and gain 1 Gold.
  • Sovereign City State
    An un-claimed Settlement builds city walls defended by Mercenaries and Agents of Misfortune.
  • Burn after Reading
    The Prestige Leader discards their Cards, re-shuffles all Decks, and is dealt random Cards. Costs -2 Prestige.
  • War Drums
    All King's Guards from now on have +1 Fight and +1 Body. A new King's Guard is recruited to patrol Armello, and Bounties are issued to all Heroes.
  • Dark Curse
    The King drops two new Perils adjacent to the Palace, and all Perils in the Kingdom receive Cursed Lands.

We've also removed one old King's Declaration, Darkest Night, which was the King's Declaration that caused everything to be stealthed is no longer an option, which will save you from those long, blind evenings. We found that this pushed players away from interaction, and turned heroes essentially into blind mice.

These extra declarations will diversify the King's right-hand-hero's choices a bunch. As always, we'd love to hear your thoughts on this content! We'll keep making rad stuff if you keep enjoying it.


<3 Darcy & the LoG Squad

This post is a feature reveal for v1.7 Wyld's Ward, click here to return to the update hub.

Hey all,

Welcome to another addition of the v1.7 Wyld's Ward feature reveals. Here, we'll be looking at the two new House Rules that are incoming. These are impactful, rules that will force you to completely alter your strategies within Armello.

Dead Player's Paw
When killed, your hand of cards is discarded.

Looking for an option that damns card hoarding? This one might interest you. Dead Player's Paw will force you to consider whether it is worth the risk to wait and use a card at it's optimal time, or strive to gain value from it immediately. We're a big fan of this one in the studio.

Palace Peril Difficulty
  • No Perils
  • Easy
  • Default
  • Hard

This one has been suggested by the community since the origin of the House Rules feature and now it's here. What happens when The King's defences are down? Can you fight and kill him without pursuing your quest line? If you fail, will you leave him vulnerable to be killed by another player?

On the other side of the coin, do you want to fortify The King's Castle and force your friends into a quest race or a game of prestige. It's your choice.

Let us know what you think of these rules in the comments! Also, as an interesting experiment, how do you think these House Rules would fare in Armello's core ruleset?


<3 Darcy & the LoG Squad

This post is a feature reveal for v1.7 Wyld's Ward, click here to return to the update hub.

Hey folks!

Welcome for our second installment of feature teasers for the upcoming update, v1.7 Wyld’s Ward. We’re really leaning in to long term/permanent status changes in Armello, and these next few cards take that mentality and apply it to the board. We’re adding two new cards to the fray, but we’ll start by showing off a significant rework to a classic.

Patronage & Industry has been a staple for the Trickery deck since the days of Beta and that’s not changing any time soon. Now, P&I upgrades a settlement and provides a consistent bonus to the owner. Also, we finally got the opportunity to add windmills to the world of Armello.

Stone Wards allows players a method to prevent their settlements from being terrorized by Banes or stolen by corrupted heroes. This effect will last indefinitely, but can be removed if the settlement becomes terrorized, say, through the act of a Kings Declaration or card effect.

Is a pesky hero hiding in a forest too regularly? Maybe there’s a well travelled route that you can obstruct. Arson allows you to destroy a forest tile leaving a barren swamp, permanently. Be weary though, the prestige cost is high for such a disgraceful act.

And there we have it! As always, please let us know what you think in the comments. The next announcement is just around the corner!


<3 Darcy & the LoG Squad

Armello Development / v1.7 Wyld's Ward Feature Reveal - Spirit Walkers
« on: April 20, 2017, 03:17:41 PM »
This post is a feature reveal for v1.7 Wyld's Ward, click here to return to the update hub.

Greetings Armellians!

Welcome to the first feature reveal for v1.7 Wyld's Ward. Today we'll be talking about Spirit Walkers, the title given to only the most worthy adventurers who bear ancient, powerful relics.

If a hero is able to obtain four Spirit Stones, they will now be considered to be a Spirit Walker. Spirit Walkers, are able to instantly "cleanse" any foe black of heart. Naturally this means The King, but it also includes Banes. Sensing this immense power, Banes will always move directly away from a Spirit Walker when possible, regardless of whether it was previously busy terrorizing a town or pursuing it's prey.

Heroes must be weary though, becoming a Spirit Walker can test one's constitution. Upon obtaining the fourth Spirit Stone, the relevant hero will take damage equal to their current Rot value, as their Rot is reduced to zero. While in the Spirit Walker state, Rot cannot be gained, and every point of Rot that would usually apply, instead inflicts a point of damage.

On the other side of the spectrum, if a hero decides to walk the dark path of corruption, entering Stone Circles will still take it's toll but will instead be more attainable. Corrupted heroes will take damage equal to their Rot value when entering Stone Circles, allowing the option for desperate movement in a pinch.

So there you have it, here is the first feature of v1.7 Wyld's Ward. Please feel free to leave questions and thoughts below! More glorious features will be unveiled shortly.


<3 Darcy and the LoG squad

Build Notes / Hotfix v1.6 [Steam PC/Mac/Linux] (Patch 1)
« on: February 03, 2017, 11:17:52 AM »

Hey all!

Just a super quick one, the codery has been hard at work with a few important fixes so here we go! This hotfix is live as of right now.

  • Skin selector is now disabled on the hero selection screen when only the classic skin is available.
  • Skeeve's Store now correctly shows that an item is owned immediately after purchasing it.
  • Fullscreen effects have been optimized on 'Very Low' graphics options.
  • Known Issue: Fog is now disabled on 'Very Low' graphics options

<3 Darcy and the LoG Team

Armello Development / v1.6 Journey's Dawn Feature Reveal - Skeeve's Shop
« on: February 01, 2017, 07:29:00 PM »
This post is a feature reveal for v1.6 Journey's Dawn, click here to return to the update hub.

Howdy folks!

Welcome to the very last feature reveal of v1.6 Journey's Dawn, Armello's latest update. Thank you for your patience, I hope the hype is real at this stage!

Previously, if you wanted to make any Armello related purchase, you would have to navigate away from the Armello client and go through Steam. Luckily for us, Skeeve has set up his store in an excellent location.

Now from the Main Menu, all you have to do is navigate south from the 'Singleplayer Fields', watch your step navigating past 'Quit Valley' and you can't miss it. If you've hit the bottom of the screen, you've gone too far.

Skeeve has only the finest Armello wares, including the Usurpers Hero Pack, Map Skins, Dice Skins, Hero Skins and more. He even has a shortcut to the Marketplace to wheel and deal your own treasure!

Hope you've enjoyed this feature showcase! If you have any questions please feel free to post 'em below. You'll be hearing from us very, very soon.

Much love!

<3 Darcy and the LoG team

Armello Development / v1.6 Journey's Dawn Feature Reveal - New Amulets
« on: February 01, 2017, 06:35:32 PM »
This post is a feature reveal for v1.6 Journey's Dawn, click here to return to the update hub.

Welcome back!

v1.6 Journey's Dawn is just around the corned, so it's about time that we spill the beans on what you can expect. This marks 4/5 major feature reveals for this update. As the title suggests, we've got two new amulets, fresh out of the oven for you to unlock.

  • Discipline: Doubles the Clan Affinity Dice bonus
  • Resist: Gain +1 Shield in Battles and Perils

To talk about these briefly, here's LoG cofounder and director, Blake Mizzi.

It’s been a little while but we think there’s no better time to bring two new Amulets to Armello. Both the new Amulets ‘Discipline’ and ‘Resist’ lean into our growing multiplayer community and are unlocked via playing online multiplayer games.

‘Discipline’ the first of the new amulets focuses a Hero’s Clan Affinity, doubling the bonus from one die to two dice. The double Clan Affinity Bonus is very, very useful and matches well with any Hero as you can use this bonus in both battles and perils.

‘Resist’ the second of the new amulets on the surface looks just like the item ‘Leather Armour’ but the upside to being able to lock in this effect as an amulet is going to be a game changer for some hero builds. We can’t wait to see the community’s thoughts and read the discussions about whether ‘Resist’ is better than ‘Soak’ or not and which Hero will benefit from which effect more. Both new amulets are going to be great fun to experiment with, they’re both highly useful for any Hero and allow some interesting synergies. I’m looking forward to playing with these online.

There we have it! Let us know what you think in the comments below.


<3 Darcy and the LoG team

This post is a feature reveal for v1.6 Journey's Dawn, click here to return to the update hub.

Greetings all!

It's time for another v1.6 Journey's Dawn feature announcement. This one brings major implications on the current meta and should shake the scene up in Armello to keep things feeling fresh and fair. To introduce the changes, LoG co-founder and director, Blake Mizzi has written a few words.

Just a quick note, Blake doesn't play by the rules, he makes them. As such, the first change mentioned isn't even relevant to a card.

We have a very exciting new round of balance passes to Armello’s Cards coming to V1.6 and spoiler alert V1.7.

The first balance pass focuses on subtle adjustments; The Wolf Clan’s Signet Ring ‘Rubellite’ has its usability expanded with the lower Health threshold increased from one to three Health, this small change is going to make this Signet Ring a game changer and really give the Wolf Clan even more teeth.

‘Sailor’s Lantern’ gets a small but important Gold cost reduction to 1 Gold.  ‘Mercenaries’ Trickery Card is getting a target change to ‘Any Tile’ which greatly increases its usability.

‘Cat Burglar’ also gets a huge power boon with ‘Hero’ added to its target set, this is a huge change and we do expect the feel of Armello’s meta to change – As a history lesson, in the early prototype days of Armello, ‘Cat Burglar’ was one of the most powerful cards in the game and a real power shifter, the recent target change actually brings ‘Cat Burglar’ back to where it started and where we feel it should be.

Along the theme of ‘Cat Burglar’; ‘Bribery’, ‘Crooks’, ‘Pickpockets’ and ‘Wandering Circus’ are all getting a quantity bump in the Trickery Deck, this is to see more cards moving around from player to player, getting more fluidity of cards in each game. ‘Pickpocket’s usefulness is also getting boosted by having the threshold for the Equipped Item Card Steal increased.

  • Rubellite Wolf Signet Ring
    Effect Adj from (+3 Fight while you have only 1 Health.) to (+3 Fight while you have 3 Health or less.)
  • Sailor’s Lantern (Item Card)
    Decrease Gold cost from 2 to 1.
  • Mercenaries (Trickery Card)
    Change target tiles to ‘Any Tile’, from Settlement, Forest, Plains.
  • Cat Burglar (Trickery Card)
    Add ‘Hero’ as a valid target in addition to the Settlement and Dungeon.
  • Bribery (Trickery Card)
    Change quantity in Deck to 2.
    Change Gold cost from 4 to 3.
  • Allies’ Pact (Trickery Card)
    Change Gold cost from 3 to 2.
  • Wandering Circus (Trickery Card)
    Change quantity in Deck to 3.
  • Crooks (Trickery Card)
    Change quantity in Deck to 3.
  • Pickpockets (Trickery Card)
    Effect Adj from (Steal 1 Gold. If target can't pay, Steal 1 Equipped Item.) to (Steal 2 Gold. If target can't pay, Steal 1 Equipped Item.)
    Change quantity in Deck to 3.

There we have it folks! That's 3/5 features revealed for v1.6 Journey's Dawn and it's only a few days away! Keep your eyes peeled for more hot scoops and we'll see you shortly!


<3 Darcy & the LoG Team

Build Notes / Release (v1.6) [Steam] Full Release Build
« on: January 31, 2017, 02:21:56 PM »
Hi all!

Here are the full build notes for v1.6, Journey's Dawn. This is the first build fresh from the LoG HQ oven after our holidays so we hope you all enjoy <3

Features and Changes

New Amulets
  • Resist: Gain +1 Shield in Battles and Perils. Granted from player reaching Level 10.
  • Discipline: Doubles the Clan Affinity Dice Bonus from +1 to +2 Dice. Granted from completing a public multiplayer game of Armello.

Card Changes
  • Sailor’s Lantern (Item Card): Decrease Gold cost from 2 to 1.
  • Mercenaries (Trickery Card): Change target tiles to ‘Any Tile’, from Settlement, Forest, Plains.
  • Cat Burglar (Trickery Card): Add ‘Hero’ as a valid target in addition to the Settlement and Dungeon.
  • Bribery (Trickery Card): Change quantity in Deck to 2 and Change Gold cost from 4 to 3.
  • Allies’ Pact (Trickery Card): Change Gold cost from 3 to 2.
  • Wandering Circus (Trickery Card): Change quantity in Deck to 3.
  • Crooks (Trickery Card): Change quantity in Deck to 3.
  • Pickpockets (Trickery Card): Effect Adj from (Steal 1 Gold. If target can't pay, Steal 1 Equipped Item.) to (Steal 2 Gold. If target can't pay, Steal 1 Equipped Item.) and Change quantity in Deck to 3.

Ring Change
  • Rubellite Wolf Signet Ring: Effect Adj from (+3 Fight while you have only 1 Health.) to (+3 Fight while you have 3 Health or less.).

Multiplayer Changes
  • The search eye has been spruced up and now closes when not searching.
  • We’ve stabilised some of the multiplayer code to fix numerous bugs that were too large to hotfix on v1.5. More info over here.

Skeeves’ Store
What a familiar face! Now featured in-game is Skeeves Store, a place to purchase all the Armello items and check out the Marketplace.

Read more about this over here.

Hero Skin System
Alternative skins for our first set of Heroes have been brought to the land of Armello. This includes a system to equip and preview them both in your Inventory and the Hero Select screen.

Please welcome to the land of Armello:
  • Wyldsinger Sana.
  • Far Seeker Amber.
  • Mustachio Mercurio.
  • Hakonsguard Thane.

Read more about this feature over here.

Gameplay Changes
  • Quick AI turns are now on by default when you first play Armello.
  • King’s Declaration ‘Royal Flush’ has been swapped from the first tier with ‘Royal Challenge’ which is in a later tier.

  • Ring & Amulet progression are now no longer locally saved, instead saved on the Steam Cloud server. This means that if your hard drive is full or wiped you won’t lose your progress!
  • In Audio/Video options there is now a “Windowed Mode” option.
  • Polish pass of “Continue.. X” prompts.
  • Polish pass of Quest select screen.

Bug Fixes
  • Hyena in the Pack achievement is now working as intended.
  • Fixed an issue with some card animations in the Card Gallery and Inventory not looping.
  • Fixed an issue where Killing Blow isn’t triggered for when Magna’s reflect Hero Power is activated.

Known Issues
  • The "Purchase" tick only shows up after restarting Armello.


Darcy & the LoG Crew.

This post is a feature reveal for v1.6 Journey's Dawn, click here to return to the update hub.

Hey folks!

This is the second feature announcement for Armello's next update, v1.6 Journey's Dawn. This update is landing on the 1st of February PST! The Hero Skin System is a tough act to follow but this is definitely important for a bunch of you! This announcement will be relatively short, but definitely sweet.

We've been hard at work since launch, iterating and improving on our multiplayer stability, and we've hit a milestone that is worth celebrating. We've made leaps with the general stability of our Multiplayer systems, specifically when it comes to AI takeovers and untimely player disconnections.

Consider this an extra layer of fortification to ensure your multiplayer experience is as smooth as possible, protecting your valuable chests, keys and ranked stars.  Hope you enjoy it!


<3 Darcy & the LoG Team

This post is a feature reveal for v1.6 Journey's Dawn, click here to return to the update hub.

Hey folks! I'm extremely pumped about the announcement of v1.6 Journey's Dawn and I hope you are too. To announce the first major feature, LoG co-founder and director, Trent Kusters has written up all of the juicy details.

This is something that we're really excited to announce. Hero Skins were spoken about internally in excited tones from the earliest days of Armello's inception, but with the costs and overheads required to develop such a system and the skins themselves, it always fell into the 'nice-to-have' category. Thanks to the ongoing popularity of Armello and the opportunities granted by Steam's Item Store and Inventory functionality we have now created a system providing more ways for you to express yourselves and of course, roleplay with your favourite Heroes.

To coincide with v1.6 Journey's Dawn we'll be releasing four (4) Hero Skins for purchase at $6.99 USD each. They will be Steam Inventory Items and are by far  our most premium in-game items released to date. Each skin has been lovingly crafted in secret for months, with upgraded 3D models, new weapons, and all new textures, as well as brand new Hero Portraits, Chat Icons, 2D combat animations, annnnnnd a lil' dash of lore for good measure.

If you're still not sure whether you want to dive in and get that Hero Skin, don't sweat! We got you. These Hero Skins will be fully 'Tradeable' and 'Marketable' on the Steam Community Marketplace, so you're free to trade with pals (or strangers!) and on-sell them on the Marketplace.

Hero Skins will launch on February 1st (PT) and can be purchased directly from Armello's store on Steam(accessed from the Armello Store page on Steam). Hero Skins will not drop in-game.

Keep your eyes and ears to the ground as we'll be revealing each of the four Hero Skins (and which Heroes they'll be for!) along the path to the launch of Journey's Dawn. Obviously this is just the first of many reveals for this latest update for Armello, so stay tuned for what else is to come.

So there we have it! I'd love to see what you think about this glorious, long awaited feature!


<3 Darcy & the LoG Team

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