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General Discussion / Armello - Deluxe Bundle on PS4
« on: August 16, 2017, 03:07:41 PM »
"Get all major Armello DLC in one place and at a special discount with the Armello - Deluxe Bundle!"

Found this on the PlayStation store today for $53.49 Canadian dollars. It does not specify what DLC is actually included, but an online search revealed this includes the Base Game, Usurpers, Bandits, and Seasons packs.

Purchased seperately, the prices of the Base Game ($19.99), Usurpers ($13.49), Bandits ($13.49), and Seasons ($6.99) add up to a grand total of $53.96 Canadian, for a total savings of only 47 cents!

I already own the game, the bandit clan, and a certain moustached rat, so this bundle is obviously not meant for me. But can you help explain the pricing here, and if this "special discount" is working as intended?

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