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General Discussion / Armello Tabletop RPG
« on: August 05, 2017, 11:31:27 AM »
I've played Armello pretty much since it was released on Steam.  The game is amazing and the lore is great.  Since very early on, I've thought about how cool it would be to have a tabletop RPG where players could really explore the world of Armello.  With Armello's "board game" style gameplay, it's hard to really grasp the world itself.  You never really talk with inhabitants aside from them handing you three quest cards then getting a little flavor text back when you complete or fail that quest.  Well, I wanted to experience the world myself so in the past week or so, I've delved within my brain to find some way to transfer this world into a tabletop RPG.  There was another attempt at this in the past but it didn't seem to have gone anywhere and suffered from attempting to directly take Armello's board game mechanics and apply them to an RPG.  Anyone who is even passingly familiar with Armello will notice that many of the mechanics and even some of the lore have suffered from artistic liberties.  It is a sad fact but Armello simply just was not built for this medium, so I had to fill in gaps and change some things that just didn't really seem to fit.  Thus Armello was simply the inspiration behind this game rather than being directly translated.  If any of the developers of Armello are offended by this, I am truly sorry about it.
Quick disclaimer before I give you all the ruleset I came up with: I am not associated with League of Geeks, Armello, or any affiliates of either.  This was done as a fan tribute and is not intended to monetarily benefit me or anyone else in any way, shape, or form.  I do not believe I have violated any of the copyrights of League of Geeks or Armello, but I am not fluent in legalise, if I have missed something, please inform me.

A couple of notes, if any of the developers of Armello like this game I would absolutely love to collaborate to make this game a true Armello tabletop RPG.
Additionally, one thing that the game is currently lacking heavily is Perks.  At the time of posting this, there are only 9 Perks, but I would really like to have at least 15 if I can manage it.  If anyone reading this has ideas for Perks, I can't promise they will make it into the ruleset but I would love the inspiration.  Perks should be altogether different from other Perks, the rule of thumb that I have so far used is that any 2 characters who have different Perks should always feel like they play differently from each other no matter how similar they are otherwise.
I can take criticism like a champ but please try to be constructive :)

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