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Artisan's Alley / A Game of Paws
« on: April 25, 2017, 06:05:37 PM »
Long story short, I've commissioned this picture to an artist (silverscarf) based on an Armello fanfiction story a friend of mine wrote.

I really love it, so enjoy you too! ;D (link to my FurAffinity's submission below):

Bugs! / Early Bid not showing when playing with others online
« on: December 13, 2016, 05:35:51 AM »
I've got the Early Bird badge since the developers gave me the PC review code for Armello but today, when playing online with a friend of mine, he said he didn't see it on his pc. I've checked my steam inventory and I've still got the badge. Any help from the developers? ???

Sometimes Armello games goes smoothly and fun, other times not... Whenever in my multiplayer (without friends) games I start to suspect other players acting like total jerks (I mean, it's understandable to attack you if you're standing on other's mission or playing some cards against you if the other player has to burn them... but within some limits) my experience is ruined and since I'm a person who holds grudges I usually begin to suspend my current mission / strategies only to payback the jerks in the game and ruining their fun.  >:(

Long story short, I was thinking: is it possible to implement some sort of "players blacklist" so whenever I'll start future games I don't get the chance to meet them again? And please don't tell me it'll rarely happen because I've already managed to meet twice or thrice the very same players... ::)

Bugs! / About that damn and annoying progress reset bug...
« on: September 15, 2016, 05:57:34 PM »
Since two nights ago I suddenly experienced the following bug on my Steam copy of Armello (Mac version). I lost all of the unlocked rings, all of the cards in the gallery and heck, even the tutorial and the game (video, sound, etc...) settings resets! Only the unlocked dices are still showing... And the worst thing is that it still keeps doing so whenever i quit the game and relaunch it from the Steam client!  :(

I've tried to uninstall Armello from Steam and the download and reinstall it but still no luck, it keeps resetting all the progress everytime. Which actually stopped me from playing it until I'll find a solution / fix.  :-\ Any ideas or help, please?  :'(

The War Room / Missing (and hardest achievement)
« on: July 19, 2016, 08:12:21 PM »
Hi, I've played countless games both online and offline and I've still to unlock the following 6 Armello STEAM achievements:

  • Alpha (Pierce through 3 shields with Thane's Hero Power.)
    I with it's getting harder with the latest game update. I tried many times to play with a Thane with Gold per Kill ring and the Wits amulet, saving at least 3 sword symbol cards for a "right time / fight" but it still hasn't popped.
  • Baned-Aid (Heal a Bane.).
    I tried to heal a dungeon spawned bane with the +2 health card but I still haven't got the achievement. It have to be injuered right? And does it have to be any bane or only the one you summon from the green magic card?
  • Machiavellian (In one turn, Kill a Hero with whom you currently have an Allies' Pact and take one of their Settlements.)
    This seems easy, especially if choosing Mercurio with Wits amulet and keeping to draw card only from the Trickery deck. But as today in my games I played the Allies's Pact card on the other player, used other cards like Mercenaries or the damaging spells and then rushing in the same turn into one of his settlements. Still no luck. What I am doing wrong?
  • Cry us a River (Make 3 Kills in one Turn using River's Hero power.)
    I think here there are so many luck based variables to even get the chance. Any tips, starting River setup or strategy?
  • Lemur Neeson (Regain a Recruited Follower to your Party whom you had already lost that game.).
    Seriously? It's hard as f**k! Also does The Stranger counts? I mean what if he switched to another player from me and then he comes back later in the game from the very same player?
  • "...Happily Ever After." (Become King or Queen of Armello 50 times)
    Just one question: does it counts for both online AND offline victories or just for the multiplayer matches?

If somone (or some LoG developer) can help me it'll be much appreciated, thanks in advance! ;)

Introduce Yourself! / Ciao! (means "Hi / Hello" in italian
« on: July 19, 2016, 07:54:40 PM »
Hello everyone, I'm an italian 37 years old fart who likes anthropomorphic animals and videogames. I work as a second job as a so called "game journalist" having written since 5 years for magazines and websites in my country. I created this topic just to introduce myself, share my passion for Armello (the only game which still I haven't uninstalled on my computer and I'll probably never remove) which made me really addicted.
So far I've unlocked all the cards (1.4 as I'm writing), missing a couple of low tier die and only 6 STEAM achievements left). If you want someone to play against, go on, don't be shy, and challenge me on Armello on STEAM (my nickname there is PeppeSaso ). May the Wyld be with you!

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