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General Discussion / Armello: towards a free-to-play model ?
« on: November 19, 2017, 02:35:53 AM »
Hello LoG, hi Darcy,

I've managed to get my hands on the iOS version of Armello and I was quite surprised of the brand new free-to-play format. Armello is a game with a lot of micro-transactions. Most of them are purely on an aesthetic aspect such as skins for heroes, boards, dice yet some are also gameplay related as for the Bandits characters.

From this point comes a simple question regarding the actual players on PC who own the paid version: will you add a system that will let us transfer both our inventory and our progression from PC to mobile ?

Also, does this mean Armello will become free-to-play on PC as well in a near future ?

I'm quite concerned about the new monthly subscription you are advertising in game.

Thank you in advance for your response,


I've noticed this too as well, I find this decision to be extremely greedy. Considering that you've added already so many micro transactions to your game which are besides quite expensive for some cosmetics, I'm really questioning your plans for the future.  Twitch is a great way to expand your fanbase and to get in touch with your community, unfortunately you put a paywall behind your past broadcasts and for what ? Dealing up with some "fees" ? What a joke.

Just to compare : Klei, another indie game studio which has more than the double of your overall followers on twitch never resticted their past broadcasts behind a paywall ever. What a strange way to treat your community with such a greedy attitude. Coming from such a small studio like yours, it's quite heartbreaking. I'm sure you guys could find other more honorable ways to ask for some support.

Bugs! / Re: [PC] Freezes. And more.
« on: April 10, 2017, 06:40:52 AM »
Tried a fresh installation (again), was able to play 3 games without real trouble. Then the next 2 games froze in a row  : "Armello.exe not responding > close application". First time right after picking king's declaration, second time when I had 1 action point left and was thinking about my next play while hovering over my cards. I can't be more pecise than that, I wish I could send you a crash log but thing is, when the game freeze, you no longer have access to the report bug feature so ... I really can't stand this situation, and it's even more infuriating to see you guys quiet on that business. If you're working on it, please do tell us and if you aren't then explain why or what could we do to help. I know without data it's kinda hard to fix something you don't really know how to replicate but take also in consideration this game has been in this same desperated buggy state since many years already and our patience has reached its limits.. What's wrong on your side ? You have a great game there but the real experience is so bad. You seem to not realize how especially frustrating it is to encounter freezes or the NMA bug for THIS particular kind of game. One game lasts usually for an hour, even more, and seeing all our work getting ruined in an instant without any warning is KILLING our motivation to keep on playing.  You can spend hours on one game and yet be kicked right out of it in a blink of eye, this is such a shame !!!

Update : just linking you to some reddit threads to let you know this is surely not a sporadic thing in case you refuse to consider it ! You're honestly being very disrespectful to your community who is having a hard time at enjoying your game because of these game breaking issues !! You don't fix a declining playerbase by adding silly events like this double dip WE, you actually need to fix your buggy game !

Bugs! / Re: [PC] Freezes. And more.
« on: April 08, 2017, 12:41:09 PM »

it's kinda sad this thread didn't attract much more attention. I've read through everything and I'm experiencing absolutely the very same issues. Playing this game is basically a nightmare, one game out of two, I am not able to finish my match because either it freezes all of a sudden or someone disconnects and the bot does not take the relay. I've experienced huge frame drops as well, most likely as the match goes to its end.

It's also worth mentionning these issues are there since a year, surely even more. Lots of people complained about these very same bugs on steam and reddit, with threads old from 2015 sometimes. I basically stopped playing a few months ago because of this, as it was too frustrating to waste literally an hour or two in a game which has a 50/50 chance of not ending. How the hell has it not been addressed since all this time ? Your latest patches were supposed to resolve this, but they all failed. Too bad this game is a niche because not many players will come here to complain about this kind of stuff to pressure you a bit more. Sure, all the new content and the balancing are nice, but fact is the game is not playable in its actual state. I think we have all been very patient (2 years lol) and I hope you will understand why this anger is justified.

Please keep us informed of the situation, and postpone every other project you had for this game which is not in relation with resolving these gamebreaking issues, as I think this is far more important than adding new skins or new paid content.

Thank you.

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