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Feedback & Suggestions / Re: Bandit Hero Power Rebalance
« on: June 06, 2017, 04:50:40 AM »
I just want to say that I don't agree that Sylas is OP.  I'm seeing a lot of "every hero is a spell target when they have a bounty", which is true, but most people *avoid* getting a bounty.  Sylas players are more likely to attack a guard, go onto a stone circle while it's forbidden or even play the bounty card on themselves, which means that Sylas will have that great big target on his back for much more of the game.  He may get up to three extra swords in battle against other heroes, but that still won't hand him a guaranteed win if he hasn't been getting the wonderful equipment that others have.  Easy example: Amber on the plains, using a silver lance and the ring (I don't have the ring names memorized) for +2 shields on plains.  Sylas may have an extra three swords, but unless he's got armor with reflection on it he's going to be in for a bad time if Amber decides to attack him for the extra prestige and gold - and that's just looking at one piece of equipment.

As for his automatic +3 swords when attacking the king,  it's true that you're more free to focus on defensive equipment than others, but you still need to draw and equip that equipment.  If you're running around with full plate on before you go for the king, then you're probably going to fail due to low mobility.  Sylas doesn't have great wits, so tying a hand slot or two up by carrying armor around until you're in the palace isn't a great idea either.  Another problem with that is the simple fact that if you wait until you're in the palace to equip your high shields armor, you have no idea what cards you'll draw on your next turn, and that can leave you with nothing good to burn once the fight starts.  Finally, there are cards that will strip cards out of someone's hand, making holding onto high shield gear until the last minute painfully likely to fail.

Basically, Sylas with four or five shields from equipment can be a pretty potent force against the king, but the same can be said of a lot of people.  Thane with a couple of sword cards to burn can be just as strong a contender in those circumstances, if not better.  Sana requires a little luck when rolling or maybe a royal shield, but she can manage with a solid set of defensive gear.  River can slip into the castle, shoot the king and not even worry overmuch about dealing damage in the ensuing battle if other heroes aren't on hand to blast her before she shoots again.  Yes, obviously three extra strikes helps, but the Sylas player either gets really lucky about gear - Lionheart Breastplate, Chainmail Shirt and the like - or holds onto slightly less useful armor and prays it'll hold up against the king.  That's pretty similar to a lot of battle plans.  And if Sylas *isn't* lucky and the best defense he's got is a trusty shield, then someone's going to be farming him for extra prestige long before he has a shot at the king.

The War Room / Re: Times Armello Has Made You... Cheer!?!?
« on: June 06, 2017, 02:09:21 AM »
I decided to play a round as Sylas.  He doesn't really suit my playing style, but I still figured I'd give him a chance.  My opponents were River, Amber and Sana.

River disconnected as soon as her first quest resulted in a point of rot.  Amber has apparently decided that I'm the biggest threat, because every single harmful spell she draws, she sends my way... this started on her first turn when she slapped me with a 'wake the trees' card that prevented me from reaching my first quest on the next turn, and continued for most of the game.  Sana is more or less allied with Amber, having played an Ally's Pact on her first turn.  She was focusing on me for spell perils too.  As you might guess, this makes for a frustrating game.

I finally got a chance to move around the board when Sana collected four spirit stones and Amber suddenly decided that the alliance was over.  In the next few turns I get more third and fourth quests finished, while Sana quests into the palace and dies to guards... twice, once aided by Amber's lightning strike.  I look at the situation - Amber's got 15 prestige to my five, so forget trying to slap her around for a prestige win.  I have one spirit stone.  Killing the king is my only option, as the Stranger walks me into a swamp to bring me down to 2 HP.  Yeah, this isn't going to end well.

I go into the castle.  Night's about to fall, so at least I don't have to worry about guards attacking me.  I slap Slanderous Toads on Amber, just to get it out of my hand; a sun symbol isn't going to do me any good, and maybe I could draw a wyldsap.  Amber's turn is next, and she enters the palace where Sana broke in.  Apparently she was finally out of offensive spells, because she didn't fry me for the fifth time this game.  I draw an item for my next turn... battle armor.  Not what I'd hoped for, but I can make this work.

Equipping the battle armor gives me four shields, one reflective, and one sword.  Being Sylas and an automatic traitor for attacking the king gives me three more swords.  I burn the five cards I have in hand, conveniently using every single one of my dice since the battle armor takes one away.  That's two more swords, two moons and a shield.  A grand total of eight strikes, plus one reflected, and five shields.  All I have to do is hope that the king, who has nine dice thanks to my rot, fails to get 7+ damage.

The king got five strikes and died.  I claimed the throne as Sana, ticked that Amber messed with her after their little alliance, uses spirit strike to drop the bunny too.  Pulling a win after being ganged up on all game, and seeing my main tormentor fried after the king drops... yes, I'd say that's worth a cheer.

The War Room / Re: Suddenly errybody's speed running?
« on: April 28, 2017, 04:56:26 AM »
Once in a while I'll take Sana and rush the king.  With the spirit bonus amulet and a spirit quest she's got a pretty good chance of breaking in immediately, and even if I fail to kill the king on the next turn, I can still play for a longer game... always take wits for the second quest, just in case.  She'll need it.

I am reminded of Skeeve from the Myth books.  Poor Klahd.

Feedback & Suggestions / Re: Improve lobby and public ranking please
« on: January 27, 2017, 08:50:34 AM »
Still without exception every game that features friends playing together is just frustration and makes me hate the game. Getting ganged up on by 2/3 players at a time is not fun, let alone them being able to communicate outside the game and just plan forward on how to ruin the fun.

No offense, but how can you be sure about that?  You can't see if people are friends.  Maybe some of the fair games you've had were against players who had two or three slots filled already.  Maybe some of the unfair ones that you're complaining about had nothing to do with friends playing together.  I've had games where I got ganged up on, seemingly for no reason... but in at least one of those I was sitting there waiting for at least five minutes as players slowly joined one at a time.  I've also been in one (1) game with a friend, and we made no attempt to pick an opponent and beat them into submission.

Bugs! / Re: King and Guard dice roll broken?
« on: January 22, 2017, 08:59:08 AM »
Must just be you.  Last game I played, it was rare for guards to deal less than five damage in a fight despite not getting buffed by proclamation.  The last time I saw anyone attack the king, he got five rot symbols... then three more from the rerolls.

Feedback & Suggestions / New item card idea
« on: January 22, 2017, 05:52:15 AM »
Ever been in a game where you really needed to beat some guy's tied prestige for the win?  Ever had someone steal your prestige lead with bubble tea?  Maybe you just want to see another minor healing item added to the mix?  Then this is the card you've been waiting for!

Garlic Soup: this stuff is wondrously healthy, and for the cost of just two gold will improve your body (or that of an adjacent hero) by one for two whole turns, a duration much like that of the haste spell.  Of course, garlic breath is pretty unpleasant.  Whoever this is used on will lose one prestige for the same duration.

Yes, it's silly, but it could actually be useful.  Get a small health boost when you need it most, improve your body before hitting a quest that requires it, or mess with that impenetrable tank's precious skin-of-the-teeth prestige lead.

Also, does applying bounty on someone already wanted now increase the status faster, or is getting another bounty while currently bountied still harmless?

I'll second this question.  If, say, Mercurio kills a couple of guards for attacking him, is he still going to be at the 'wanted' state if that's where he was before defending himself?

Last Man Standing mode.

Since house rules are obviously going to have to be agreed upon by everyone in the game (or they wouldn't have found it in the first place, they'd be in a skirmish queue), there's no real reason there can't be an extremely different game mode.  With this active, each hero has a limited (customizable?) number of lives.  Let's just say three for a default.

If someone kills the king, or he keels over from Rot damage before there's just one hero left, then there's a normal kingslayer/rot/prestige victory.  But players can also win by running all other characters out of lives - either by slaughtering them as a big, bruising fighter, or by sneaking around and using spells and trickery on them.  Zosha would have a definite advantage here if played well.

Feedback & Suggestions / Re: Ghor Power
« on: September 09, 2016, 05:08:01 AM »
People seem to be enamored with Elyssia and Magna. I've played around with the new bear a little, but I can't seem to draw the cards I want when the time comes.

This is exactly what I was talking about.  Even as Ghor you can't just hold onto these three spell cards waiting for "the opportune moment" to use them - so you're relying entirely on luck of the draw to get you Mirror Image or Feral when you're preparing for a fight, or Spirit Strike when you need to drop someone in the castle.

I've seen a ton of Elyssia.  Almost every single game there's another bunny trying to use the landowner discount to do with trickery what Ghor does with spells.  Magna is almost as popular.  Ghor is sitting a little under 50% usage in games I've been in since his release, even counting the two times I used him.  Oddly, Sargon is mostly ignored - I guess the ability to see the top card on each deck isn't terribly popular.

Feedback & Suggestions / Re: Ghor Power
« on: September 08, 2016, 11:31:08 AM »
I agree that Ghor is the best mage there is.  By a long shot.  Sana or especially Brun will cast a spell or two and be dead in the water afterwards, while Ghor can spam cheaper spells.

I still think mages are weak.  If you aren't using Ghor, you wind up burning most of the spell cards you draw by intentionally subjecting yourself to perils or fights that you may not have much chance of winning.  I've played multiple games as each bear, and indeed every character, both trying for achievements and just seeing how the game plays with different characters - I'm not just saying 'oh, mages are pathetic' after one bad game.

There are several spells that are nice to have when you need them.  Bark Skin, Evil Eye and Focus are all general useful spells to have... but only Evil Eye is useful *all the time*.  Bark Skin is wasted if you don't have someone nearby ready to attack you, and Focus is only helpful if you're either getting ready to step onto a magic peril or if dusk is about to fall and you already have a spell or two in hand that need more mana than you would otherwise receive.  There are also several that aren't really much use at all - Divination, Blizzard and Glamour, for instance.  The only way Glamour is really useful is if Barnaby is in the game, and even then you're simply praying that you steal a useful and free item from him.  Otherwise, it's a total guess who has a card worth stealing, and a total gamble if you'll get that card.

This leaves a relative handful of cards that people who think magic is OP seem to think are drawn constantly.  Teleport and, to a lesser degree, Haste are both great for getting around the map faster than the non-magic folks... but they're also expensive.  Aside from Ghor in forests, the only person who can cast either of those and not be essentially out of mana, unless they've been burning quests and/or their amulet on spirit, is Sana... and even she'll be pretty low without devoting extra time to getting spirit.  Immolation, Aflame and Moonbite are all relatively cheap, but also relatively weak - good luck killing anyone with them if they aren't already injured, or if you're so lucky that you've drawn multiple.  Lightning Strike and Spirit Strike can both ruin someone's day, but they also guarantee that you won't be casting much of anything else for a while.

My point here is that while a lot of you folks wave banners and yell "Magic is OP!", it comes at a cost that I'm not convinced is worth it.  You're drawing a lot of magic cards hoping to find a few that are useful.  This means you are not drawing equipment or trickery cards, either of which can provide you with a serious, *long term* benefit.  You have to pick up some extra spirit if you intend to cast much.  If you weren't playing a mage, you could instead be getting fight, wits or body - any of which is more generally helpful in keeping you alive than spirit.  And you're giving these benefits up, not for the power of magic, but for the blind hope that you'll get good magic with your relatively puny hand size.

So yes, if I was going to play a mage, I'd take Ghor.  But if I was going to pick a couple of characters to be my 'main', I'd take Barnaby and Magna.

General Discussion / New heroes and their attitudes
« on: September 03, 2016, 10:34:33 AM »
I've noticed that all the new heroes have a bit of an attitude to them.  This is most notable with the 'bad luck' statement, which the other heroes tend to act sympathetic with.

I'm not saying everyone needs to play nice, but I have to wonder if this works against them in multiplayer.  I was using Ghor in a match with Elyssia, Barnaby and Sana.  Everything was fairly normal until Elyssia went onto a settlement to claim and fortify it, failed a Plague peril, and I said 'bad luck'... or more specifically, "Bad luck.  Or maybe you're just stupid."

All of a sudden, all three of my opponents were playing to make sure I didn't win.  All the way up to the last turn, when I needed to use either a hot rot wine or a tactician if I was going to actually attack the king before dawn.  Not impressed by the already slim odds of that happening, Barnaby slapped me with immolation and Elyssia, across the map, used a plague bearers on me.  If I had drawn one of those, broken into the castle and made the attack anyway, I would have had to take at most one damage.

Now if I'd been winning, I could see people teaming up like this.  But I wasn't - at no point during that match did I have the highest prestige, I only had one spirit stone, and Ghor isn't exactly statted for a kingslayer victory even with the lionheart breastplate that was my only impressive piece of equipment.  Sana had the prestige lead thanks to the other two trying not to interfere with her, and when she tried to get a quick spirit stone win Elyssia - who also had five stones (yes, five) - got out of her way.  I hadn't attacked other people much, and I hadn't hit anyone with a damaging spell the entire game aside from Sana once in an effort to get her out of the way... so the only possible reason I can see that they'd all team up for a Sana victory is if they were mad at me for 'calling Elyssia stupid'.

The War Room / Re: Help with Ghor?
« on: September 03, 2016, 10:21:59 AM »
Kletian, as usual, ignores the problem that there aren't very many damaging spells in the deck.  He still has a point - once you have some equipment, only draw cards and stand where you get a spell cost reduction from multiple forests (three or four is great, but two will work).  You can cast most spells for free or one mana, making it simple to cycle through the spell deck.  You might also want to take the ring that gives you three mana if you're in a forest at dawn.  You'll still want to get around to do quests and so forth, since you can't just kill an opponent every turn like some people would tell you, but you can pretty easily find other groups of two or more forests as you travel.

Keep this up and you can get through a lot of useless spells like Divination and situational ones like Blood Lust and Regeneration, letting you reach the handful of actually good spells like Immolate and Teleport.  Remember that you can cast on any forest while in a forest, too.

Two points to remember, though - first, rot spells are not effected by the cost reduction.  Second, *do not* cast Spirit Strike in a forest if you needed all the damage you could get from it.  Ghor's ability will reduce the cost, but also the damage.

The War Room / Elyssia strategy
« on: September 02, 2016, 10:23:43 AM »
This isn't my strategy.  I was playing Magna - first time, she's a pretty good fighter in my opinion - and someone else had taken Elyssia.

First priority is to fortify all the towns.  Draw a few spells during this phase, a Haste or a Teleport can really help you get around faster.   Draw equipment only until you have three things equipped, even a shining steel sword will do. Hit your quests along the way if you can, but make sure you end your turn on each settlement.

With four settlements (maybe five sometimes?  I'm not sure) under your control, draw nothing but trickery cards.  The majority will be free.  Scatter these across the map liberally, keeping a few of the AP reduction ones to place between yourself and your doubtless irate opponents.  Try to keep out of reach, and use emissaries or just run over and grab any settlement you lose.

While you are blatantly trolling the other players and making it hard for them to get anywhere, you should be able to coast to an easy prestige victory.  You're cycling through the trickery deck pretty quickly, and getting at least one Patronage and Industry to get ahead will be simple.

...just hope someone else doesn't get Slanderous Toads near the end of the game, like I did.  That can ruin your whole game.  In fact, it might be best to hang onto that card if you draw it.  And while you're cleverly staying just out of reach, remember that The Stranger can move someone towards you.

Feedback & Suggestions / Re: Is Sargon's ability too good?
« on: September 01, 2016, 03:19:34 AM »
No, I don't think he's too good.  I played a game with him and, while his ability *is* useful, it's no help whatsoever when you're looking at three cards you don't like.

Really he doesn't get "90% good cards" most of the time - yes, you get to snatch that Patronage and Industry if it happens to be the next card in the trickery deck.  And if, by extreme good luck, the next trickery card is also useful, then you can grab it too.  But if none of the three cards is something you want, you're blind drawing like everyone else hoping that there's something good under this useless card.... or under the next one...

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