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Introduce Yourself! / Greetings, Haberdashers!
« on: April 03, 2017, 07:07:49 AM »
I am Necrokov!

I work very hard at different Armello strategies, and it's great to see so many players on the PS4. Time was you could never get a multiplayer game going, and for a stretch I simply put the game down for other pursuits. After being woefully disappointed in games like Star Ocean and FFXV, I saw Armello peeking at me, and I thought "why not".

After the update, I saw that there was suddenly some DLC! Played a couple multiplayer games, saw lots of improvements in the game itself, and sure enough bought the Usurpers and Seasons content.

This is now a game that at times I will play all day and night. There are lots of seasoned and new players, I'd say I'm somewhere in the middle. As I write this, I'm one or two wins from eight. I LOVE seeing what animal my next level will bring me, and I'll admit it makes me really want to win badly ha ha ha......

I'm not going to get into 'complaints' during my introduction, especially since I'm sure they've all been voiced already and my efforts would be redundant.

At any rate, I don't usually register for sites like this but Armello is a unique experience that I'd really like to see grow (more animals, more cards, more everything!)

Hello, and by all means, if you are on the PS4 and you run into me in the multiplayer setting,  always keep in mind that 'Haste makes for error'.


P.S.- Go Rat Clan!

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