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Feedback & Suggestions / King Skins?
« on: July 01, 2018, 10:36:10 AM »
Has anyone thought of this yet? The idea just occurred to me. Might be pretty cool as a store item. Any ideas for king skin variants?

Feedback & Suggestions / Idea: Main Menu Background Unlocks?
« on: June 28, 2018, 02:21:45 AM »
Hey all! Long time since I've logged in, but this idea just hit me and I had to share it before I forgot!

What if - as a reward for winning the game with different characters and victories - you unlock artwork for the main menu? For example: if you win as Thane with a Rot victory, maybe a background styled like the one on the main menu, but with Thane on the Throne, infected with Rot. If you win as Thane with a Spirit Stone victory, you'd unlock a background depicting Thane surrounded by Spirit Stones while on the throne, etc.

Though, now that I type it out, if that were to happen, since there are twenty characters, with four possible victories, that would be a whopping 80 backgrounds to design! I suppose copy/pasting assets in Photoshop and then just altering details (adding Rot vines, spirit stones, etc) would be a workaround, but - then again - it's still extra work.

Maybe just one background per character? Hey! Better idea: if you complete all four victory types with a single character, you unlock a main menu background with that character on the throne, and each background would obviously reflect the characters' respective personalities!

Eh, maybe it's not feasible, but I definitely wanted to throw it out there as an idea.

Either way, I might do this in my spare time just for fun.


Off-Topic / How Do You Like Your Coffee?
« on: March 18, 2017, 12:56:31 AM »
Because I'm bored and this is the "off-topic" section. ^_^

I like mine straight black with some milk added to cool it down from "boiling scalding surface of the sun hot" to "ahh, that's nice and warm but also isn't destroying my mouth."

Artisan's Alley / ART: A Map of Armello
« on: March 13, 2017, 02:33:57 PM »
Hello, everybody!

One time, I recorded a game of Armello that I played. When I did this, I thought, "Hey, wouldn't it be neat to take these events and interpret them into fanfiction form?"
Naturally, I thought the idea was great, but - of course - the next thought occurred to me: "Hey! What's a fantasy story without a map to go with it?"

So, ladies and gentlebeasts, I present to you... a map of Armello*
*as randomly generated that one time I played the game, heh.


A bit about the making of this, if you're interested:

It did take some artistic liberties, of course. For one, if features didn't necessarily contradict eachother, I mixed-and-matched to make the landscape flow more evenly. Hence why you see swampland and woods in the same place, or towns inside of forests.

Another thing I took into consideration (which you can see in the faint outlines) is elevation. Bogs and wetlands would have flat, long elevation, and mountains would determine where elevation rises, naturally. Same goes for patches labeled "valleys" in the game, and "Rot Gorge", for instance.

Names also played a part in where the entirely fabricated rivers are. The plains called "Rabbit River Run" had to have a river in it, same with "Crooked Creek Prairie" and "Rivercrest."

At times, I'd realize that having two forests right next to eachother, blending into eachother and having two separate names, would simply be weird. Same with mountains or fields. So, since two mountains were generated right next to eachother in the game (Hollow Ranges and Winter's Bane), I took a look at the names, and decided that the "Hollow Ranges" would serve as the larger chain spreading across the map's bottom, while "Winter's Bane" could easily be interpreted as a prominent peak within those mountains. I had a lot of fun with "Dragon's Nest," which I decided should have a nest-like shape. This happened to be next to a mountain named "Blackstone Spires," and a forest called "Black pines," and it all clicked - "Dragon's Nest" is a long-extinct volcano, whose magma erupted and spilled off to the southwest, creating the color you see in the "Blackstone Spires" and Black Pines."

One other thing I had fun doing was the cities; rather than have one giant city cover a big portion of the map, I interpreted it as being the only or most prominent city in that region, with (perhaps) a few scattered towns here or there in the neighborhood. :D

I could go on and on about various other things, such as how I interpreted "Splintwood Bog" and "Grayland Bog" as being part of a larger "Breathless Bogs". This resulted in Brunswick being stuck in a bog, due to the river position and such. Hence the use of a path system to justify travelling to Brunswick without taking damage. Same goes for Braybrook Shire and Mossfall Forest - the two connected in the game map itself, but the bogs had to touch. Therefore, a path was drawn through the bogland. Another detail I should note is that a few of the names (specifically the clan ground names) have made up titles to make them seem more interesting.

Has anyone else done or thought about doing this? I'm eager to know!

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