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Off-Topic / Rant About Twitch/Amazon
« on: January 05, 2017, 01:11:18 PM »
This is just me trying to vent my frustration regarding an annoyingly unclear process and two awful companies.

So, I'm not a frequent user of Twitch. Occasionally I'll use it to watch something a friend wants to show me, but that's pretty much all. But I'm a member of Amazon Prime, and subsequently, Twitch Prime.

Wanting to get my hands on that fantastic pair of Twitch Dice, I decided to use my free subscription for the first time and give it to LeagueofGeeks.

I go to the linked site ( and click on "subscribe to LeagueofGeeks" button. When I confirm, suddenly the text switches from LeagueofGeeks to SlickEntertainmentinc...

What the hell?! I've never heard of, let alone visited that channel and despite clicking on LEAGUEOFGEEKS, it consumed my subscription!

Contacted both Twitch and Amazon and got canned, unhelpful responses from both of them. They refuse to help me.

So now I'm out of a subscription, no dice, and tons of frustration.


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