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Bugs! / [PC] [WIN10x64] Cards shown with "More Info" do not disappear
« on: November 15, 2017, 06:22:47 AM »
Build Number:  public-origin/release/1.9.2-steam-p1#264

Platform:  PC Win10 x64. I did recently update software (Windows Updates, then Video Card driver updates, and then the most recent steam update for the Armello game) but I cannot pinpoint if any caused of that caused it, as the last Armello I played without the issue was before all the updates.

Description:  When getting information about a card (eg. getting details about a quest's reward or looking at the cards used in the game log), the card's information does not disappear.
When looking at quest rewards, the card details will stack on top of each other, so if you have two quests that both reward cards, you'll see two cards on top of each other and the text is overlapped. When you choose a quest, the card does disappear, but the next time a quest pops up, you still see the old card.
When looking through the game log, the card details also stack on top of each other, and the card actually never goes away even after closing the menu (i think it should disappear -- its the first time i've used the game log, but hitting buttons does not remove it) or gaining a new card (see screenshot with Royal Pardon -- i would imagine the Strategist card from the quest log should be gone)

Repro Steps:  Hit "X" for more info when looking at quest rewards or a card in the quest log.

- For the Winged Boots quest reward, I tried to close the "More Info" and it didnt close and you can see it when i hover over No Test.
- For the quest selection, I got more info on Apprentice first, then Royal Pardon, and you can see the two card texts overlap. If I hit escape then close the Escape Menu, I can move my mouse around and it moves the card info too
- Strategist card never hides, and when i look at More Info in game log for another card, text is on top.

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