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Artisan's Alley / Zosha telegram stickers
« on: May 25, 2018, 05:13:19 AM »
Signs of life - yay!

So those of you who are of an artsy disposition will know that you can't always get into your groove of working on a big, finished piece or something, either for time constraints, or just a general art funk of some kind, so you doodle ...

I've had a lot of that doodling happen and eventually I sat down and lined some of those doodles and then I stumbled into coloring them too and then I accidentally added the necessary bits to make them into stickers for an Instant Messenger service and now I'm unintentionally writing this text on this forum and throwing this at you for public use ... and I never meant to do any of that, I swear ... I think ...

You can find the sticker set at this link - - enjoy all you folks!

I'll also be happy for suggestions for more future expressions, should I get around to doing those - also, I promise Drunken Prince will continue again soon. Just need to figure out some more style things.

Off-Topic / Other Games - Info and Promo for Solar Warden
« on: April 23, 2018, 06:11:13 AM »
So hey everyone!

Some of you might already have seen my posts over in the Artisans Alley of the various pieces of Armello Fan Art I've produced. I'm not sure I mentioned it anywhere, but some of you might have guessed I do artwork for a living, including design and illustration work for games studios here and there.

Now, I asked permission before putting this up here and so should you if you ever promo something. Anyone who intends to promo should at least have the common sense and courtesy to ask before posting stuff up on somebody elses board - just saying :b

Anywho ; what I'm getting at - it's very likely that most of us on this board don't only play one (type of) game, but many varied genres and titles. So for all those of you interested, I have been attached to the development of the title Solar Warden for the last year or so, a Space Shooter/RTS Crossover that's going on Kickstarter today!

The Game is inspired by titles like Freelancer, Descent, XCOM and Homeworld, and aims to combine the spirit of these games with modern technology in a unique fusion of genres.

Previous Accomplishments of the Solar Warden development team include the Award-Winning Mechwarrior: Living Legends, as well as a combined 20 years of games industry experience.

The link to the Kickstarter is here:

The developers are also talking to the community on real time on their Discord, and are happy to answer any questions you have!

If you're not the type to hop into new communities easily (guilty as charged right here), I will also be in charge of responding to interested parties right here on the board and we are all hoping for lots of corespondence and opinions, because that's what helps a developing title grow!

So check it out, let us know what you think and ifit's down your alley, drop us a bit of funding to make this happen :)

Cheers to y'all!


Artisan's Alley / Re: Street Cred
« on: January 25, 2018, 05:11:19 PM »
This is beyond amazing, Original Bias. I love the art style. If only this was a wallpaper friendly resolution, I'd put it as my desktop background.

Thanks a bunch for the kind words :3

I had to resize it a slight bit, but here's a 1920 x 1080 crop for 16:9 desktops. Be sure to download the original size :3

Artisan's Alley / Re: Street Cred
« on: January 23, 2018, 03:57:25 PM »
Holy crap, this is ridiculously good!

Thank you very much!

Dang, my imagination about Crimson Purge wasn't as epic as this! xd

Heh, perhaps I've just been over-exposed to modern media where things get blown out of proportion, but then concept art is all about over-exaggerating in the end X3

This is so rad. Shared with the team and would like to share on Twitter/Facebook if that's cool?!

Where can we link back to, to get you that sweet sweet credit?


Hey Darcy! Glad to hear it's so well recieved.
You're welcome to throw this up on your social media.

For credit purposes, I have this art station account

Cheers to you lot!

Artisan's Alley / Street Cred
« on: January 19, 2018, 07:46:42 AM »
Let's try this again.

So as I said in the previous attempt to upload this, whoever wrote that fluff text for Zosha, give yourself a pat on the back, because this is what was in my head while reading it.

Don't ask me what it is about Zosha I find so fascinating, I can't give you an answer - and even if I could, I doubt neither you or I would like it particularily much :b
Just something to stretch my fingers with and test out whether I could apply my new skill set to something of my own imagination.

Artisan's Alley / Messy Professional
« on: December 19, 2017, 11:29:13 AM »
Referring in this case to Zosha and myself both.

I originally didn't want to make a separate topic for this and instead attach it to my earlier Zosha fan art, because it's so unrefined I don't feel a thread of it's own is really necessary, but the forum prompted me to do it anyway so ... there.

Did this as a wind-down thing after playing a round with a friend tonight and it turned out nice enough I wanted to share it with you guys.

Not a whole lot else to say at this point. Signing off for the night.

Artisan's Alley / The Invaders
« on: December 06, 2017, 12:21:16 AM »
So a while back (as always) I was thinking about character concepts in the Armello universe. Scirbbling, I found myself thinking about characters who may not be native to the Kingdom, had other origins and motivations to aspire for the crown - this spawned a whole list of other things going on in my head, but that's neither here nor there.

Anyway, news of the King's failing health and sanity has spread far and wide and beyond the reaches of the Kingdom itself, attracting the fancy of other rulers, who smell a chance to expand their borders. The news of the rot returning under a crown would not be tolerated under their banner, and their agents and armies would liberate the native people of this bane, in the name of all that is good and just.

I give you, the Invaders;

Il Capitano
Of course he has a real name to go by, but he wouldn't suffer a commoner to speak it. Il Capitano, as he is called by his subordinates and pretty much anyone else not of noble blood, is the commanding general of the armies of Fidalgia and has come to free the people of Armello from the yoke of the ill-borne King and restore the order of the Wyld.

An excellent and ruthless tactician, he will pay any amount blood, collateral or otherwise, to ensure his objectives are met, which feels somewhat at odds with his supposed goal of liberation, but then the righteous need not pay heed to the bickering of the rable, lest they get distracted.

Fight: 4, Health: 5, Wits: 6, Spirit: 1 - Starting Gold: 7

Scouts: As leader of an army, Il Capitano commands scouts to keep the route ahead of him clear and maintain a clear view of the battlefield. He is treated as if the "Divination" card were active at all times.


The polar opposite to Il Capitano, Ermino is actually an ex-lieutenant of the Fidalgian army. Ambitious and driven, he'd made a name for himself as an excellent marksman, but there was little else for him to look forward to continuing to serve the noble caste in his native lands.

Well aware that his lowly heritage precluded him from anything truly substantial, Ermino decided he was going to look after himself in another capacity, armed himself with as many pistols as his lithe body would fit and all the gunpowder and ammo he could carry, set fire to his garrisons camp and disappeared into the night.

Wanted for high treason these days, Ermino has readily embraced the life of an outcast. He robs and steals from the rich and powerful, whether at gunpoint or behind their backs is of little matter, and now with the news of the King's health failing, the armellian treasury sounds like a very appealing prize to take indeed, not to mention the promise of a crown and the lands to go with it.

Fight: 6, Health: 4, Wits: 4, Spirit: 2 - Starting Gold: 5

Expert Marksman: Ermino is unrivaled in his talent with dispensing hot lead at a distance. Unless ambushed, Ermino deals damage first. Should the damage result in the death of his opponent, they do not get counter attacks.


The two female characters I came up with (because it's always been 2/2) remained in sketches, but if there's enough interest, I'll put some time aside to digitalize them aswell and write up proper fluff and stats for them :3

Artisan's Alley / Re: Drunken Prince [- Short Comic -]
« on: November 07, 2017, 10:24:30 AM »
Woah! Amazing! That Magna radiates badassness heavily ^^

Thanks man! ^^
It's the vibe I get off her personality. All the Armello characters radiate their own special kind of flair and Magna just feels like this heavy authority person who doesn't put up with shit - that's the idea I'm channeling for as long as her official lore isn't out yet (hint-Fin'-hint ... j/k).


 ./////.  thank you


So, finally got around to doing Page 5 - sorry for the wait folks. The creative life is a busy one I'm afraid ^^;

Artisan's Alley / Re: Drunken Prince [- Short Comic -]
« on: August 30, 2017, 09:33:32 AM »
Heyho everyone.

From here on out it might be a little longer until new pages get published, as I have to scratch draw again, but I will finish telling this little short :b

I'm not usually one to pat myself on the back much, but what I particularily like about this page is the thatdoesn'tbendthatway-face on Master Adair.

Also, cailín is a gaelic word for girl or maiden, not the character's name (I haven't come up with one though). I hope the ye olde english talk isn't too hard on those of you who are not native english speakers, but I hope the imagery speaks for itself :3

Artisan's Alley / Re: Drunken Prince [- Short Comic -]
« on: August 26, 2017, 07:47:55 AM »
Hooray! It's always great to see fan comics around!
Yeeeees! there are far too few of them about! ._.

This is wonderfully made! I'm eager to see more of this.
Thank you very much ^^ I shall aspire to add to it whenever I can

so so so so so good - I shared the second ep with the team and I'll keep doing so!

You totally inspired a "would wolved feel comfortable kicking things like that? Would it hurt more than a human?" discussion.
Heyhoy! Glad to hear it ^^

To add to the discussion; I suppose it would depend on exactly where he kicked - if he kicked the hand holding the sword, it's likely a non-issue

I'm in love with your art style!
Thank you very much, but as I said above, I'm actually ripping someone else's style for this particular little endeavour <3


Page #3 - Yay!

- just to clarify, in case it wasn't obvious from the different look, the intervening shorty is not Magna :b

Artisan's Alley / Re: Drunken Prince [- Short Comic -]
« on: August 08, 2017, 05:45:55 PM »
So, as promissed, I'm not falling asleep on my keyboard so here's a little more text -

A couple' months back now I'd posted to the GD forum a thread on Armello lore, asking if anyone had anything to add to what little there is to be found on the second set of heroes and the Usurpers, since the Wiki is pretty much mum on those subjects. Back then I had presented some ideas about what sort of role the other heroes play within their clans, what their histories are, etc.

As a creative person, these ideas began to form little side stories in my head, this one among them. Since I was studying Mike Mignola's style at the time (for those not in the know, Mike Mignola is the guy responsible for the Hellboy comics. Amazing style - check it out when you get a chance), experimenting in storytelling with it felt like a good idea and it's been very fun merging the Armello and Mignola art styles.

Anyway, this little snippet of life takes place shortly before the events of the game and is based on how I understand and interpret wolf society from what lore is available - hope you all enjoy :3

- Also; thanks Darcy. Much appreciated as always ;3

Artisan's Alley / Drunken Prince [- Short Comic -]
« on: August 08, 2017, 10:02:43 AM »
So, a quick shot upload tonight, but I figure you folks will appreciate it anyway.

I was originally planning to upload this in it's entirety when I got it done, but it's taking longer than expected and I'm itching to share, so here's page 1 with dialogue X3

Explainations to concepts and reasonings to follow when I'm not falling asleep on my keyboard.

Artisan's Alley / Town Guard
« on: May 28, 2017, 07:13:35 AM »
Since the King's guards can't be everywhere at once, the towns and clansfolk likely employ suitable candidates as sheriffs and marshalls to protect their little corner of land against all those less virtuous than the good people of their community. There's something to be said about a rabbit keeping an eye on a fox, just in case the trickster's planning on selling questionable sweets at the local fair, or ripping off the carpenter for second rate lumber <.<

Any resemblance, real or imaginary, is "purely coincidental" ...

General Discussion / Re: Character Lore?
« on: May 19, 2017, 06:11:06 PM »
Ooooh, I'm liking these 8D

Going by your description and assuming they'd be willing to go into a partnership (which I doubt, because their characters feel very different indeed), Elyssia and Barnaby could make an impressive ruling pair. She's probably got the experience and both of them have technological and scientific expertise. I wonder just how quickly the lands of Armello would advance if the two of them had the crown - or a crown, since old standards need a King and a Queen, so both get a head piece.
Makes me wonder which one of them would do the ruling the kingdom part though. My money's on Elyssia, with Barn's throwing in a word or two between tinkering on a contraption X3

Loving your idea for Sargon also. Makes a whole lot more sense than what I came up with, at least in terms of him chasing after the throne!

General Discussion / Re: Character Lore?
« on: May 13, 2017, 08:00:16 PM »
Alright, so since there's still open guesses as to who the unknowns are and what their motivations might be, I figure I'll toss out my ideas here and see if anyone's got something to say on the matter. This is a discussion board after all, so discussion, yay! :3

The huntress is a bit of a mystery as far as her motivations are concerned. The "Blight" fan-comic suggested she might be Thane's sister, which would give the two a very interesting sibling dynamic, but I'll leave this aside for now.

The wolf clan is described as proud and deeply honor-bound, which would imply to me that they lead their lives much like the people of japan did back in the Edo period, with strict social structures and hierarchies. Everyone has their position in the clan; warriors do battle, hunters provide food, healers treat wounds etc. - everyone does their thing as a contribution to the clan and is respected for their acts as such in turn. Trying to break the mold or defying leadership or a caste perceived as above yours in the larger hierarchy would likely be connected with a great deal of shame (something I suspect Thane is spared (or is he?) only because he is the son of the former clan alpha).

Now, based on this assumption, River has no business trying for the throne, at least not by herself. A wild bit of speculation on my part is that the King's deepening madness has been encroaching on the lands around the wolf territories to the point where the hunters could no longer provide enough food for the clan. River, being a dutiful huntress wishing to contribute to the clan, thus sets out for the palace to face the king and get control of their hunting grounds back, or failing that, kill him for the crown to liberate them herself.

There is an act of defiance in that course, since there already is a chosen champion of the wolf clan to carry the clan's business before the king and/or claim the crown and she is but a huntress, not a warrior and hence has no business challenging leadership, let alone the king of Armello himself (this is based on the assumption that Thane was indeed sent by the clan, and didn't just take off for the crown of his own volition, which, at least to me, was never definitely specified). I suspect that, were she to be successful, she would be forgiven her shame for abandoning her task towards the clan, as her donning the crown would truly outdo her benefits to the clan as a huntress - that is, assuming she wouldn't just outright relinquish the crown to a leadership person of the clan (or Thane ... who would likely bear that shame instead for having been bested by a huntress).

There is of course more personal reasons she could be doing this for. Based on the previous assumption, perhaps she lost a pack member to the famine caused by the food shortages, or something else has set her on a path of revenge against the king, but as I said, River is a bit of a mystery to me, so whenever it is the devs get around to posting their version, I'm willing to hear any alternate theories.

This sore-covered rat strikes me as some form of cult leader or pilgrim of same. I'm not sure what exact position he or his kind hold in the larger rat culture, but considering that even the darkest parts of the rat underworld have a very properly groomed young lady for an emissary (yes, that's a very ... benevolent description for Zosha), I'm fairly sure Sargon and his followers and/or associates are considered the bottom of the barrel ... and considering that about 90% of rat society apparently lives in the gutter, that barrel's already full of scum and now imagine what's at the bottom :b

However, as Armello is a world of magic and trickery and all the things we boring humans don't get to do, the cult very likely has a strong and very real powerbase to draw from. His is the world of sorcery, but not the kind you'd ever see Sana doing. I mean, we see him disturbing a grave in the Usurpers trailer, and I'm fairly sure he wasn't after trinkets. Considering he has a starting wealth of 7 gold, he worries little for materials. Instead I see him breaking fingers off corpses or reanimating them for a short while to learn their secrets - basically a less heroic version of what the Ron Perlman iteration of Hellboy did in the first movie. And while these practices may be righteously frowned upon, I'll bet you as surely as Mercurio has a lover in every town, Sargon's services as the death teller will be paid for by some thoroughly rotten soul or other for their unsavory needs and ambitions.

I'm willing to say the cult is probably known to all but mentioned by none, because speaking their name invokes their presence, that kind of thing. Armellians are thoroughly supersticious after all ... and for a good reason.

Now, what’s Sargon’s motivation for the throne? It’s a wild guess, but I want to say he’s probably the only hero canonically interested in the King’s rot and the growth thereof. While he himself may not lend well to rot for his frail body, he and his kind very likely have a good interest in surrounding themselves with that special kind of darkness that grants power, because, you know, it’s what cults do - I’m sure you can all paint the picture in your head.
Whether it’s to witness the king’s demise to the rot and harness that experience for himself somehow or to rot himself and the rest of the cult in the shadows of the palace to spread it across Armello when the crown falls, or a combination thereof is up in the air, but I’m willing to put my money on both options. Based on what I had said before, I see them as the type to „spread the plague“ so to speak.

I have a few choice words about this bunny and just about none of them are nice. Leaving aside my personal differences with this bouncing burden, here’s my theory as to what Barnaby’s background and motivation are.

I don’t have one. Honestly.

I’m not sure whether screwloose is his last name, or just a name people give him, but even so, it gives no hints as to what he wants with the crown. He’s described as a tinkerer, so maybe he’s some sort of youth prodigy in the workshops of the rabbit clan. I’ll cite the „Blight“ comic again, because that is about the only version of the little f***er I find sympathetic, but he strikes me as too young to be running for the throne in any capacity or for any reason.

My best guess is that he’s literally just doing it because he can? He’s wearing self-made armor and a big-ass back pack, so I’m guessing he might be riding on Amber’s curiosity track.

Tired of working in the smithy, he just packs all of his stuff together one day and hops out into the wild world to see what it’s got to offer. Fight some ancient monsters? F*** yeah! Go on a quest for ancient relics? Wooo! Go me! Battle the king for the crown? Why not? Sign me up! ... and after he wins I see him just tossing the crown aside and going "Now what?"

Again, I’m open to all other theories.

This big lady I have a more amicable relationship with than the insane bunny. While I was rather indifferent towards her at first, she sort of grew on me when she earned me my first rot victory (hurrhurr, grew on me, get it? - I’m sorry).

However, it was that rot victory that got me wondering what her motivations were and whether gaining rot and out-rotting the king was something that made sense canoncially. The version of Magna I came up with it sort of does, and if I ever have the time, I would love to put together a short comic showing that decline and that beautiful description of a thoroughly corrupted character entering the palace (whoever came up with that of you devs, pat yourself on the back, it really spawned an image in my head).

So as I mentioned before, I see wolf society as a strictly hierarchical and casted thing. The shield maidens , I believe, are the guardians and gatekeepers of the wolven lands. When the warriors go to battle, it’s the shield maidens who hold the forts and keeps back home. During peace time I see them functioning as the sheriffs of the clan grounds, keeping order, peace and the law of the clan.

In this capacity Magna strikes me as the chief of the shield maidens and I see her fulfilling a similar role to the clan grounds as the Marvel version of Heimdall does to Asgard in that she has ultimate authority over who gets to come and go (not superseding the clan alpha of course). She and her shields keep the clan safe from both the conquering and the criminal elements of other lands and this is also where I hook her motivations.

Being a dutiful gatekeeper and upholder of the wolven clan order, Magna has no tolerance whatsoever for Scarlet and her bandits. While she may not have the authority to speak on the clans behalf in general, I think in matters of security, she may have repeatedly requested the king to tighten his guard up against the outlaws, but since his mind was declining he may well either not have read or cared for the requests at all, leaving the bandit clan free reign of the lands between the clans and the palace. This very likely already rubbed her the wrong way, but when the bandits finally succeeded in stealing several of the clan’s celestite rings (how much ‘you wanna bet that was Twiss?) Magna’s patience finally ended.

The king was either unable or unwilling to control the criminal elements of the kingdom and therefore unfit to wear the crown. Considering Thane’s reputation, he was no better candidate for the throne either, so it was time to take matters in her own hands. She will take the throne, one way or another, and when she’s done with the weakling king she’ll turn all her attention to adding another of those fox tails to her belt.

This guy’s special and I don’t mean that he’s a beautiful and unique snowflake.

There’s a lot of angles as to what his origins are; maybe he was orphaned as a cub or maybe his parents dropped him in the forest after they noticed he was weak of mind, but whatever his origins, his connection to the wyld and the will of the forest is undeniable and I think that pretty much wraps up the character.

I don’t think he himself truly has a motivation for the throne, but instead he follows the wyld’s voices in his head. Much like Sana, Ghor is the spiritual counterpart to the king in that they act as the wyld’s balance to the king’s rot, but while Sana does this by her motivation as a priestess and prodigy of the clan, Ghor is much more directly connected to the wyld, not as a mindless golem, but as a symbiotic follower. The wyld cared for the cub and he in turn cares for the wyld and it’s balance.

As such, I don’t believe he wants the crown. Instead he only wants to purge the king and his rot and would leave the throne for someone else to fill, should he succeed. Again, alternate theories welcome.

This one I have trouble with.

Me and a friend jokingly theorized that Elyssia was Amber’s mom. Tired of her daughter’s antics and disregard for her responsibilities as heir to the rabbit clan, she’s set out to drag that little upstart back home, by her tail if she has to. If this means uprooting the king to show her how it’s done and gain the crown for herself in the process, so much the better. It would explain her snooty appearance at least X3

In all honesty though, Elyssia is, if not royalty, definitely of the upper crust of rabbit society. The title wardress of warrens alone attests to her greatness in one way or another, and considering rabbit society is described as being based on knowledge and technological advances as a founding stone, anyone with abilities like hers will be held in high regard.

As such I have a hard time pegging her for her motivations, but my best guess is that she might know Amber in person. She strikes me as the strictly business, a bean counter, a stickler for details and she hates, absolutely hates, people falling out of order ... and boy does Amber ever fall out of order. So to avoid a flighty, distracted adventurer from becoming queen of all the land, Elyssia has set out to claim the crown and put out a better example for (and of) her people than that frilly little princess would ever be ... as far as she’s concerned anyway.

The Usurpers
I know I’ve listed each of them above. The reason I’m putting them in a separate spot down here is to theorize on their title. Looking at the way the societies are structured and the characters function, I believe the Usurpers are literally meant as rebells against the original established heroes.

Thane and Amber are youthful and impulsive, much more preoccupied with their own interests than much else.
Magna and Elyssia both strike me as strict, ordered people, with the experience to see the trouble their respective champions would cause should they be succesful in gaining the crown.

Mercurio and Zosha are both a very specific type of high class. Mercurio stands as an established quasi noble man, while Zosha is the right hand of the night mother, both of which have a certain sense of royalty about them, if from the opposite end of the societal spectrum. Any way you put it, they both want the crown.
Sargon stands as a counter to both of them as a filthy, ragged cult priest character. He cares little for the crown, instead focusing on a far more sinister and otherworldly interest in the king and his condition and the consequences for the lands of Armello.

Sana and Brun both follow the wyld, or their interpretation of it. Even if they do so with different consents, their motivations are essentially the same, they’re just convinced of different methods. Sana is the gentle priestess, while Brun is the magical warrior.
Ghor also follows the wyld, but he does so in a much more direct manner. This may seem like he’s in tune with Sana and Brun, but considering how deep Ghor’s connection with the wyld runs, they may not be following the will of the wyld as closely as they would both believe and thus Ghor stands as the true spirit of the wyld’s will, while Sana and Brun would likely both have the throne for the betterment of the lands, or just to prove the council wrong in Brun’s case.


That concludes my contribution to the big mystery of the ursurpers and the rest of Armello’s lore that has yet to be published.

I look forward to hearing any alternative theories and discussions associated with the same - I hope there will be, at least :3 Discuss away!

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