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Just a small suggestion that comes hot on the heels of my most recent Armello match.

As you are aware, when a Hero becomes corrupted and selects a new quest, it will not choose a location that is a Stone Circle, ensuring it can be accessed and not putting the Corrupted Player at a pretty major disadvantage.

Or so it seemed.

In a recent Armello match I was involved in, I was a corrupted River who had just finished her second-last quest before being able to quest their way into the Palace. I selected a Fight quest and the game promptly showed me where my last quest would take place.

It was in a town that, near the beginning of the game, had a Stone Ward installed on it by one of my opponents, essentially forcing me to break into the Palace through the perils.

Now that story time is over, here is my suggestion: extended the possible quest location restrictions for Corrupted Heros to include Warded Towns as well, just as a balancing act. At least, towns that are Warded at the time a new quest is chosen. If an opponent can anticipate where a Corrupted Player's next quest is after it has been chosen, then it would be fair game.

Nothing new or innovative here. Just an anti-frustration feature that I think should be included.

Build Number: 


I was waiting for my turn to begin during a day cycle. While I was waiting for a King's Declaration to be chosen by the Prestige Leader, the guards started moving around as if the KD had been chosen, but the selection window was still open. My turn then began and allowed me to draw cards while the window was still open. Due to the window obstructing my view, I accidentally entered battle with a Kings Guard. The KD window remained open, and it was at this point the game locked up. No timer, no auto-rolling of the dice. Nothing.

Repro Steps:

I haven't the faintest clue what caused the window to remain open or the guards to start moving before it had even been selected. I had done nothing, so it may have been something on the Prestige Leader's end, being the only other player in the game with me ( the other two had left the turn before).


Two screenshots of the game in the bugged state, plus game logs (that I could attach to this post, anyway. Hope it's enough). The first being when I was allowed to draw cards while the KD window was up. The second was where the game locked up, during the battle with the King's Guard.

Introduce Yourself! / Greetings from the Land Down Under
« on: April 27, 2017, 05:28:24 PM »
G'day mates, I'm CaptainRed1000, an aspiring Aussie writer and a huge fan of RPG's with a good grasp on storytelling, whether it be in the background or in full view.

LoG and Armello came to my attention through a Co-Optional Lounge episode. On the surface, it looked like a decent enough game. Once I actually got it a year later, I was enthralled by how much more there was to the game than what I first saw. Been inspired and frustrated (how can you not be at a game with dice rolls?) with it ever since.

Community looks nice enough, so... here I am.

Really nothing more to say than that.


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