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Build number :
Build ID: release/1.6-drmfree-f1#f10984ac5b6fd1bdfd6819304baf051f13039073#57
Build Commit: f10984ac5b6fd1bdfd6819304baf051f13039073
Build Date: 2017-04-10 17:02:07Z

Platform :
PC, Windows 10 Pro, 64-bit
GPU : Nvidia GTX 880M

Description :
In single player, the third and fourth quests systematically have some invisible cards. They can still be selected though and can be seen for the fraction of a second, once selection has been done.

First, second and last are OK.

Repro Steps :
Play single player until you reach said quests.

I never saved in between, maybe it doesn't happen if the game is saved in the meantime, so don't save.

Graphics options are set to very high and every 2nd vblank vsync, with r_aamode set to 0 and SSAO disabled, i.e. they now show up as Custom. However, just to be sure I tried with "vanilla very high", but still half refresh vsync, and it does the same.

Attachments :
In-game screen capture

Dear forum readers, dear developers,

I have the GOG version of Armello, and would like to be able to choose my game language without having to change the Windows system language.

I'm not asking that the game be updated here, but rather if there are ways to achieve this with the game in its current state. I don't fear using some tricks...

I noticed the game code has an OverrideLanguage variable, which at least means you developers had to resort to this from time to time. Is there a way I would be able to set this variable, from the command line maybe, or hex-editing the game options file ?

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