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Feedback & Suggestions / New item card idea
« on: January 22, 2017, 05:52:15 AM »
Ever been in a game where you really needed to beat some guy's tied prestige for the win?  Ever had someone steal your prestige lead with bubble tea?  Maybe you just want to see another minor healing item added to the mix?  Then this is the card you've been waiting for!

Garlic Soup: this stuff is wondrously healthy, and for the cost of just two gold will improve your body (or that of an adjacent hero) by one for two whole turns, a duration much like that of the haste spell.  Of course, garlic breath is pretty unpleasant.  Whoever this is used on will lose one prestige for the same duration.

Yes, it's silly, but it could actually be useful.  Get a small health boost when you need it most, improve your body before hitting a quest that requires it, or mess with that impenetrable tank's precious skin-of-the-teeth prestige lead.

General Discussion / New heroes and their attitudes
« on: September 03, 2016, 10:34:33 AM »
I've noticed that all the new heroes have a bit of an attitude to them.  This is most notable with the 'bad luck' statement, which the other heroes tend to act sympathetic with.

I'm not saying everyone needs to play nice, but I have to wonder if this works against them in multiplayer.  I was using Ghor in a match with Elyssia, Barnaby and Sana.  Everything was fairly normal until Elyssia went onto a settlement to claim and fortify it, failed a Plague peril, and I said 'bad luck'... or more specifically, "Bad luck.  Or maybe you're just stupid."

All of a sudden, all three of my opponents were playing to make sure I didn't win.  All the way up to the last turn, when I needed to use either a hot rot wine or a tactician if I was going to actually attack the king before dawn.  Not impressed by the already slim odds of that happening, Barnaby slapped me with immolation and Elyssia, across the map, used a plague bearers on me.  If I had drawn one of those, broken into the castle and made the attack anyway, I would have had to take at most one damage.

Now if I'd been winning, I could see people teaming up like this.  But I wasn't - at no point during that match did I have the highest prestige, I only had one spirit stone, and Ghor isn't exactly statted for a kingslayer victory even with the lionheart breastplate that was my only impressive piece of equipment.  Sana had the prestige lead thanks to the other two trying not to interfere with her, and when she tried to get a quick spirit stone win Elyssia - who also had five stones (yes, five) - got out of her way.  I hadn't attacked other people much, and I hadn't hit anyone with a damaging spell the entire game aside from Sana once in an effort to get her out of the way... so the only possible reason I can see that they'd all team up for a Sana victory is if they were mad at me for 'calling Elyssia stupid'.

The War Room / Elyssia strategy
« on: September 02, 2016, 10:23:43 AM »
This isn't my strategy.  I was playing Magna - first time, she's a pretty good fighter in my opinion - and someone else had taken Elyssia.

First priority is to fortify all the towns.  Draw a few spells during this phase, a Haste or a Teleport can really help you get around faster.   Draw equipment only until you have three things equipped, even a shining steel sword will do. Hit your quests along the way if you can, but make sure you end your turn on each settlement.

With four settlements (maybe five sometimes?  I'm not sure) under your control, draw nothing but trickery cards.  The majority will be free.  Scatter these across the map liberally, keeping a few of the AP reduction ones to place between yourself and your doubtless irate opponents.  Try to keep out of reach, and use emissaries or just run over and grab any settlement you lose.

While you are blatantly trolling the other players and making it hard for them to get anywhere, you should be able to coast to an easy prestige victory.  You're cycling through the trickery deck pretty quickly, and getting at least one Patronage and Industry to get ahead will be simple.

...just hope someone else doesn't get Slanderous Toads near the end of the game, like I did.  That can ruin your whole game.  In fact, it might be best to hang onto that card if you draw it.  And while you're cleverly staying just out of reach, remember that The Stranger can move someone towards you.

Bugs! / Unable to draw cards bug not actually fixed
« on: May 17, 2016, 10:11:33 AM »
I'm playing as Amber - trying to get the achievement for three artifacts and followers at the moment - and when my turn came up I was unable to draw any cards.  When the timer to draw cards ran down the decks remained there.  I couldn't do anything but quit, which I did without thinking to grab a screenshot.  Not like this is a new one.

Bugs! / Game freezes when using Banish on king's turn
« on: May 15, 2016, 12:50:55 AM »
The tragic end of my attempt to push through a game with Brun:

Bugs! / Phantom card
« on: May 15, 2016, 12:25:36 AM »
I was looking at Barnaby to see what he had for equipment when he replaced his bastard sword with an adventurer's kit.  The game started displaying the free bastard sword in my inventory, but I didn't actually have it - it's just some weird glitch where it's being shown.

The War Room / Wyld's Warning Win
« on: December 29, 2015, 11:40:31 PM »
Probably been discussed before, but I thought this was pretty amusing.

I had the prestige win all locked up as Thane, but Barnaby had entered the palace with four stones on the day before the king would die.  Not being a fool, he decked himself out in massive armor to make it very difficult to push him out of the castle.  I wasn't at all sure I could get enough sword icons to pierce his defenses, so I drew four spell cards... and the last one was Wyld's Warning.  I had to cross a dungeon to reach him - made things a little more interesting, since a bane was spawned the first time I stepped on it - but I let him successfully evade me right out of the castle.  Then Mercurio killed himself while killing me, but that hardly mattered since Barnaby now had to enter the palace and cure the king in a single evening, and didn't have any AP boosting items.

So casting a supposed buff on an opponent let me keep my win.  Fun times.  Still no dice, though.  :P

Bugs! / Incorrect quest victory text
« on: September 25, 2015, 10:21:21 AM »
As you can see, Quoth the Philosopher appears to have the victory text from Talcott the Tinkerer instead.

Off-Topic / Fantasy movie with its own Thane (and a joke about crossovers)
« on: September 17, 2015, 05:25:30 AM »
Yesterday I was showing the game off to some friends and Thane killed me repeatedly.  Today, this Mythica movie updated to say you could pledge for one of two new tiers to get a lunch date with one of their characters - Dagen or Thane.

Considering the timing here, I had to joke about the two Thanes.  You can see the reply here:
Or just take my word for it: "Mythica Thane dressed as a wolf would be pretty sweet... maybe we should do that in Mythica 5 :)"

Silly and pointless, perhaps.  But I thought it was amusing, and that some of you might get a chuckle out of it too.  The first couple of movies weren't bad either, though the first was definitely better than the second in my opinion - could be worth a look for anyone who likes fantasy movies or is an old fan of Kevin Sorbo.

Feedback & Suggestions / The Warlock, spellcasting and AI
« on: September 11, 2015, 01:37:34 AM »
Not sure if this should go here or in bugs, so I'll just put it here.  I was playing a game when Amber cast Focus, then Bark Skin and suddenly died.  Looking at her equipment shelf I saw she had a warlock equipped - apparently she'd spent the last of her health to buff her health.  Bit of an odd choice for the AI to make, huh?

Feedback & Suggestions / Prologue typo
« on: September 09, 2015, 10:58:31 PM »
In Amber's first quest, she finds "... the bard, floating, alseep in a bubble of errant magic."  Not a big deal, I know, but presentation can make a difference and the prologue is pretty much your first impression.

Given Rot to enemies sounds cool and all, but I seriously think that getting this thing is a wasted treasure draw from a dungeon (or the card pile).  To explain why, I have a few examples of how it will work in-game:

1. You have no Rot:  Why exactly are you bothering with this weapon?  You gain no direct benefit from it, and the indirect benefits are few - and listed separately since they apply to most of the examples.

2.   You have a little Rot: There's a good chance that if your opponent isn't totally Rotless, you just negated your combat advantage against them... or gave them a combat advantage against you.  Either way, I bet you wish you had something simple like a +1 sword weapon instead about now, huh?

3. Your opponent already has more Rot than you:  I assume in this case that you didn't initiate the attack.  More likely they're assaulting you because if they lose, they get a leg up on that Rot victory they're hoping to obtain and if you lose, then you die and are out of the way for a while.  In other words, whatever deterrence value having the Dagger may give turns into an attractant for people who are already severely Rotted.

4. You have very high Rot: Congratulations, this is the only time that stabbing people to give them Rot really makes sense.  You can really up the bonus dice you gain against them after a few kills, and you can camp the current prestige leader's clan grounds to kill them until their prestige lead is gone.  Assuming that they don't have enough of a lead that killing them so many times would give them the lead in Rot, but in that case I assume you'd switch weapons.  Of course, there is the minor problem that getting high Rot isn't going to happen in the first few turns... and you've probably gotten killed by Banes a few times... so most likely you have <=8 turns to make up a not inconsequential difference, and quite likely you'll have to swat multiple opponents.  Good luck.

In all of these cases aside from the third, there is a chance that your opponent had no Rot at all.  In this case you've hit them with that 1 HP penalty every dawn, and that can be useful.  They'll also be easier for Banes and the king to kill, slightly, even if that wasn't their first point of Rot - assuming you didn't just get them equal to the Banes, anyway.  That leads to the only real strategy that seems to give any value to the Dagger: kill each unRotted opponent once., and then throw the blasted thing away and get a weapon that will be more helpful.

Now that the examples and side note are out of the way, here is my main point: what this weapon does, in a direct sense, is give you bonus dice against opponents by Rotting them.   While you do this you must also find ways to keep your own Rot higher than theirs.  There's a simple problem with this as a strategy, and that is the fact that you don't have a lot of time to make this tactic work for you.  Even if you started with the Dagger in hand (and the way it costs nothing to equip makes me suspect it's a dungeon-raiding prize), you will have to sprint straight at a neighboring opponent's clan grounds in order to reach them in the first few turns, and then you need to run to hit someone else.  By the time you've killed each opponent *and* acquired the Rot you need to keep the combat bonus against them, you've probably spent a third of the game or more doing nothing but assaulting your opponents.  Meanwhile, they'll have been completing quests, raiding dungeons, claiming cities... all of which you have had to do in passing in an attempt to gain an early advantage by Rotting them.   At this point, you're probably at a disadvantage.  If you aren't, then you've gotten very lucky by having opponents come to where you needed to go for quests.

In an indirect sense, you *might* convince opponents to steer clear of you by equipping this because they don't want to risk the Rot.  As noted in example 3, you might also convince opponents to attack you in the hopes that they'll gain it. There is also the relatively minor bonuses listed in the side note after the examples, but honestly, those are more to irritate opponents than to help you personally win.

In short, I see no strategy that really pays off for this weapon.  If you've actually managed to acquire 8 Rot by the halfway point, don't you think your time is better spent in trying to break into the castle and kill the king?  If you're still sitting at 3 or 4 Rot, does it make sense to try to give more to opponents that are probably only one or two points behind you already?  Why would you want to use this time-consuming method of gaining dice against opponents, which could easily backfire from other sources of Rot or simply getting attacked while using it, when you could instead equip something that gave you an automatic sword first time, every time?  Unless this gets some sort of boost, I figure I'll be cursing my luck at drawing it and burning it immediately despite the Rot symbol just so it won't be cluttering my hand up.

The War Room / AAAR: Spirit Stone victory
« on: March 30, 2015, 12:51:26 PM »
I took Amber out for a livestreamed session to show some friends.  For the most part things were pretty normal - I got lucky enough to actually start with equipment for once (only time in 10+ games), and I managed to get into some dungeons that got me that one helmet with +1 wits and shield. so I had a reasonable set of gear.

The quests are very useful for gaining stats now, but the way it's always wits check to gain wits, fight check to gain fight and spirit check to gain spirit makes it seem like, if you intend to get the items instead of just taking the stat and prestige for skipping the check entirely, you're going to have to do the same one every single time.  I was just lucky to get two spirit stones from dungeons, so I kept visiting them and eventually got a fourth.  About that time Thane, who had 5 AP for some reason, came sprinting out of his grounds to try to prevent me from getting an easy win.  We wound up killing each other and all of a sudden I had the highest prestige because Thane had lost two (one to put him in his grounds, another to spring for my throat and die from it)... just in time for me to get to choose to give up my gold reserves because, just in case I couldn't get to the king in time, I didn't want to divvy my two prestige up among everyone else, and that was the other option.

I would have had a hard time of it if Mercurio hadn't died from his latest attempt to enter the palace just before I got there.  Instead, the way was open and with my 8 wits I had no trouble just burning cards to get into the palace myself.  Sana tried to attack and force me out of the space - that would have been fatal, had I not just selected the decree to give myself and the king one health - but I managed to block all damage while Sana took one, so I got to stay inside.  Since night fell then all that remained was to banish the king - my first victory with spirit stones, with an admiring crowd of, as far as I can tell, one person.  His main comment was that the terrorized villagers sound like they're in Roller Coaster Tycoon (he gave me a link, ), but he did at least say the game looked interesting after he'd asked about that.

Bugs! / Trickery deck typo
« on: January 26, 2015, 05:02:18 AM »
I was streaming the game and paused with the cursor over each deck so my viewer could read, when I noticed that the description on the trickery deck reads that it's a "mixed bag bag of..."

I couldn't believe what I was seeing, so I took a screenshot to share and let other people see it too.  Besides, it's a good shot of the king in battle.  :P

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