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Feedback & Suggestions / Concerning Fortifications
« on: September 01, 2017, 12:16:54 PM »
Hey could I suggest a change in the way fortifications work in the game, in that as much as it's really cool to have fortified settlements, it's not as cool when those same fortifications work against towns the player already owns. And as much as it makes sense that Elyssia can bypass them, it's also a little strange that she doesn't take the same penalty when stepping on a fortified town owned by the player.

So here's what I suggest:

When someone plays Pallisade Walls or take a fortified city (either made by Elyssia or the City State King's Dec), that player does not take the 2AP penalty when moving into that tile, rather they play as normal. The penalty would only take effect if the player does not own the city.

Trickery (uncommon)
Cost: 3 or 4 gold.
Symbol: Sword (or Sun)
Play to: Settlement
Effect: Destroys fortifications from a settlement. (Includes Palisade Walls, Elyssia's fortifications, and the above Wyld's Ward)
Alternate Effect (if played to Mountain): Removes 1 movement cost from mountains (for 1 turn?)
At the same time, Elyssia should have an easy time going through fortified settlements she owns, but the settlement penalty should apply to her once the territory is taken from her.


There should be cards that can counter fortifications as they are. I've suggested the Bombadier Trickery Card over at the Card Suggestion Archive, but here it is again:

Trickery (uncommon)
Cost: 2 or 3 gold
Symbol: Sword (or Sun)
Play to: Settlement, Mountain
Effect: Destroys fortifications from a settlement. (Includes Palisade Walls, Elyssia's fortifications, and Stone Wards)
Alternate Effect (if played to Mountain): Removes 1 movement cost from mountains (for 1 turn?)

Though in hindsight, I admit Incite Revolt works similarly as it removes all but Elyssia's Fortifications. So it could be possible to just have the same card work on Fortifications as well.

If the above two aren't possible, could the fortifications work similarly to both Patronage and Industry and Stone Wards in that they are only removed when the settlement is terrorized instead?

Off-Topic / Re-probus: A Story of Ferals
« on: June 29, 2017, 05:19:33 PM »
Hey-o fellow Armellians.

I've been working on a story that can be found in the Omegaupdate and Eagle Time Forums called Re-probus, detailing the story of a Feral named Keith and his friends as they try to find a way out of the situation they found themselves in. If you're interested in urban/science-fantasy stories, please do check it out!

(P.S. I was going to post it on the Personal Works thread but since it was inactive, I feared it might've been of bad taste to do so. So, I apologize if this might seem a little redundant.)

Oh yeah, if you want to give comments, suggestions, and feedback, please don't hesitate to do so!

Bugs! / Got a missing end turn bug.
« on: September 03, 2016, 05:48:00 PM »
I'm not exactly sure how to replicate it, but I've gotten the same bug twice in one game. I believe I've already sent a report from the Bug Report function, but here's a screenshot for you.

Sorry, unsure how to attach the picture here :(

General Discussion / Happy 1st Anniversary Armello!
« on: September 01, 2016, 06:29:34 PM »
Well, title says it all, but yeah! Happy anniversary! Hope to see many more adventures in the Wyld's Domain.

Multiplayer / Dice Skins
« on: August 29, 2016, 12:00:37 AM »
Hello! Just wanted to ask if dice collections like the Wyld's Bounty and Spoils of War sets would eventually end up rotating in multiplayer. And if dice such as the Winter Dice would become available again. I really love the way all these dice look, and it's really nice that the team goes through all these little things for us too.

These latest sets of dice are very beautiful!  It really makes me wish that a double-dip weekend might be around the corner XD.

Well, this is a bit of a question thread and a suggestion thread at the same time, but it's got something to do with that card.

I've been thinking about it lately, and I wasn't sure what's the best use of certain cards like Cub's Blood. From a certain standpoint, it feels less like a card one might want to use offensively, in that you can't exactly sic a Bane on a player, they're much faster than a Bane, but rather seems more like a defensive card one might want to use to say... steer a Bane away from moving into a city for a few turns starting at night time.

So in short: How would anyone use a card like Cub's Blood as it is right now?


But other than that, not many people really give much thought on this card. It seems more like an afterthought.

I was kinda wondering if the card could be used a bit like False Orders but in reverse, in that you can use it to sic a Bane against a player or against oneself immediately on a turn, and it can only be played around the Bane rather than on them. That could be another way to make the card more appealing to Rot Players and at the same time, play off its evil tendencies?

A different idea might be to use Cub's Blood on a Bane to add +1 Fight and/or +1 Body to them, in order to make them bigger nuisances against opposing players (or again, give the rot player an easier time to corrupt themselves?)


Other than that, it'd be nice if there's some kinda way to defend against settlements being terrorized (other than perhaps Emissary and Wall of Thorns). The entrenchments made by Palisade Walls and (later Elyssia's Hero power) are very useful against settlements being claimed by others, but of course, they do nothing against Banes (which makes a lot of sense given that only a very few can really deal with them)

Perhaps, it'd be nice if there's something that works similar to Palisade Walls but against Banes. Maybe a card like this?:

Wyld's Ward (Magic, costs 2 or 3 Mana, Shield, Uncommon) - Fortifies against banes or from being terrorized once. (Effect is removed by a change of hands. (Maybe?))

So technically, the idea is that the card can protect a settlement from being terrorized by a player or a King's proclamation to terrorize towns.

tbh, it might be either too weak or too powerful, the idea requires tweaking. So I added the possible nerf concerning the change of hands. But that's the general idea.

Bugs! / The "Unable to continue a single player game" bug is back.
« on: July 07, 2016, 09:15:18 PM »
Hello, ran into a problem with this new update.

Unfortunately, I'm not sure if I can access the bug report feature at the moment, but this was what happened.

1) So I wanted to play a multiplayer game, and it was taking a while to find a player as of now, so I decided to start a new single player game.

2) I was able to select my hero, my ring, and my amulet and the game went smoothly, at least in the beginning, but the game was able to match me with three others and the multiplayer session was about to begin.

3) Unfortunately, the multiplayer session ended before it began, so I tried to go play a single player while looking for more players, and when I pressed continue, it did not function.

I'll post a bug report as soon as I can, but this was what had happened to me.

Introduce Yourself! / Hello!
« on: July 06, 2016, 01:36:07 AM »
Pleasure to meet your acquaintance :) The name is Wessolf, though Wess is just as good.

I've actually been following the game ever since it was announced on Kickstarter, unfortunately, I didn't exactly have the funds for it until the Steam purchase, otherwise, I'm a big fan of the game! :D

Keep up the good work, Team LoG! This is a beautifully well made game :)

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