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Bugs! / Fury Friday lags A LOT. [Plus+]
« on: September 09, 2017, 05:01:16 PM »
Hey there guys.
You know this is weird, I"m kinda mad now, but I'll try to explain.

Armello lags and crashes almost EVERY time on Fury Friday. It can freeze at any time, and everyone will see  and feel it, its not just me. And even if somebody will go away, tired of waiting, there's no chances that the game will unfreeze again. So it must be smth with the servers it seems.. too overloaded maybe? Well then whats the point of "Fury friday" if the servers can't work correctly?

and another thing that just happened a moments ago: game crashed at the start of the new day after a new King's order.
here's the log file.

Also. There's smth odd about some new cards..
I don't remember what it calls, but its a card that you can use to defend your town from the banes.  And from the roted characters as well. The problem is that it works with banes, but the town description says "-1 health for every rot point" or smth like that.. and it doesn't work with characters. Or should it work ONLY with rotten characters that have 5 or 5+ rot? Oo'

Also. I'm still pretty interested, who's translating the game to russian? Maybe russian players could help you at least? |"D 'cause most of the characters replies are totally wrong, and there's a chance that other players won't understand the real meaning of the original phrase. My english is not the best, but even I could fix some things if I could or had a permission... |"D

Artisan's Alley / Fan-character? Meet Aqua!
« on: February 22, 2017, 08:15:18 PM »

So yes, as you may guessed, I was highly inspirated by this game again.) So I finally thought, why not to create some fan-character?
Have you noticed that almost every clan has its own wizard or smth? except wolfs and rabbits. So.. my first one is water-wizard rabbit named Aqua ^^

Oh I wish this character would be in game someday, buuut... ) I don't know. Probably this won't even happen, so I guess I'd better own this character to myself.

Aaand some stream-video:

Oh I wish I could work with LoG someday... |D

Bugs! / [PC] Freezes. And more.
« on: February 21, 2017, 03:24:39 PM »
So basically, I noticed this bug right after the last game update.
I've tried to play Armello with my friends, or just with random players, and what I can say is:
- It freezes when I'm trying to pick up any new cards in my turn.
- Freezes when watching to someone's fight.
- Always freezes when watching the fight with a Lion King.
- Freezes when I'm trying to use my cards, to wear some gear, etc...

Of course, if I'll be on my luck, the freeze goes down for a bit and the characters animation goes fast, and that's really fun to watch, I would say. But still.

I've tried to set game graphic preferences to the lowest. But it doesn't help at all.

I'm also kinda upset, because when it's my turn and I basically CAN'T even take a new card, to move my cursor, well the times runs out anyway, and I'm afraid I won't make any step ahead. I'm also kinda mad, because sometimes the game is in a half step to shut down (I just feel it while watching to its freezes, black window, loud sounds of my pc when its memory is overwhelming, let's say so.)

And also, I'm sorry for my english, I'm not the best speaker after all |D
But I'm too mad to deal with it.  Because it was ABSOLUTELY fine until the last update. Really. :<

I hope you'll fix this bugs as soon as possible, or at least if there's some other way to get round this bugs by myself, I will be happy to know it. because I LOVE this game, its great. But I simply can't play it.
Thank you for your attention.

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