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Feedback & Suggestions / Amber's "Buff"
« on: December 14, 2017, 06:34:19 AM »
For all of those who don't play Amber, she got a "buff". What was this buff?
She now starts with 9 gold (8+1).

This feels extremely lazy. Like, 1 gold can make a huge difference depending on how gold starved the hero is at the beginning, but Amber isn't gold starved. She needs a new hero power. Sure this is "nice", but no one is going to play her, I bet people didn't even know until they read this post.

Wanna make Amber good LoG? Make her hero power better. It seems that you finally have come to the idea that Amber needs a buff, but +1 gold isn't going to do it.

Bugs! / Sana Prologue Bug.
« on: October 06, 2017, 03:07:49 PM »
Build Number:  v1.9.1

Platform:  Steam

Description:  When Sana achieves something in the prologue, her staff glow causes a visual issue.

Repro Steps:  Just collect the spirit stone at the beginning of Sana's prologue.


Feedback & Suggestions / Rot's Major Issues and Solutions to said Issues
« on: September 10, 2017, 07:38:55 AM »
Rot's Major Issues and Solutions to said Issues

As we all know, Rot is terrible. The mechanics, the rewards, the treasures, the negatives, and the banes. They are all significantly weaker then any thing in-game. It's a terrible mechanic that is only in the game via lore reasons. To put it simply, this wouldn't fly in the game if it didn't revolve around it. Rot has many problems and I will go over most if not all of 'em. I want to make this post to show everyone, especially LoG that Rot needs to changes, especially after their disappointing update of 1.9.


 Banes are the first thing many players see related to rot and they are horrible under powered compared to their Guard counterpart. They rarely survive the day after they spawn and are only an issue early game to low fight heroes like Amber and Ghor. This prevents players from reliably getting rot from banes and the heavy RNG based rolls banes have prevent players from reliably death warping on banes even while giving banes a 4 dice advantage and that also prevents them from gaining rot.


Corruption overall doesn't work. It's heavily RNG reliant, even more so then any other victory condition in Armello to date. The most reliable way to get corrupted is by the spell deck, but you need a minimum of 4 spirit for the most reliable rot victories and even then that's very iffy. By being corrupted you lose access to Stone circles which can heavily influence pathing and gets rid of the counter to dawn damage and on top of that, that chip damage stacks overtime making it real easy for anyone to kill a corrupted person after a day or two.

When you get corrupted, you aren't even guaranteed to have an advantage over the king, in fact, you could be at a MAJOR disadvantage just because you don't overtake him, so the race never ends unlike it's counterpart ; Spirit Walkers, which always have an advantage against the king and only have one real negative, but actually have benefits unlike Corruption and being a Spirit Walker is easier to achieve due to quest and constant spawning.


The cards that are related to rot are extremely weak in comparison to others in the same category for apparently no reason. Three examples are: Poisoned Dagger, Bane Blade, and Poppet.

Poisoned Dagger rarely has its ability proc'd because Pure players won't use it due to it costing rot and Rot Lords can only use 8 cards for the effect without touching rot gain, which they desperately need. Every other item is better then this card simply because they give something of benefit to the person wielding it, this card doesn't.

Bane Blade is an extremely punishing card with a good effect. This really hurts players for having it in the long run as constant fighting can cause them to die by the very item they equipped. This can be heavily exploited by other heroes to simply by pass them. Even without it's heavily punishing effect, it's still not very good, so why keep it equipped after the rot gain? You have no reason to.

Poppet is a rot card that cost rot, but Rot Lords can't use it. They pretty much kill anything with their rot bonus and rather have shields in place of Poppet. Pure players can use it, so that's plus for pure players, but as a Rot related treasure, it's bad for the playstyle its suppose to support.

High Risk ; No Reward

The way Rot is presented would seem like a "High Risk ; High Reward" type of playstyle. You undergo all these negatives and a heavy reliance on RNG and it would seem the game, in return would throw a bone your way to celebrate you going through the challenge, but the game doesn't. Rot does not have a single reward in-game and getting +1 health isn't a reward, it's padding ; something that could be good, but with the way it's treated isn't, and is simply there so it could be pointed at and called a reward by LoG.
You want to make Rot good or at least viable? Give players something to hold onto when corrupted, because right now they don't have anything to call their own unlike Spirit Walkers.


Right now, Rot quest are extremely weak reward wise and that's even if you can manage to get a rot quest at all simply due to how RNG heavy rot gain is. When you do eventually get a Rot quest in-game, if it's not a stat the person needs, most will skip it. Sure, some may go for the +2 rot out of desperation, but if that fails, then you are in a world of trouble due to having  a +1 in an area not needed/wanted and no +2 rot.
These quest have to actually reward the player with something unique other then +2 rot as they can't pick the +2 option before corruption.

The King and the Victory

Lets say you did everything right. You overtook the king, got good equips, and attacked him. At this point the fight can go two ways ; you either outright destroy the king or he outright destroys you. He can only do this because of Pride's Edge which turn your misses into dice for him which your bound to miss dice, people usually throw 7-12 on average due to you getting a massive chunk from having an advantage over the king.

If you lose then it goes to prestige leader as you killed the king ; no questions about it, OR you won. RNG was in your favor and you managed to kill the king without dying. So, what do you get from that? Tell me what you get from that.

Nothing. You went through Armello hell to get this "Rot Victory" and it's nothing special. Now answer me this, would you go for the "Rot Victory" if that was no longer a victory condition?

Let's say its now called Kingslayer, because that's basically what it is. Would you still go through all that trouble of getting corrupted, overtaking, and fighting a riskier fight for a "Kingslayer" victory condition with the only difference being a stack of dice? Odds are a person wouldn't. They would rather take the less riskier option and just go a normal Kingslayer with 0-1 rot. You have a higher chance of not dying and a higher chance of not missing due to burns covering most if not all the dice you entered the fight with and therefore a higher chance at winning.

Point is, no one would go for the "Rot Victory" if it wasn't called a "Rot Victory" and that shouldn't be the only reason to go for said victory.

Solutions and Suggestions.
This second portion of the post is mainly to address each of these major problems one by one and give reasonable solutions for them that would make Corruption unique for better, not for worse.


Their main problem is King's Guards as they can't even fight them at night and live.  So nerf Guards.


Make it to where stone circles don't instantly kill someone on entrance if corrupted, make them take -2 damage with no healing, but if the corrupted being ends their turn in a stone circle or is pushed into one, they die instantly. This way they don't lose access to 1/10th of the board from a status change.

Corrupted people don't take damage from swamps and therefore reduces the huge amount of chip damage they already receive.

Make Corruption take effect at 4 rot instead of 5, so it isn't as RNG heavy and they can get access to rot quest sooner.  In addition to that, Banes should start at 3 rot, so corrupted players immediately have an advantage over Banes instead of it being a potential hit-or-miss while just starting to be corrupted.

Make their healing from killing scale with how much damage they do.
Killing = +1
Overkill = +2
Slaughter = +3
Annihilation = +4
Humiliation = +5
This would turn Banes into a reliable source of healing for them via dice chunks from rot advantage. This also applies to the King and Banes, but both of them rarely achieve anything above an overkill, so they would get +2 health at the very most.


This may sound crazy to LoG, but what about making Rot related cards have tier two effects? If the card has a natural rot symbol, it's stronger on corrupted people then on a pure person. Now I don't have an idea for what EVERY rot related card tier two effect should be, but the general feel is that they should have an extra effect or no negatives if played by a corrupted being, this would give people to have a legitimate reason to go rot.

Going rot would open up a new section of cards to use and they would be much stronger then a pure player using it.
And no, the cards don't give more rot and they would be purely positive effects that enhance the current ability of the card.

High Risk ; No Reward

If all the previous ideas were implemented in the game, then Corruption would have a Reward and still be High risk.
Dawn Damage, Stone Circle Threats, Overtaking King would still be challenges they would have to overcome on their way to the throne.


Make Rot quest give unique rewards besides +2 rot. It honestly should be given and I'm surprised it isn't.

Like, give them a Bane follower for completing the "Dark Leader" rot quest.

Give them a "King's Blood" passive for completing the "Bane Blood" quest which disables the King's Pride's Edge due to the weapon not being able to harm the King.

And many more ; 10 more to be exact, but that's its own post for a different time, this is just a suggestion for a system like that , which opens a new world of Armello for corrupted players.

The King and the Victory

Lets say all these changes make it through. In the end, the King fight is still a fight and at the end of the day is still a Kingslayer with an extra chunk of dice, but if the experience is unique and the journey isn't a pain to go through, then I could live with it being what it is.


Yes, I do know that you don't flat out die from Stone Circles under certain circumstances, but for all purposes you're dead as you end your turn because anything damage related that is played to you is most likely going to kill.

(More disclaimers might appear here later.)

Feedback & Suggestions / Small Card Changes.
« on: August 28, 2017, 09:09:23 AM »
This post is meant to give small changes to cards like changing rarity, deck, cost, removing cards etc...

No effects will be touched.

If I think a card needs to be removed from the game, it's because of one of two things.

1. The card is never used for it's intended purpose
2. The card is never used. Period.


War Hammer - Rare -> Uncommon

Longbow - Uncommon -> Rare

Spyglass - Remove from game.

Poisoned Dagger - Remove from game.

Cub's Blood - Unique -> Rare

Snake Venom - Remove from game.


The Cleansing Wyld - Rare -> Uncommon

Focus- 3 Magic -> 2 Magic

Syphon- 6 Magic -> 4 Magic

Spirit Seeds - Remove from game.



Strategist- Unique > Rare

Patronage and Industry- 3 Gold -> 2 Gold

Plague Bearers- Trickery Deck -> Magic Deck

Game of Thorns- 6 gold -> 4 Gold

Armistice- Remove from game.

Arson- Remove from game.

Blood Money- Remove from game.

Blackmail- 3 Gold -> 2 Gold

Grand Heist- 6 Gold -> 4 Gold


Feedback & Suggestions / Bandit Ring Suggestions.
« on: August 28, 2017, 08:29:27 AM »
So, I got together with Mister UPS Man and thought about some ideas for Bandit Rings.

We did this because we are both under the impression that the Bandit Clan shouldn't have rings from other clans and instead should have their own unique rings and since we both thought that, we should at the very least come up with ideas.

Here's what we came up with.

(The Rings don't have names as we mainly focused on the ability rather then the name.)

Ring01- Spy Network-like Scout on all King's Guards.
Meant to give bandits a good idea of how the board is laid out.

Ring02- 1 Prestige gained = +1 Gold. (Saw the Ring Idea from Wessolf.)
Gold generation for the bandits.

Ring03- Gain +1 Health entering Settlements.
Allows the Bandits to regain more health overtime.

Ring04- Gain the ability to burn after burning all dice.
To give the bandit's stronger card cycling.

Serendibite - +1 Sword in battle and perils when you have a bounty.*
To give the bandits a good way to pass perils and to help in battle a bit.

*This effect cannot exist while Sylas has his current ability.


Feedback & Suggestions / Amber Hero Power Suggestion.
« on: August 28, 2017, 08:04:53 AM »
So, I was brainstorming about Armello stuff yesterday, and I had an idea for Amber's hero ability.

Her current hero ability is really just...bad. It's the only hero power in the game that has the potential of not being proc'd even if you really tried.

So, I just wanted to give her a simple, but strong ability.

Amber's new hero power would allow her to auto succeed 2 quest of her choice.

She would start the game with 2 "quest tokens". When she gets to one of her quest, she gets a 3rd option to pick alongside the safe and risky quest choices. If she picks the 3rd option, she spends a token and gets the quest reward.


So, everyone knows that King's Guards are either "Neutral" and  "Hostile" in Armello, so how about we have an "Ally" standing.

Now what would the "Ally" standing do? It would allow you to switch positions with the Guard if you want to go on their space.

"Isn't that Horace's passive?" (Horace suggestion later)

Yes it is and every hero has it IF they become an "Ally", but how do you make them your "Ally"?

 You "bribe" them with a positive card like Brazenberry Ale , Regeneration, Wyld Weed, etc... without a bounty and that makes them your "Ally" for as long as the card is in effect.

"What if you have a bounty, do they still go after you even if you bribe them?"

They don't. Instead they are "Neutral" towards you and won't go after you at day, but you can't trade spots with them any more.


So, what change does Horace get? Well, Guards always have an "Ally" status with Horace even when he has a bounty. He never has to bribe guards to switch spots with them and he will never get attacked unless he's in the palace.


The only guards that can't be bribed OR have an "Ally" status is the Guard(s) that are defending the palace.

Feedback & Suggestions / Quest Gallery.
« on: June 30, 2017, 04:27:29 PM »
In Armello, there are a lot of different quest with hundreds of different outcomes. It would be very nice if we could have a gallery to view the quest we've done and the outcomes we've seen ; including the extra outcomes that need treasures and followers.

Feedback & Suggestions / Mirror Cape Rework.
« on: May 27, 2017, 02:54:56 PM »
So, I recently had an idea to change Mirror know, the treasure that everyone uses once for one achievement and after that never again.

The suggestion I had for the item is that it copies the symbols of your other two items.

Ex. Marauder Gauntlets/Battle Armor = 1 Rot/1 Shield
Ex. Wyldfire Staff/Trusty Shield = 1 Wyld/1 Shield
Ex. Longbow/Hand Cannons = 1 Moon/1 Sun

So what does this mean?

This item can effectively give up to 2 Auto Value. Like Battle Armor/Marauder Gauntlets/War Hammer etc...
Not only would this item see more use, it would also get some interesting situations with non-standard symbols.

But Old Blacksmith had an extremely similar effect and he was changed for that reason, why give Mirror Cape such a similar ability?

Here's the thing: Old Blacksmith was essentially two more items as a follower. This is an item that gives two values while also being an item. 

But isn't this item just a better New Blacksmith?

No, want to know why. Blacksmith is a follower while Mirror cape is a treasure. What this means is that Mirror cape is 1 out of your 3 items. Blacksmith is essentially a 4th item in the follower slot.


This would make Mirror Cape a stronger item overall and it also would be worth any risk that one would take for a quest.

Feedback & Suggestions / Utility Items and a 4th Item Slot.
« on: May 13, 2017, 07:09:26 AM »
What the title suggests is that I want a 4th item slot for "Utility" Items. Now, you may ask: "What are Utility Items?"

To put it simply, Utility items are items that don't play huge role in combat and are mostly used for outside of said role. The most well known example I can think of would be  Sailor's Lantern. A Rare Item that gives the player Scout.

Now before I continue, the reason I want a 4th Item Slot for Utility Cards only is because right now, Armello is in a heavy combat based meta, and in this meta, utility items don't exist. Sure, you might equip an Adventurer's Kit early in the game, but you'll quickly try to replace it with anything; including Iron Pike or Battle Axe, simply because surviving battles is more important then passing perils.

Now, let's say that we did get a 4th Item Slot for Utility cards only, what would classify as Utility? I've made a list of treasures and regular items that would be classified as Utility 100%.
Utility Items follow this rule: You can equip an Utility item into a combat item slot, but not the other way around.
Royal Pardon
Wyldfyre Staff
Wyld Talisman
Winged Boots
Masquerade Mask
Royal Banner
Bane's Claw
Mirror Cape*
Raven's Beak Dagger** Remove the auto sword and current effect; Gain rot from killing stuff with rot.
Moon Scythe*** Moons always crit.

Adventurer's Kit
Lord's Scepter
Sailor's Lantern
War Horn*
Ranger's Cloak*
Poisoned Dagger***Get rid of current passive; All rolled swords roll poison if not a reflect or pierce. (Iron Pike Priority)

*Items that don't see that much use at all and borderline between Combat and Utility.
**Items that got a  change or two, but would focus on Utility.
***Items that fit in both categories.
You might have noticed that I left 3 items off here:
Hand Cannons

I believe that these items would be too strong as utility items as they have really strong effects meant for combat.
Now, how would one tell apart these "Combat" and "Utility" items in-game? Well, all the cards I just mentioned would be relabeled into "Equippable Utility Item" or "Equippable Combat Item" instead of simply "Equippable."

What card(s) would this new feature affect?  Simply put, the only card I think should be changed by this that isn't an item is Blacksmith. I would change his ability to only work with combat items, not utility.

How would this change Armello? Well first off, these items would actually be used more often. As of right now, most of these items only see use in the extremely early stages of the game where people don't have 3 items yet, but after someone gets a Shining Steel Sword and 2 Trusty Shields,  they will most likely not equip any utility based items for the rest of the game.

Feedback & Suggestions / Ways to start buffing rot.
« on: April 28, 2017, 03:14:20 PM »
Rot sucks. You know it. I know it. LoG (most likely) knows it.

I'm going to suggest ways to start making rot viable.

1. Better Treasures. Yes, usually treasures/Warlock/Dark Influence/Plague are usually all ways for people to start going rot as +2 rot is a decent starting place, but what if rot treasures were actually better and stayed around after the +2 rot?

Bane's Blade__+2 auto swords and -1 health after every fight if you don't kill your opponent.
This is to make Bane's Blade more guaranteed and for rot players, "guaranteed" is an amazing word.

Raven's Beak Dagger__+2 auto swords and +1 rot when you kill something infected.
Goblin's game is usually a starting point for rot players, but players usually don't take Raven's beak dagger if they're corrupted with even decent equips as this treasure requires you to equip it to gain rot and could potentially help other players going rot.

2. Overhealing. I believe rot players should have the special ability to gain temporary body from healing like Wyldweed/sap , regeneration, and killing enemies. This would allow rot players to more easily pass through stone circles while having 5-7 rot (depending on the amount of body), would help in fights, and also quest.  The cap for how much a player can overheal would be 2 and they would lose 1 at the start of your turn.

3. Insta killing spawned banes. If a corrupted hero is on a dungeon and has a greater rot count then 5 as a bane is spawning on their dungeon, then they would instantly kill the spawning bane without a fight and without moving while gaining normal fight rewards against a bane (+1 health and +1 rot).

This would remove the threat of banes spawning and causing them to be displaced due to it. It would also increase the rot gain rate which is really needed for rot players.

These are just a few of my solutions for buffing rot players. I only suggest these as Rot in general is a very unreliable way to win and any of these would help greatly.

Feedback & Suggestions / How to tempt pure players to go rot?
« on: April 06, 2017, 04:59:37 PM »
So, I'm asking the question in the title to all pure players who refuse to touch any rot outside of: HRW, Marauder Gauntlets, and Poppet.

I'm not a pure player and I don't care about rot gain so I can't really come up with a response myself, but what would it take to make you go rot.

(And by going rot, I mean shooting for the Corrupted Victory Condition.)

The only excuse you can't use is getting a lot of rot cards in your opening hand or pulling a string of rot cards.

Feedback & Suggestions / Rot Item Card Suggestions.
« on: February 21, 2017, 08:02:44 PM »
Ok, so late at night I'm talking to a couple people on a discord server about rot cards; Mister UPS Man and Shea. I joked around making fun of certain cards and the topic eventually got around to how Rot Cards really don't have any strong cards that benefit players outside of gaining rot. Like, the only rot cards that most pure players will use are Hot Rot Wine, Marauder Gauntlets, and Poppet. All the other rot cards are just...bad or their only purpose is for gaining rot. No other Rot cards see prevalent use besides those two.

After a bit, I mentioned how it would be interesting to have like a Marauder Set, like cards in a similar nature to well, Marauder Gauntlets. Mister UPS brought up two suggestions that our grouped discussed about (in an attempt for them to be balanced and we agreed on this).

Marauder Greaves-
Cost: +1 Rot
+1 Shield. +1 Rot Symbol in Battle and Perils (No, the Shield doesn't work in perils).

Marauder Breastplate-
Cost: +2 Rot
+2 Shields

And now I will mention how many bad rot related cards that fill the description of being bad or only have a sole purpose of rot gain for the potential of LoG looking at these cards and potentially changing them to have a better purpose.

Poisoned Dagger x1
Snake Venom x2
Malice Rising x1
Call of the Worm x1
Plague Bearers x2
Bane Blade x1
Raven's Beak Dagger x1
Warlock x1

Poisoned Gift x2 (This card can't really be changed if the poison mechanic is kept.)
Plague x1 (Same as Poisoned Gift.)

Dark Influence can sabotage others with no harm to yourself, but otherwise it's solely for rot gain as it can produce a random rot spell card, with the best result being Plague while not corrupted and Malice Rising for those who are corrupted.

So, with the release of the Usurper Heroes back in August 30th, 2016, people were ecstatic with the release of the Usurpers, mainly because it meant the game was going to change drastically, but newer players decided to play in a different manner.

Now, it's no secret that the Usurper's have the strongest hero powers in the game with essentially no downsides or RNG elements added to them, so the newer players began to abuse them to no end. This is the problem with: Ghor, Elyssia, and Sargon.

Ghor players will camp the biggest forest on the map and spam spells to everyone and getting quite a few kills on the way. The Spell deck WILL shuffle when he's playing. This is something everyone hates to play against because simply, you can't prevent it. Spells are already the strongest card deck in the game and Ghor only needs to draw those to win.

Elyssia players will try to fortify every settlement they come across. This gives them gold, protection, and a trickery discount if enough are collected. This also discourages other players from taking them because they need 2 AP to claim them, while Elyssia needs 1. So, in the long run, it's not worth taking one of these settlements unless you NEED to.

Sargon players play a mixture of both the mentioned Ghor and Elyssia, except they get to have almost any card they want, and that's mainly due to them pumping Wits and Spirit. By the end of the game have builds like 3/4/8/6 which all they do is spam spells and tricks. Sure, they won't get all the great cards in some games...but other games they will all because they have 8 wits and that allows them to find ANY card they want. Have fun if you go after Sargon, you'll have a hard time getting any good cards when he's in-game.

What do all 3 of these heroes have in common? They all go for prestige. Why fight/cure the king when you can just spam spells and tricks and eventually kill everyone that even comes your way, and while they are doing this they are building up SO much prestige. The only way to win against these people is to hope someone pissed them off before you and they leave you alone. Allowing you to get to your quest and eventually kill the king IF you have the: HRW/Strategist/Disguise in-hand.

These are the problems with the Usurper's and now to solve these problems.

Ghor needs to be completely reworked because his Hero Power is extremely strong while his Base Stats are literally the worse out of every hero. If his power is too weak, no one will play him. If his power is too strong, everyone will camp forest the entire game.

Elyssia needs to be punished when her settlements are taken over; either by banes/guards or other heroes. Otherwise most of her games will continue being Tower Defense and taking the settlement back after you left it.

Sargon should have the ability to see the top cards of each deck, BUT only those cards. This way he can't dig through multiple decks of his choosing every time it's his turn, while also getting a lot of good cards.

They need change otherwise newer players will see these heroes as a P2W options compared to skill based heroes like Brun and Barnaby who require very good management of their cards and skills to be really effective.

The only one that's fine is Magna and that's because her playstyle and hero power are extremely similar to Thane's.

Feedback & Suggestions / Cards that need to be changed.
« on: January 23, 2017, 08:16:19 PM »
So, this is my second post about stuff that needs to be changed...this time it's cards, this is going to be a LONG post.

In Armello, many cards have certain uses, even cards like Call of the Worm and Wyld Talisman have situational uses...while others are just...bad....

I'm going to talk about; 5 Treasures, 4 Items, 1 Trickery, and 1 Spell. Yes, all the Followers are fine the way they are.

Cleansing Wyld. A card that cleanses one rot from any hero played to. The only problem that the card has is it's rarity. With the amount of ways of gaining rot increasing as the game goes on, one would think so would ways of reducing it...but that is not the case.
-My only suggestion is to add more copies into the game. It needs to be either Uncommon (3 copies) or my personal choice Common (4 copies).

Bubble Tea works decent early...not so much later in the's just a burn later in the game.
-My suggestion is to make the prestige permanent, but to keep it's current cost. That way it's just a better early game card with more of an impact for later turns.

Lord's Scepter isn't an amazing card. Only prestige users will ever keep the card while others will use it for a temporary lead for a day or two of King Declarations OR as a burn in a fight.
-My suggestion is for the card to add +1 gold at every dawn in addition to the regular source of income. Note: This does not work with Pink Topaz. It would still cost the same AND do the same as it does now.

Snake Venom, face it. All it is right now is a rot burn for perils, otherwise it's a gold sink that doesn't do any thing beneficial.
-Revert the item back to it's 1.4 way. The effect it gave was making your first missed rot roll a hit.

Moon Scythe, a special treasure that has little to no use outside of a very specific gimmick of; Moon Scythe, Royal Shield, and Aflame. Other than that, this item get's replaced nearly instantly by any item that gives an auto shield/sword/both.
-My suggestion is to have the moon exploding effect be available at ALL TIMES; not just night AND gives an auto sword and +1 dice. To make it an actually good treasure.

Royal Shield. This card is a personal favorite of mine, but even I can't deny that this card is bad. In Armello, absolutes are everything. Absolutes guarantees you shields, swords, health regen, health lost, etc... It's something people take into mind and work around. You can't work around this card. This card doesn't always help you, sometimes it does nothing at all, which makes you wonder why you aren't equipping the trusty shield you have over it since it guarantee's a shield while this doesn't.
-The change I have in mind is adding an auto shield AND a +1 dice. This way it can stand it's own against other shield options while also making it stand out against the other shield treasures.

Bane Blade and Raven's Beak Dagger. Why did I group these two together? They both suffer from a big flaw and that is their current designs. Would any player equip either item with NO intention to go rot? No. So, I want to give them a certain appeal to make them more usable to "pure" players.
-Bane Blade should give two auto swords, but with the drawback of losing a health after every battle IF you don't kill something. If you kill your opponent, you don't lose health.
-Raven's Beak Dagger one auto sword, but gives you an extra rot when you kill an infected player. This rewards you with the one true goal of all Rot Lords; to grow more corrupted. It does reward you for being more aggressive which I understand the community hates, but at least they now have a reason to kill you.

I made the treasures the way they are because...well, they're treasures. They're meant to be strong items with some use, but the treasures I mentioned were usually replaced/burned within a turn or two after getting them, even by items like Battle Axe, Shining Steel Sword, and Trusty Shield, and that's because the items didn't offer enough or didn't have any absolutes to help them compare to essentially better items.

I don't know how to make Bane's Claw, Poisoned Dagger, or Armistice better while sticking to their original theme. I personally think the cards should be removed as they don't serve their real purpose in their current state. They are either for burns OR rot gain.

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