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Artisan's Alley / Jrap's Dice Shack
« on: June 26, 2017, 02:34:45 PM »
A thread to keep my dice and progress posts in! I've been making workshop stuff for like three years now  and I'm always looking for weird ways to make game objects less gamey. Like my first dice skin, using a 35mm photograph:

For this skin I want to use this dreamy B&W photo I took a while ago, I loaded some film under my shirt and dove into the dance floor of the only club in my hometown. I wasn't sure at all what settings would work or what aperture to use, and I couldn't actually see anything, so I wound on the film and took a shot with every different aperture my pentax had, hoping that the strobe light of the dance floor would trigger at the right time. I shot 48 exposures blind like this, and managed to develop one or two good images:

The best way to digitise a film photograph like this is to scan the negative and invert the color digitally, which I did, but the resolution still isn't really high enough to use in armello, so I'm compromising and doubling the neg's original size, and cherry-picking elements I like , like using the darker edges of the picture for the rot symbol:

and this person's rave-hand in the air for the swords:

A tip, what I'm doing here is selecting the squares in the UV, expanding the selection by 1px, and inverting it to crop the rest of my photograph out.

For the moon, I really liked the double-exposed faces of dancers and wanted to get these two in:

**(they are double-exposed because the only light hitting the film is that of the strobe light, which fired twice while the shutter was open, and the dancers were in different positions for each strobe flash, so they show up in both positions)

I want the edges of the dice to differ from the inside, but I don't want to use flat colors when I have such a rich image to work with, so I'll use the whole photo twice (because no-one would notice unless I told you)

At this point it occurs to me that the white symbols are going to be lost in the lighter backgronds, so I'm duplicating them and adding a gaussian blur for a soft shadow behind them, matching the style of the photo

I've got no Idea how to author the normal map of this one, so I'll just let photoshop blindly generate one (which seems appropriate) and see how it goes.

As you can see, the grain of the film is actually generating bumps on the die at 0% blur. This is probably excessive and bad, but so am I, so let's give it a spin

This went better than expected but as you can see, there are some iffy spots where the border rapidly changes color along the edge (ugly!!!!!)
But that's okay! this is what art is all about, making mistakes and trying new things! I'll adjust the texture of the edge to keep a more stable grey color. The bumps are also causing a bit of havoc with the lighting (it actually looks like silent movie footage when the die is spinning) , so I'll soften them.

and here it is with a dark border:

Feedback and tips are appreciated! I just started making dice and I'm making LOTS of mistakes!


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