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It's a perfectly viable ring for the Rat Clan to have elsewhere but it makes any victory other than Prestige far harder, as anyone that attacks you once you're in, be they King's Guard or Hero, pushes you right out again. Without a Hot Rot Wine or Strategist, it becomes impossible to remain in the Grounds long enough to move on the king.

Like Twiss' special ability, the Turquoise ring should stop working once you're in the Palace Grounds.

Feedback & Suggestions / Hero Idea: Merddra, the Fallen Champion
« on: May 18, 2017, 08:10:01 PM »
So I love Armello, first off; the concept, the characters, the way the entire game can shift in a single turn (case in point, I went from lowest prestige, to highest (found the royal banner), to second-highest (Elyssia used Game of Thorns). That was fun. xD

ANYWAY. I loved the introduction of the Bandit Clan characters and the new playstyles they introduced; Horace being able to maneuver like no other hero (especially if you give him the "1 AP to cross mountains" ring, and Sylas actively encouraging players to walk around with a Bounty on their head.

However there's no hero in the game as it stands that encourages succumbing to the Rot, and I personally think it'd be a fun idea.

Backstory, 'cos I like writing stuff like this:

Merddra is - or rather, was - a proud champion of the Bear clan. Her tactical prowess and physical might are still spoken of in legend, though few are willing to remember her as anything more than a myth - lest they admit that such a noble hero could have fallen to corruption.

In order to turn the tide of a fierce battle, Merddra wilfully took up a Rot-touched amulet. The poisonous darkness crept into her veins, but the strength it gave her allowed her to easily win the day. It was clear, however, that Merdda was forever changed.

Her tactics in battle became more ruthless - her methods more merciless. As time progressed, she would clearly to go any means to achieve victory. Until one night, she simply vanished from the Bear Clan lands, never to be seen again... until word of the King's own fall to the lure of the Underworm spread across the lands, and a dark champion arose to dethrone the fallen king and take his place.

Appearance: Similar stature to Brun and Sana, but now hunched over and riddled with the signs of the Rot's corruption. No weapon - fights with fists and own claws.

Starting stats: 5 fight, 4 body, 5 wits, 2 spirit. The Rot's touch has all but severed her connection to the Wyld (very low spirit) and sapped much of her once-legendary strength from her bones (low body), but her mind remains as sharp as ever (high wits) and her ferocity grants her an edge in battle (high fight).

Hero Power "Rotten to the Core": Merddra begins with 1 Rot, and gains double the usual Rot from using or equipping Rot cards.

Her low starting body and spirit will mean she has to either rely on item cards or getting Corrupted as quickly as possible to survive for more than 4 turns un-harmed - but her high Wits and Fight will help give her an edge in battles with a wide array of burnable/usable cards and a solid means of smacking her foe around.

Feedback & Suggestions / Suggestion: Rot/Corruption visual effect.
« on: May 15, 2017, 10:50:20 PM »
As it stands, characters with Rot look like everyone else, and characters who are fully Corrupted have the Bane-style purple aura to them - which is cool and all, but then we have the King, covered in black-and-purple vines and with glowing purple-white eyes.

I'd love to see a shifting change in the character's texture as they got more Rotten, sort of like how the unique King dice change from the gold and blue to purple and black and rotten-looking the higher your Rot score; moving from the standard look to one similarly covered in dark veins and with (at say, 8+ rot) the same glowing white eyes the King has, to really show how your hero has fallen to the Rot's temptations.

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