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General Discussion / *The voice of the PS4 community*
« on: January 20, 2017, 10:36:52 AM »
Hello I'm a very active and involved member of the PS4 community and along with the PS4 Armello group's founder "mcksalg" we both get all of the members of our community to try and communicate with one another fluidly and clearly and we're part of an amazing community who all love your game, you guys there at LoG and playing Armello with one another.

That's the problem unfortunately. Here in the PS4 community, since the game has been released, we have been struggling to get help for a game that is unfortunately practially unplayable on our platform. We the PS4 players have all throughly discussed this on on our PS4 Armello board and large group chats and we feel like we need to address the state of the PS4 community and our issues. Especially since the recent 1.08 patch seemed to literally do nothing to improve the current state even though it was a 1+ GB sized file. (Which was not even listed on update history for the game)

To address how we all feel more clearly, I have listed the primary issues we are having right now with the current state of Armello:
  • The constant crashes and matchmaking errors
    -You are actually quite lucky if you can find a group of players for the game as it normally takes around 10 minutes to get to the ready screen and if you finally do find those players most of them aren't there to ready up cause they have stepped away due to the long queue time. When you finally get into a game and everyone has stayed and has readied up the chance of a game crash to main screen is around 90%. We feel like we've invested so much time, faith and endurance in a game that is practially unplayable right now. With no relief in sight of a fix to a runnable state.
  • The lack of full game content
    -The multiplayer ranking system with both visible portraits and visable ranked level are both currently unavailable to us yet the are displayed as options on the game. When you do get into a game everyone has a random stock portrait and no visable level. This makes the entire commendation and ranking systems practially a missing feature that we are not getting like PC does. Next and this is a big one for the community and a common question we get asked..Where are the dice skins? We have a listed option to change our dice skins but out of all the possible ones that the PC players have to collect and choose from we are missing that giant collection and customization aspect of the game yet it is sitting there taunting us in the face. Will we finally get dice skins, or perhaps a custom PS4 dice skin for our loyalty during the issues we've dealt with with the game? People feel like they've played full price for a product with half the features and support.
  • The DLC issue
    -Due to us feeling like we've been left in the dark and missing out on a lot of core features  we are ecstatic to receive new game content such as Usurpers DLC or even the season map skin DLC we've purchased. We are deeply hoping that we can get more information and communication about when we will finally receive the Bandit DLC or other key missing features and if they will be paid DLC or free.
We all very much love your game over here as there is nothing like it in the PlayStation market that compares to the creative,  immersive world and unique experience you've built. Sadly many people here are on the edge of giving up on the game due to the key missing features listed above such as: A playable online experince, faster queue system, working matchmaking/portraits system, the collection/customization aspect that comes with  dice skins, the long wait for additional character DLC, and finally the communication from you to us and us to you.

Again we PlayStation 4 members love Armello and the PlayStation group founder (mcksalg) and I wanted to put forth one last big effort with all of the voices of the PlayStation members to..

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