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Bugs! / Re: [PC/WIN10X64] Turn timer not ending/disconnect griefing
« on: November 10, 2017, 03:24:47 PM »
Oh I've had the same problem, my friend had even worse problem when we've tried to play)
There was night, the 4th player made his steps, then it had to be morning. Me and my friend were kinda in future time, it was actually morning already, while another friend was still in past, waiting the night to go away.. and guards even made their steps as well, attacked the bird and... thats all |D the game has simply stopped. For about a minute or two.  We couldn't do anything, not even use any cards, nothing much. First we thought its someone's ping, but we've noticed the problem with "impossible cube" as well)) it was really fun and exhausting. So the thing is, some player was doin' his business, stepped on some trial and.. the last of his cubes was flying all the was around  for about 1-3 minutes as well xD we've actually wanned to go away and restart the game, but suddenly, the game process came back!) though we've decided to quit anyway, because it was simply impossible to play the game. I've actually wanned to record this moments of.. fun, lets say fun for now. But I've had a bad luck with that , because when I've just wanned to start recording by OBS  - the game reconnected again. |D

Bugs! / Re: Fury Friday lags A LOT. [Plus+]
« on: September 11, 2017, 11:54:23 PM »
As for the new card, it gives you two rot and then you gain one health for every bane on the board.

Nonono, not this one.) This one is for the character, I'm talkin' about the other one, I guess it calls.. "Stone guardians" or smth like that, if I'm right. You can find it it trickery cards. So you can PROTECT your city from banes with it, and as I said, it seems to work with rotten characters as well, or just injured a bit (less than 5 rot), and bite them for every rot point when they're in the protected city.  But it doesn't work with the characters. Oo'

As for the localisation, where should I talk about it? can I make any suggestions in this thread or should I make another one?..

Bugs! / Fury Friday lags A LOT. [Plus+]
« on: September 09, 2017, 05:01:16 PM »
Hey there guys.
You know this is weird, I"m kinda mad now, but I'll try to explain.

Armello lags and crashes almost EVERY time on Fury Friday. It can freeze at any time, and everyone will see  and feel it, its not just me. And even if somebody will go away, tired of waiting, there's no chances that the game will unfreeze again. So it must be smth with the servers it seems.. too overloaded maybe? Well then whats the point of "Fury friday" if the servers can't work correctly?

and another thing that just happened a moments ago: game crashed at the start of the new day after a new King's order.
here's the log file.

Also. There's smth odd about some new cards..
I don't remember what it calls, but its a card that you can use to defend your town from the banes.  And from the roted characters as well. The problem is that it works with banes, but the town description says "-1 health for every rot point" or smth like that.. and it doesn't work with characters. Or should it work ONLY with rotten characters that have 5 or 5+ rot? Oo'

Also. I'm still pretty interested, who's translating the game to russian? Maybe russian players could help you at least? |"D 'cause most of the characters replies are totally wrong, and there's a chance that other players won't understand the real meaning of the original phrase. My english is not the best, but even I could fix some things if I could or had a permission... |"D

Bugs! / Re: [PC] Freezes. And more.
« on: March 05, 2017, 08:27:10 PM »
GUUUUHHH...  >:(
Alright, I'm fine..

Just keeping up my "Bug it up" research.  And as always, new bugs were spotted. Maybe not that new, but you'd better watch this. And I think its not only mine problem, maybe its even some kind of glomal freeze bug?
So I made up some new screenshots for you guys.

I went through the all round with the freezes, yeah.. But at the end, when the round came up to its end, and the King was almost killed by the rot (or Zosha, as she was near from him? oh well, whatever.)
the game was frozen out again,  there was no response to the cards when I was tried to use them, and I couldn't move my camera. Only when I clicked on the River name in the chat panel,  the camera moved on River, but... it was impossible to do anything else anyway. Too bad it took so much time to get through the game and take nothing but the bugs in the end.

Bugs! / Re: [PC] Freezes. And more.
« on: February 28, 2017, 12:14:54 PM »
UPD: New bugs were spotted again.. xD

So I think this thread will be the most active thread of mine here)

So what do we have here today..

I'll add some screenshots to make it easier to understand what I mean. Although you probably won't understand the language xD

So.. I've selected the multi-player game, and tried to choose River. I was glad she showed up on the screen like if it was my chosen character. But nah, I think someone was a way faster than me and chose her first, b'cause her icon was gray...  Ok, I can understand why everyone loves her so much) But then something just got wrong and.. I couldn't choose any other character, I couldn't click any button (the buttons were clickable, but without any response) to go ahead and select a ring and other stuff or just leave the game. Finally, when the time ran out, the game started and... I was surprised, because my character was Zosha.) Nice character, by the way.

And its still freezes by the way.

Artisan's Alley / Re: Fan-character? Meet Aqua!
« on: February 26, 2017, 03:51:48 PM »
And yeah, about her hips) I've been waiting for this opinion xD I think she might have those large hips tooo.. make some long jumps if she were in game) like, 2 steps forward. It's not a fetish, but I guess I was kinda inspirited by armello style and um.. angora rabbits |D
I'm planning to make some new poses for her and maybe even animate her in future. So stay tuned, I'll live a link in this tread.

Bugs! / Re: [PC] Freezes. And more.
« on: February 23, 2017, 04:51:11 PM »
Just a little UPD. New problems has been spotted.

- Game freezes even in the single mode.
- Every time when the round starts, the king's voice seems kinda broken and intermittent.
- Same thing with the "rot crows"..
- It also always freezes when I'm trying to check the card from the bottom history menu.

Also. I have a little suggestion. Could you add an option to cancel the auto-watch for King's fight? It freezes out my system, and after the king is defeated, the game freezes even more and longer, right at the "goodbye'n'lvl up" page, lets say so. And right after that, it freezes out for 4+ minutes while trying to turn to the prize mode.

And I'll repeat. It was perfectly fine until the last updates.  :< (until the 17 of February I guess?)

Artisan's Alley / Fan-character? Meet Aqua!
« on: February 22, 2017, 08:15:18 PM »

So yes, as you may guessed, I was highly inspirated by this game again.) So I finally thought, why not to create some fan-character?
Have you noticed that almost every clan has its own wizard or smth? except wolfs and rabbits. So.. my first one is water-wizard rabbit named Aqua ^^

Oh I wish this character would be in game someday, buuut... ) I don't know. Probably this won't even happen, so I guess I'd better own this character to myself.

Aaand some stream-video:

Oh I wish I could work with LoG someday... |D

Bugs! / Re: [PC] Freezes. And more.
« on: February 21, 2017, 05:13:11 PM »
Hey there Shadify!

Have you attempted to verify the cache and/or a go ahead with a fresh install?


<3 Darcy
Heya. So yeah, sure, I've tried to verify the cache. Its all fine up there.
But yeah, I'm gonna reinstall it, sure, but huh.. I'm not the only one with this bugs as far as I know.
And by the way. I've tried to play again and I've noticed that most of these freeze lags goes on in a middle of the game, I guess.. like, when King's health goes down for a half, I guess.
I wish I could show this to you, maybe make some video or stream? But I'm not sure about it.

UPD: Right..  so I've reinstalled the game. But like I thought, it doesn't helped me much. I mean, at all. :/

Bugs! / [PC] Freezes. And more.
« on: February 21, 2017, 03:24:39 PM »
So basically, I noticed this bug right after the last game update.
I've tried to play Armello with my friends, or just with random players, and what I can say is:
- It freezes when I'm trying to pick up any new cards in my turn.
- Freezes when watching to someone's fight.
- Always freezes when watching the fight with a Lion King.
- Freezes when I'm trying to use my cards, to wear some gear, etc...

Of course, if I'll be on my luck, the freeze goes down for a bit and the characters animation goes fast, and that's really fun to watch, I would say. But still.

I've tried to set game graphic preferences to the lowest. But it doesn't help at all.

I'm also kinda upset, because when it's my turn and I basically CAN'T even take a new card, to move my cursor, well the times runs out anyway, and I'm afraid I won't make any step ahead. I'm also kinda mad, because sometimes the game is in a half step to shut down (I just feel it while watching to its freezes, black window, loud sounds of my pc when its memory is overwhelming, let's say so.)

And also, I'm sorry for my english, I'm not the best speaker after all |D
But I'm too mad to deal with it.  Because it was ABSOLUTELY fine until the last update. Really. :<

I hope you'll fix this bugs as soon as possible, or at least if there's some other way to get round this bugs by myself, I will be happy to know it. because I LOVE this game, its great. But I simply can't play it.
Thank you for your attention.

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